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Heating Wires

Posted on May 27, 2012 in News

Heated concrete with heating wires PNSV Heated concrete with the heating wire electrical contact method of concrete based on the transfer of heat from the surface of the concrete laid in concrete heating wire heated by a strong current of up to tempo. 80 C. Heat is distributed as concrete has good thermal conductivity. The maximum efficiency is achieved by using wires with a steel housing F1, 8 – 3mm. They admit drive out the load on the 1st of 80 to 160 watts, depending on the electrical resistance and the diameter of the vein.

This method allows you to heat the concrete to the required strength. Heating cables should be placed in the body of concrete, otherwise they will burn! In as a heating wire using special wire for concrete stamps PNSV-1, 2 with galvanized steel housing with a diameter of 1.2 mm in PVC insulation (perhaps use radio broadcasting wires type PTPZH-2×1, 2 with two galvanized steel wires in the insulation of crosslinked polyethylene). Electrical heating wires is carried out through step-down transformer substation type TSDZ-63 / 0.38 TSDZ-80, SPB-80, CTS TO-80/86 KTP-63/OB or who have multiple levels of low-voltage, which allows you to adjust the thermal power released when the resistive wire outside air temperature. One of the substation can be warm 20-30 m3 of concrete. Resistive wire can heat any solid structures at ambient temperature to -30 SV average heating 1m3 monolithic concrete requires 60 m mark heating wire PNSV-1, 2. Table of characteristics wires type PNSV heating wire with a steel PNSV residential and insulated with polyvinyl chloride is used to heat the monolith betona.1.

Hotels In Thailand

Posted on May 21, 2012 in News

To date, Thailand – one of the most visited countries. Solve the problem of housing can be at the airport in the respective service. There you can determine the price and location. Is it possible to place pre- order your favorite hotel. In each, even a small town in Thailand hotels meet international standards. And the cost of living in them will be lower than in similar hotels in the West. Rooms are usually single or double, at least – triple. The price also depends on the type of window.

In the big hotels are more often the three categories of rooms and deluxe suites. In the three-star hotel provides a service providing customers with a taxi. Some high-class hotels offer visitors free limousines. Many hotels have their own vans, which are several times a day are sent to urban and tourist routes. On Thailand's huge selection of resorts and entertainment for all tastes. Many entertainment centers are located directly at the hotel.

It is important to remember that hotels in Thailand is not classified according to world standards. In Thailand, no extended this concept as 'All Inclusive' and there is no clear delineation of hotels. Therefore, choose a hotel, pay attention not to the number of stars that are not significant, and the list offered by the hotel services. Carefully review their set in each book: the presence, quantity, and "nationality" of restaurants, their schedules, the availability of nightly entertainment facilities, pools, etc. Hotels in Thailand, cheap and pretty good quality. Your holiday you can arrange in different ways: relaxing on tropical beaches or explore the sights with an extensive excursion program. Your rest in your hands! Most Popular Hotels in Thailand: Hotel Aisawan Resort & SPA 4 * Hotel Long Beach Garden Hotel & Spa 4 * Hotel Phi Phi Island Village 4 * Asia Pattaya Hotel 4 * Hotel Grand Jomtien Palace 3 * Hotel Pattaya Park Beach Resort 3 * Jomtien Palm Beach Hotel 4 * Hotel White Palace 3 * Hotel Ambassador City Jomtein 4 *.

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AEG Conditioners

Posted on May 9, 2012 in News

But is more expensive than conventional inverter air conditioner. A variety of split systems are multi-split systems. Multi-split system is called air-conditioning, in which a single external power operates several domestic. Typically, these air conditioners have two to five indoor units wall mounted power 5.2 kW, however, occur with multi system internal blocks channel, tape, floor, ceiling type, or combine different types of blocks. Multi-split systems used wisely in the case when the task is to condition a few neighboring premises. Each indoor unit maintains the set temperature independently of the others and has its own remote control. Each compressor maintains its internal unit or group of blocks and has its independent refrigerant circuit. Mobile floor or air conditioning – the only type of air conditioner, which any user can install it yourself.

It is installed on the floor and has small wheels, that can easily move it from room to room. To install a mobile air conditioner is sufficient to derive a flexible duct length of 0.5 … 1.5m to the street through the window or hole in the wall. Through this duct is removed hot air. The disadvantage of floor air conditioner is increased noise from the compressor, limited capacity. The most common mobile air conditioners General Climate, AEG.

It should be noted that the manufacturers of household conditioners are focusing on the development of an attractive design the indoor unit and reduce its noise level, as well as adding the maximum number of additional features, the main one which is to clean the air. Resource conditioners is 7 – 10 years, but many consumers are changing their earlier because of equipment obsolescence and the emergence of new models with additional features. Findings Naturally, the choice is determined by the size of the room air conditioner. The owners of small apartments can be advised piece window. Benefits – a small price and the possibility of ventilation. Such a device more suited for use in traditional windows with wooden frames. You can buy a mobile air conditioner. This variant is particularly suitable temporary housing tenants and those who want to 'kill two birds with one stone', air-conditioning with one instrument city apartment and country house. For cooling and cleaning the air in a big apartment and mobile window air conditioners are not suitable. You fit a split-system – compact, efficient, practical. Depending on the design and forms of space, you can choose wall, floor, ceiling or cassette boxes. The owners of spacious apartments and associated revenues, wishing to create shade in every corner, suitable multi-split system single external unit which serves several domestic. You can also offer a split-system channel type. The indoor unit of the air conditioner is located above the suspended ceiling and distributes cooled air in the ducting. When choosing a conditioner is important to consider the noise level in his work, as well as air purification systems, power and air conditioning design. Finally, choosing air-conditioning, all the same thing importantly – pay attention to its reliability, terms and conditions of service, guaranteed.