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Hungarian Real Estate

Posted on February 13, 2011 in News

Everything I learned about the Hungarian real estate market, reinforces the opinion of an expert Endre Erdosha, former Permanent Representative of Hungary to the United Nations and Deputy Secretary of State, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary. Erdosh thinks that they can think of several reasons of stability and security that has made Hungary today: firstly, even before the country joined the eu the Hungarian economy is stable and the system of laws – logic, and secondly, with the onset of the crisis has proven to be effective banking system and public subsidies, finally, thirdly, the real estate in Hungary was not as well-promoted, such as in Bulgaria or Egypt, that is, the Hungarian real estate prices artificially is no overstatement, and therefore do not collapse. Benefits the current situation in the fact that, while in 2009 in Hungary began new construction in total construction is less than in previous years. So, take a few years and demand for property in Hungary will be exceed supply. Besides, now sellers of real estate in Hungary interested in the buyer like never before, so – the investor more choice. Experts believe that the landscape in favor of the buyer the real estate market in Hungary will continue for another two or three years, and then demand to rise again, and housing prices crawl up.

It is appropriate to say a few words about the choice of real estate. Domestic investor often stormy and reacts with lightning speed on advertising: according to statistics, more advertising, the greater the amount of investment in the advertised country, which, unfortunately, does not always bring the pleasure of buying and expected revenue. In my opinion, choosing real estate abroad, it is important to examine not only the country itself (market economy, laws, the object of interest) and to find a reliable agent, but also to explore yourself, know what I need, why and how much I am willing to invest. In my personal experience, the investor clearly understands that he needs more fortunate. And yet, good luck in this difficult matter – a very powerful one. To recall the case of undeveloped beaches of Nicaragua, where I had the opportunity a few years ago invest a considerable amount of money. The risk was greatest, because it all depended on whether to hold on those very beaches electricity or do not hold. In this case, it was impossible to calculate: Central America, you know. A electricity is conducted again, and the earth in one year has risen by more than 35%.


Dominican Republic

Posted on February 10, 2011 in News

Punta Cana, Bavaro, or Puerto Plata – where the rest In the Dominican Republic 2 major, major tourist places of deployment: Puerto Plata (north) and Punta Cana, Bavaro ( south-east). Let's start with the latter: Punta Cana and Bavaro two village near (as the two regions in the Russian town divided highway in 5 km) and not to be confused dear reader, we assume this is one city – (the) Bavaro, and the place of all understand, if you want, of course. Bavaro is considered more 'turistoobemnym' place than Puerto Plata. This is due to a huge number of large hotels, and accordingly the number of flights to Punta Cana. Punta Cana also has a wonderful beaches with sand like flour.

Punta Cana suited more for a 10-day vacation at the 'all inclusive' than for long stays (the author's opinion), because coming out of the hotel or apartment after 8 evening, to go nowhere special, except that the disco Mangu (only in Bavaria) but there are mostly local people wishing to 'get acquainted' with white gringos. There is a club inside the cave, have a fun place to report works every day, too, just have to go by car away. On Tuesdays there are Russian party. In general, if you're a person that does not require a special variety of nightlife, there are two clubs where you can go in the evening. The same should be noted that in Bavaro be a good shopping center with restaurants 'Palma Real', clothes and good food – are present (though the prices – Moscow).


Individual Building Construction

Posted on February 8, 2011 in News

Gorgeous new construction, building endearing with its majestic, incredibly tall skyscrapers – all this characterizes the modern city. To erect these buildings allow construction materials, which produce on the most modern technology to maximize their properties. The competition – that’s what makes the manufacturers to improve the methods of the production process, not stopping at the achieved results. This gives a very high efficiency and this, in turn, significantly improved and product quality. Modification of non-metallic materials, cement, paints, inks, roofing and other materials can significantly prolong their shelf life.

