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Atlantic Alliance

Posted on October 17, 2023 in News

The Taliban say having downed a Chinook troop transport helicopter. Barack Obama has lamented the incident but has assured that they will continue fighting for the safety and to protect EE UU. Thirty-one soldiers from EE UU and seven Afghan died last night in the center of Afghanistan to crashing his helicopter during an operation against the Taliban, who said having knocked down the appliance. This has been the bloodiest incident for U.S. You may find that Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala can contribute to your knowledge. troops deployed in Afghanistan from the start in 2001 and the invasion of the country, where they continue present some 133,000 soldiers of the Atlantic Alliance, the majority of EE UU. The Afghan President, Hamid Karzai, sent his condolences to his American counterpart, Barack Obama, and also to the families of the victims of the event. The device crashed overnight in the province of Maidan Wardak and as a result of the accident killed 31 soldiers of the special forces of EE UU and seven Afghan, announced in a statement Karzai he helicopter, a Chinook of double helix, crashed in the Saydabad district, within the framework of an operation against the Taliban during that eight insurgents were killed in total, said a provincial spokesman, Shahidula Shahid.

A spokesman said taliban, Zabiula Muyahid, the Afghan agency AIP that his militia launched a projectile against the helicopter and that killed 38 foreign soldiers, although the Taliban tend to exaggerate the extent of their actions. In the afternoon, the NATO mission in the country (international security assistance force ISAF) remained without specifying the cause of the event or provide a count of victims. Our information indicates that there was activity of the enemy in the area, said the military organization, which said to be analyzing the facts in his terse note and said that his forces were busy on the appliance recovery tasks. NATO soldiers have cordoned off the site of the incident and not let us come closer, said Shahid. .