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Interior Design

Posted on August 6, 2018 in News

Whoever we may be and whatever may be doing the most important and significant part of our life takes place at home where you can relax and be alone with family, friends, yourself, your family. It is in the walls of his home people transformed into itself and it is no wonder that everyone is trying to create a home design environment that more fully reflects his personal 'I' in harmony with the nature of its owner, allows for maximum relaxation and feel as though under the protection of their robust strength. It is impossible to imagine that filling a house or apartment and views opposed to the characters living in them. According to the observations of psychologists, interior design rented or home has a huge impact on mood and mental state of man can have both a calming and stimulating effect on the psyche. With today's pace of life and ongoing stress circumstances surrounding all of us, is quite important to most effectively use those moments of leisure at home, which become a source of strength for the future of the day, it is vital to create the desired design ambient interior. From this it follows one of the most important rules in the interior design: do not try to exactly replicate in their own something they saw on television at a friend's, at an exhibition, etc. Even two completely identical planning of residential premises located suppose one in condominium and the other in a country cottage, by definition, should not have the same design project premises. And this is just the most obvious example, because absolutely any room is characterized by its own individual spirit, based on the finer points of the set: the original architecture, natural light and view from a window and a dozen seemingly minor nuances, that ultimately will determine the order and style of the home.

Precisely because of this that struck you in one setting, are compulsory will look very different in your environment, and may cause the opposite emotions. You can take a maximum of the central idea liked the design and try to adapt it to existing requirements, but nevertheless, better results can be achieved only by coming up with something completely new. And if you planned to create around himself truly exclusive surroundings, forget all somewhere before seen, to purify their thoughts and send the imagination on making the house solely your way thinking. This is the great art of the implementation is not just sredyobitaniya ', but the place of spiritual repose. There are numerous types and styles of decoration of premises in the market there just a vast variety of home furnishings, and all this variety unprepared person very easy to get confused, hitting a hostage of this apparent grandeur. Since ancient times, formed a whole profession, even the most peculiar line of art – the creation of interior design. It is such a specialist is best to give your home design style. Professional designer must possess extensive knowledge in the latest fashion trends, to be guided in many facets of design space – from materials of floors to the design of curtains and windows, enjoy the view of human psychology, but the most important and important indicator – is experience, quality and quantity of completed projects.

Feng Shui Kitchens

Posted on September 8, 2011 in News

In many homes the kitchen is the most important place, because here family gathers for a meal, to solve some issues and decision-making, and the woman generally spends in the kitchen most of his time. The Chinese even believe that the appearance of the kitchen shows the security of the family. Therefore, the kitchen should be comfortable and cozy, going to the kitchen, you can relax over a cup of tea or coffee. All this is achieved, the rules of feng shui. Feng Shui – a complex teaching, and traditional recommendations are given to every home and family. But there are general recommendations and advice on how to achieve a good feng shui in the kitchen. Read the same 10 ideas for the design of small-sized kitchen to start general tips on feng shui. The Council first – well if you were at the cutting table, bowls or plates can see everyone who comes into the kitchen.

But often in our kitchens to do it virtually impossible or fraught with the emergence of other inconveniences. For possibility of such a review should hang a mirror above the door or above the working area. It will help you feel more comfortable and visually expand the space of the kitchen. Council second – is that in homes the kitchen is emergency exit, or we ourselves make alterations to the apartment so that the kitchen is the entrance so should not be, because the constant movement in the kitchen hinder the workflow.