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Madeleine Muller

Posted on March 23, 2019 in News

Typically, the families go when they already know so what financing options they have – then still is very eyes on the subject approach – self Desire to feature very large, but the wallet compared to the relatively small wishes. After the first shock is digested, and has a somewhat deflating taste, can be then really the actual needs determined and assessed the feasibility of the project. Often it comes however to the reduction of special requests. At this point we point out then, also in the various other providers closer look, hidden costs arise. Also takes up grateful customer. Well equipped with all signs and warning signs we can then reflect the customers first over all by yourself. Question: Where are the biggest problems so far? Madeleine Muller: The biggest problem is that the construction families in the first clear, open, and also significant conversation – first time don’t want to believe, how the industry behaves and where everywhere for the customer traps are hidden. Closer, additional services as price-raising turn out at some building Additional services.

hidden costs in the fine print are a big problem for the building families. Problems arise also in finding land; often a plot proves only with a floor advice cost trap, because such costs are usually only listed in the construction costs, not in the actual construction price. Question: The construction enlightenment seems very good to arrive at the customer. Now you have even extended the offer, the K.O.M concept offers the service of personal construction Assistant. Can you explain more us to do this? What experiences have you had here so far? Madeleine Muller: A good education to prevail.

Families who choose just one of our competitors or about an existing real estate – for whatever reasons we offer the services of our personal assistant of construction which. Also here is the customer not just to the side of each team member, but considered to any real estate or any home project it would be his own – by We offer a complete consulting service experienced engineers and architects to the lawyer. Our experience in the different areas help families to ask the right questions, and to discover the existent pitfalls. Builders will help to oversee construction processes and to secure or to negotiate when it is necessary. Thus, our experts act as a mouthpiece between the individual trades, home services and customers. In the application phase and construction preliminary it is important to keep the primary purpose of the family in the eye, because here too much additional expenses, who initially did not see most of the families: therefore, it is important to keep within in the sampling, even though it is not always easy to tell the client that this or that does not go, sometimes it’s also very uncomfortable, it repeatedly to point out, but in the end but mostly the reason especially decides when the basis of trust between the construction wizard and the customer is established. Thank you very much for the information and the Conversation. We wish you all the team at Berlin K.O.M. concept still so good experiences and success on the way.

Niemann-Stirnemann: Happy Ending For Planned Construction Of Houses

Posted on March 15, 2019 in News

Considerations and decisions for the planned new construction by gunda Niemann-Stirnemann Erfurt. Actually gunda Niemann-Stirnemann wanted to take multiple world champion and Olympic gold medalist in speed skating a newly built bungalow in a construction area in Erfurt with your family. All planning discussions with the responsible company Heinz von Heiden solid houses were finalised and nothing more in the way was an early start of construction on the land. At an appointment of today ZDF an expert with your husband for the interior designer of Franziska Philipps in the model exhibition by Heinz von Heiden in Isernhagen in the October 21 last year also the complete interior of the bungalows was selected by the tile up to the sink. But then everything was different and the policy made a dash through the House-building plan. Actually had LEG Thuringen a State-owned company the development plan developed and all carriers of public interests had approved the construction of a total of eight bungalows on new. But shortly before construction began, the Group of the left rose”in the Council of Town opposition and was of the opinion that a building with single-storey bungalows would not be possible, because in the environment are also some higher residential buildings.

Now it was named for the family of Niemann-Stirnemann quickly reschedule. All previous considerations and decisions for the planned new construction were invalid, the date for the collection should remain but. In talks with the company of Heinz von Heiden, a new concept was developed without further ADO and a bungalow was a small town Villa. In a renewed round of planning on the 13.1.2011 in the KompetenzCentrum by Heinz von Heiden in Isernhagen Naue and the interior designer of Franziska Philipps was chosen together with the project planner Rudiger a new equipment. To gunda Niemann-Stirnemann: that was a special challenge for us and of course for the company of Heinz by pagans. It’s great that now everything still worked. “” We are looking forward to the new home and our daughter is even happy about the development, because we now have a real “House with stairs have”.