They retain their properties even in the most adverse operating conditions. Reliability – these are the main features inherent in a modern production of this species. Civilization makes our lives wonderful changes and most importantly, that most developments are being used for the benefit of mankind. Due to the fact that the coming century is characterized by a sharp increase in wealth of individuals, many of them finally able to realize his most cherished dream – to build individual houses or suburban area. In an incredibly fast pace erected “attics>> pleasing to the eye and adorn the spaces of our country. New planning of wood, brick and other buildings is striking in its originality. Sometimes, looking at them from afar, can not believe that either are designed for housing. They are so beautiful that immediately reminded of fairytale castles and palaces. Comfortable apartment with all amenities – it’s wonderful. But somehow many of us still tend to buy a house on the ground. Yet, perhaps, a person must to be able to get the first rays of sun, breathe in deeply the fresh air, hear the birds singing and start your day from that, rather than drone machines.

The fact that the quest for nature inherent in human genes – is fine, as it gives hope that we will carefully relate to their planet and save it to their descendants in the flowering form. Of course, the environment is very important for our life, but it is important not only to her. To ensure a comfortable stay in house or apartment to take care of interior decoration. Today is a lot of quality materials that can be used for the production of these works, such as dry mixes Bergauf provide the most high operational effect. This glue, plaster, putty, liquid, quick cement floors, etc. Producers of the product line – the specialists, the knowledge and skills that allow such robust formulations that they now be trusted by virtually the entire world. Everyone knows that the construction and repair – is labor intensive and thus expensive process. Usually we put them to better times, but when we begin to conceived, must face issues such as choice of materials. Experts advise to carefully study the market of this product, ask the competent in the matter of people and only then gain necessary. To better focus on well-known manufacturers, this is a proven way to avoid mistakes and not pay twice.



Housing Estates Near Moscow

Posted on February 8, 2011 in News

Modern Muscovites do not want to, as before, to live in the stone jungle and looking for a more comfortable environment for his life. Buy a house in the suburbs, besides, it became more profitable than buy an apartment in the city. It seems that the capital city as if stretched, and where only yesterday were empty plots of land in the Moscow region there are new buildings and complexes with well-developed infrastructure, a better course than in the sleeping areas of the golden-domed. Go the countryside and live in townhouse in the suburbs want to almost every other modern city dweller.

The cottage village – a traditional way of suburban life in the presence of modern technology, a comfort of the city and the magic Nature. Advantages of the new life of cottage settlements are obvious: a healthy environment, beautiful scenery, attention to detail infrastructure, a single style of architecture in the cottage village, round the clock security, comfort and unity with nature. Now increasingly the choice of citizens is in favor of suburban housing in a cottage village near Moscow, since the modern villas and townhouses are not only not inferior to urban apartments on level of comfort, but also often surpass them. To date, in all directions suburbs built a large set of residential estates and it is not the limit – cottage settlements continue to be built. Considered the most prestigious cottage villages, located on the west of Moscow: Rublevo Uspenskoye, , Pyatnickoe highway.

These trails are not passing, there are no heavy vehicles in these areas, the most favorable environmental conditions suburbs. Basically here is dominated by the elite cottage villages club type, premium class, the cost of cottages which are available only to the most secured people. Among the cottage settlements middle class are popular Kaluga, Kiev, Dmitrovskoye direction. Kaluga highway among the top three on the number of transactions in the new cottage villages and Dmitrovskoe rich in its diverse infrastructure, sports facilities, water reservoirs. Less popular destinations in the area and construction of new cottage villages, and demand for villas and townhouses on the part of buyers are Leningrad, Ryazan, Gorky highway. This is due to the heavy workload runs and traffic jams. Factors such as dust, dust, exhaust gases have a negative impact on the natural environment. But it is worth remembering that the choice of country cottage is significantly different from the choice of a city apartment. If the selection of apartments in the right area depends on the layout and parameters of the apartment, the choice of a country house is inseparable from a cottage settlement. There are important: planning a cottage settlement, the location of a cottage in the framework of the village, easy access roads and the remoteness of the route, the availability of, or at least provided the necessary infrastructure facilities. All these parameters can be assessed only on the spot by visiting a gated development. But given that today in Moscow is more than 500 cottage villages, to visit and evaluate all – a task impossible. On the other hand, only visit several cottage communities or buy a house, into the first cottage near Moscow, will also be incorrect output.