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Posted on July 15, 2023 in News

Recently released a survey conducted in the United States, among young adolescents in school age and the result was more than amazing. University Americans answered the question about if knew, who was Bethoven, pointing out that it was: a dog this answered, respondents, because they remembered the dog from the successful film, Bethoven, in which the protagonist is a cute dog breed, very smart and great friend of man, which was just called as well. Ignorance of who is really Ludwing Van Bethoven, shows us that culture level leaves much to be desired in our young people, and that it is necessary to influence more in general education courses, which are elementary, for life in society. James king might disagree with that approach. The majority of Americans who are about to start the University cannot write to italics, they believe that the e-mail is too slow, that Beethoven is a dog and that Miguel Angel is a computer virus, says a report released in United States. For students who will graduate in 2014, Czechoslovakia never existed; Clint Eastwood is a filmmaker and was not dirty Harry, and John McEnroe acting in television ads and was not at the tennis courts, according to a study by academics from an American University. But this is not the only case, because as well as academics are wrong, for lack of culture, we also have professionals such as doctors, lawyers and even economists, with executive positions, which do not know the most elementary, they demonstrate intellectual poverty, low cultural level, which leaves much to be desired and embarrassed their countries is that we have received a message from a professionalEconomist requesting reports on graduate programs in commercial Marketing. The message said: I want the diploma, you can tell me since when I can follow and please send me the greetings economist Felipe topics Vasquez Manager Embuandes sausages of meat in the Andes. Dir-Av.

Felipe II and Turi (next to the Mall del Rio) via Cel: 096482934 Tel: 072887070 – 072455937 Fax: 072883000 – 072814151 we send you information, pointing to comply these requirements to participate: send your current DNI 01 photograph your payment with western union. Do and the professional sent us a message saying this dear that is the DNI if can I deposit in dollars Greetings can be you believe that a professional, Executive, Economist no less, not know that thing is ID? That gentlemen is complete ignorance. Da sorry to see University students, professionals with executive positions, which are owners of so much misery, spiritual, cultural, that are not able to understand things as simple and as basic as what is a DNI, who is Bethoven. The importance of being cult is in the fact that only so we can understand, to our peers, perform our work well well representing the company that hire us. That ridiculous would be that at the time of signing a service contract with your client and this asked, please: put under your signature, your identity card. And ud says: is that DNI?

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Miracle Diets

Posted on June 27, 2023 in News

Each year, arise new miracle diets that aim the millions of people who intend to lose weight. All promise results, however the most get the body to lose fluids and muscle mass, but not fat. Many of them put at risk to the Agency. Behind this irresponsible fashion that often ignores the basics of nutrition, there is a spectacular business. The list is endless and each year added new formulas by encouraging mass consumption of particular food, the prohibition of others, indicating the manner of cooking dishes, order or the time of day that should be consumed, they promise a drastic weight loss in record time. In the best of cases, are plans drawn up by doctors who acting on conviction or economic ambition. In others, the authors are persons without any training that ignore the minimum basics of nutrition.

All miracle diets, even though they appear to be different between them, are based on the restriction of food, especially of those that provide lots of energy. The basis is to eat fewer calories change technique or food base, but all provide fewer calories than the individual needs, even in those diets which assumes it eats a lot. There are diets that are allowed to ingest all kinds of fatty foods, but eliminate carbohydrates such as rice, cereals, fruit, vegetables are these the ketogenic diets. Thus, while nutritionists recommend a balanced diet, distributed in 60% of carbohydrates, a maximum of 15% of proteins, and similar proportion of fats, ketogenic diets are divided into 60% fat, 30% protein, and very few carbohydrates. According to experts, these diets provide few nutrients and favor the loss of muscle mass and water, but not fat. In addition, they increase the rate of cholesterol and impair the functioning of the kidney and the liver. Most popular diets of this type are the Atkins and zone, the latest in dietary express.

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Posted on July 21, 2013 in News

Activities productive when we are online to help users in the task be inserted into the web to develop projects which them are useful in their lives, whether in the monetary sense or simply for the pleasure of to be known in the Middle, is important to keep us within a given line with regard to the actions that we perform daily; This is to use our time productively so that to terminate our daily session we have achieved what we set out for that day. There are rules that we can provide guidance to not lose the course of what we want to achieve with the session that we started; two of these main points are:-determine what we want to do in the session that we are about to start before entering to our computer. -Establish weekly goals and objectives or monthly goals to develop in our endeavors. Earlier at first glance does not seem to be of much importance but nevertheless and from own experience that all safely we had some opportunities, we noticed that they spent hours of our login and yet there has been no progress on what we need to make our ventures marked a further step towards the success. Some of the behaviors that we are a real waste of time no doubt are browsing online aimlessly, making chats for pleasure, visiting entertainment sites or even a movie when actually can do at a more convenient time, etc.

what you can do online to improve our endeavors? What we can do or what would have to be included as objectives in our daily projects largely depend on what you are developing and in their degree of advancement, for example:-work in developing graphic of our sites, improve services, answer queries, study our competition strategies, work on personal projects that can use our subscribers or usersdevelop strategies for promotion, work in a new item, upload videos of promotions or tutorials, generate articles to directories marketing, strategies in social networks, etc. The tasks that we can surely develop to obtain concrete results are thousands but we must be vigilant, self-demanding auto with ourselves, it is one of the capabilities that every entrepreneur has to learn to develop to advance their projects as it is the same which takes the helm of your business. It is an advantage disadvantage that offers us being entrepreneurs, with security that at the beginning we divert from what I plan to start, but if we insist on adhere to our objectives we will end up acquiring a healthy behaviour which help us and are aligned with our goals and objectives.

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