More Information: Heinz from Pagans soon Heinz von Heiden is one of the oldest construction companies specializing in the construction of single-family homes. the company of the master Mason was founded 1931 Heinrich by Pagans, handed it in the sixties of the previous century to his son Heinz. A new era in the company’s history was heralded then in the 1980s with the architect Willi Mensching and Marita Hornfeck. Earlier than everyone else, they had recognized that there is also a demand of normal earners after an own house next to the market for expensive and exclusive homes. So, the first houses of types of were developed and perfected the management of construction sites. These building blocks was a business concept, which today is one of the pillars at Heinz of Gentiles and brought rapid growth to the company. 3 500 houses were completed in the year 2005 alone. Until today, the company has implemented successfully over 40,000 homes. How to contact with Heinz solid houses chrome Street Nations GmbH 12 30916 Isernhagen phone: + 49 (0) 511-7284-0 E-Mail: Homepage:

Interim Solution

Posted on September 16, 2018 in News

Containers can be used as permanent housing extension who quickly search for an accommodation, can opt for a mobile extension of the room. A living container is large enough and can be also equipped with sanitary facilities and living room. It is also possible to connect the container, so that finally, residential containers landscapes emerge through hallways, stairwells and interconnections. Most container however on large construction sites and as a temporary solution be used for companies, schools, offices and residential areas during a new or renovation. This, because they are very easy to install, and quite cheap compared to ordinary buildings. This type of containers can be individually put together themselves, so a certain size is not relevant. You can be of three up to floors, consist of one or more containers, are connected to each other or separately available and be equipped with or without sleeping quarters and sanitary facilities”, says Marco Fendt, operator of the Immobilienblogs

Containers are needed only for a construction phase, but they are suitable as a permanent solution. In a heating or air conditioning can be mounted and it can be set up as a normal House. Container companies are there for you, from the planning to the execution and then even, if you wish. The design of this mobile home container is child’s play for such companies. With fleet and crane whole container landscapes also single container brought and be rebuilt in a day. The container company acquires the electrical installation and the installation of sanitary facilities”, explains Marco Fendt. You have to say only the container provider what you want, and this simply transposes the plans of our customers.

Maintenance, janitorial work, General cleaning and maintenance of sanitary facilities can be applied also by the container company that caused naturally additional costs. For the container, you can complete insurance, whereby fire, theft, storm and water damage are insured by an insurance partner. If the residential containers are used as an extension of the room, a concept must here, to set these your needs according to. If you need a larger room extension, the container can be connected with each other. Container companies offer them for sale or for rent. Should it be to a Rdauerhafte room extension, so it is advisable to acquire the container. See General/wohncontainer as room extension / interested parties refer to, which benefits residential containers offer and how easy it is to install this. Marco fendt


German Construction Industry

Posted on December 12, 2016 in News

Federal Minister Dr. Peter Ramsauer discussed at the invitation of the initiative ‘Germany builds!’ with industry representatives about the future of the construction industry Munich, 15. January 2013 as the German construction industry in times of specialists and lack of young future evolve? This question was the focus of a high-level Panel discussion under the theme builds Germany! Every man for himself alone “building 2013 leading representatives from politics, industry and science discussed builds on Munich at the invitation of the new industry initiative Germany!”, how will young people for the construction sector will be delighted how businesses can take advantage of synergies and what is necessary, to improve the image of the industry. The construction industry is one of the most important German economic sectors and will require major working in the most diverse areas in the years to come. Almost every eighth job is directly or indirectly dependent on construction activity,”said Dr.

