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Maria Adela Mondelli

Posted on February 17, 2019 in News

Designing your space just for you, is a life experience that a woman should know. What you want, how you want, how you want, know, know and do re-act in your life will be a unique experience from which you will learn more from yourself, than in the rest of your entire existence. In the moments when you feel that your partner will continue without waver-mandates are strong and this can happen for you convinced that this experience “, you only need to remember the hundreds of conditioning you had when you were in that situation. Or go to a restaurant, order a meal and good wine and sit down to watch the couples around you: how many are those who are really happy to share that time together?, How many even talk animatedly? … What it remains absolutely silent throughout the meal?, You had fixed this before?. Think: is that the couple who yearn to have ?….

The couple “different” you dream, can never be if you’re not another before you went. Being without a partner, why not be alone when you do not want to be … many men and women in couples are deeply alone … remember when you felt yourself and being together. Friends, family and even yourself, can be a great company when you feel that being alone is not what you want today. What children are a obstacle? …

No way. May even be a chance to surrender to motherhood differently, without conditions, only “agreement” between you and your children … It is not about denying the relationship, it is only to recognize that the relationship is not what we think is when we are alone … Realizing that the couple is that we live in when we were a couple, and if we can not be other than we were, so unsatisfactory that the couple … be repeated so inexorable. The idea is that if we delve into ourselves, we are not “friends” with us, our relationships will always be what they were until they brought us here. The idea is that only those who can be alone in its fullness, can be entirely another.


Wayne Dyer University

Posted on January 10, 2019 in News

Currently many people search perfect and if possible everything soon and pra yesterday! We live at a time of multiple expectations and diverse activities, each time more the word anxiety is present in the daily one. Some lose sleep, others gnaw the nails, ahead have those that increase the appetite, of important events as tests, interview of job, marriage, the first day in the new school, etc. are waited that new and the unknown one frightens, occupying the mind with what it can happen. A research carried through for the Wayne Dyer University disclosed that the people pass much time of the life suffering for the last events or fearing and desiring the futures, not thinking or same living the gift. This concern with tomorrow takes off its focus of today. Good anxiety until certain point, therefore stimulates the man the action, but as everything that is excessively makes badly, must be intent, therefore the concern with future the cause much expectation, many times associated to the haste, to the fear, in extreme cases leading to the desperation, being able to migrar for a psicopatologia: Upheaval of Generalized Anxiety, that according to DSM-IV loads as characteristic the extreme concern, occurring per many days, for last the six months, causing fidget, fatigue, difficulty of concentration, muscular tension and irritability. In the majority of the cases the patient does not obtain to recognize the problem, not even she controls it, causing social and professional damage. If it distrusts that something of wrong is happening a professional is indicated for a diagnosis and treatment. Changing alimentary habits, diminishing the caffeine, including physical exercises, taking care of of sleep, are actions that contribute for the physical and mental balance.


Mental Health Psychiatric

Posted on November 12, 2012 in News

MADNESS IN the ROOM OF SUPPER (THIN, Jaques. Madness in the supper room. So Paulo: Copyright, 1991) Trieste, Italian city, was palco of one of the biggest revolutions in the area of psychiatry, therefore there that, it was questioned for the first time existence and the validity of the psychiatric hospitals. By means of Basaglia Franc and its team, in the decade of 70, madness opened the doors, jumped the walls of the hospital and, it seated comfortably in the supper room. Being thus, one perceives that these aimed at to restitute the mental sick person, who although everything is a citizen who suffers and, that it needs to come back toward the society in order to reconstruct its identity.

Standing out that, after Pinel? that the lunatic asylum was transformed into human hospital, therapeutical place and/or, also, of containment, the social exclusion – what it was a refugee in Trieste was the fact most important in psychiatry terms. However, one notices that by means of this process, the doctors had lost a considerable parcel of the power whom they withheld, therefore already did not give more account to explain behavior of the insane person that left to the street, however, if saw the necessity to appeal to others to know such as psychology, the psychoanalysis and sociology. Considering that, not only the doctors, but all Italian society was affected by the repercussions of the opening of the lunatic asylum. In way that, for the opening of the psychiatric hospital he is not enough to abate the thickness of the walls, that is, to extinguish the psychiatric hospital is necessary to invent new strategies, therefore that, in Trieste, the insane person was not abandoned to the streets, but yes he reconquered the possibility to cover them. Being that, the psychiatric assistance continued existing, therefore, if it can count on the support of the Center of Mental Health of 8hrs 20hrs, with alternative structures e, the apartments of group of ' ' utentes' ' (impregnated term to substitute sick person, patient), being these last indispensable ones to propitiate the former-patients or to the usuaries the chance of reconstruction of its proper life, its space and its identity.



Lodging Options

Posted on October 3, 2012 in News

When you think abroad about your course of languages, you would have to reflect seriously on the type of lodging that you choose. This aspect surely will affect your experience of a way or another one, reason why always aid to guess right from the beginning. Equal the idea to be with a family causes disagreement to you, but it could become the right one what precise so that your studies of English abroad become the greater experience than you have had. The majority of schools offers different types from lodging and usually is: family of welcome, shared apartment or calls to account student. All these vary following the school and location that you choose, like of the preconceived idea that you can have of each. Here you have a small explanation of each type: Stay in FamiliMucha people usually thinks that when living with a family they will be forced to bear a horrible diet and to limit themselves the daily routine of the family and therefore to lose the freedom that one would feel choosing another type of lodging.

Nevertheless the reality could not to be more different! Many hosts cook very well and this same one can give foot to interesting conversations, like to learn of each culture, like for example, cooking a typical plate of your earth to your hosts? This is not only an funny form to make friendships but also to practice your English. The schools do an excellent work when looking for compatible families for each student, reason why you let we recommended know us to the greater information on your preferences when doing the reserve. For example, you smoke? , you prefer a family with or without children? , you like the animal of company? , you would like to be with a single person, a pair or family? , you prefer that also there are other students? , which are your interests and pleasures? , you need Internet or your own bath? Many of these requests can be to your reach since the schools have an ample fan of hosts.