Peter Ramsauer, Federal Minister for transport, building and urban development. A long-term change of image of the construction industry in the public perception to bring, as it builds Germany!”seeks, is therefore a major concern. Only when we us network and learn from each other, can the industry, and with it, the entire economy will benefit permanently. Thanks to my personal experience of the craftsmen to the Economist I know both sides.” Among other participants of the discussion were Ramsauers predecessor Wolfgang Tiefensee, Pierre-Andre de Chalendar (President and General Manager of Compagnie de Saint-Gobain), Prof. Dr. Hans-Jorg Bullinger (former President of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft), Jorgen Tang Jensen (Chairman of the Board of the VELUX group) and Annette Hering (Managing Director of Hering Bau GmbH & co. KG).

The round was hosted by Karl-Ulrich Kuhlo, the founder of the news channel n-tv. About 200 spectators and listeners followed the Panel discussion in the meeting place craft forum. Wife Annette Herring stated your point of view as a medium-sized construction company that gets to feel the shortage firsthand: wrongly, many young people still dust, dirt and noise combine with the construction industry.


Metal Construction

Posted on January 22, 2014 in News

to 6500 mm. Metal Weckman 3 / 1120 has the following geometric parameters: length of a sheet of metal – from 350 mm. to 6500 mm. the breadth of the sheet metal 1180 mm. (Including the useful width 1120 mm sheet.) Length of the step tile – 186.7 mm., Wave height – 42 mm.

Metal Weckman 4 / 1110 has the following geometric parameters: the width of the sheet metal 1190 mm. (Including the useful width 1100 mm sheet.) Wave height – 39 mm., The length of the sheet metal – from 350 mm. to 6500 mm.; stride tiles – 183.3 mm. Metal Gassell Profile (Sweden) made of galvanized steel sheets 0.5 mm thick. Which is passivated, primed and coated with a protective layer of colored polymer (plastisol), a thickness of 200 microns. Metal has Gassell Profile The following geometric parameters: wave height – 39 mm.; sheet width 1180 mm. (Including the useful width 1100 mm sheet.) Length of the step tile – 350 mm.; Overlap in length – 100 mm., Standard length of the sheet metal – 3600, 2200, 1150, 450 mm. Scandinavian metal Gassell Profile, considering the physical and chemical characteristics of the plastisol may be applied at ambient temperature to 60 degrees, which, of course, is not well suited for roofing in the southern regions of Russia.

Weight metal Gassell Profile of approximately 4.6 kg. / m square. Dutch metal Finish Profiles BV is made of galvanized sheet steel with a thickness of 0.4 mm., Which was subsequently passivated, primed and covered with a protective a layer of colored resin (polyester), a thickness of 35 microns. Metal Finish Profiles BV is stated below the geometric properties: the width of the sheet metal 1185 mm. (Including the useful width 1100 mm sheet.) Wave height – 35 mm., Stride length – 350 mm.; standard length of the sheet metal – 450, 1150, 3600, 2200 mm.; overlap in length – 100 mm. Metal Finish Profiles BV may be used at temperatures up to 120 degrees Celsius, so that may be used, including, in the southern regions of Russia. Weight metal Pelti Ja Rauta extremely low at around 3.8 kg. / m square. Domestic metal Omi, appeared in the construction market in 2001, is made from galvanized steel with thickness of 0.45-0.55 mm, which passivated and covered with a protective layer of colored polymer coating (pura, PVC plastisol 200, matte polyester, plastisol HPS 200, PVDF, polyester). The company has two types of Omi Profile metalocherepitsy. Metal Omi Pamir has indicated geometric parameters: wave height – 20 mm.; sheet length – from 840 mm. up to 10,000 mm.; useful width of sheet metal 1120 mm.; stride tiles – 224 mm. Omi Classic Metal has specified dimensions: useful width 1110 mm sheet metal.; Stride Length – 185 mm., the length of the sheet metal – from 840 mm. up to 10,000 mm., wave height – 30 mm. Scandinavian metal Takotta, decent sample continuity of tradition and high culture of production, made from galvanized steel thickness of 0.4-0.5 mm, which is passivated and covered with a layer of colored polymer coating (PRELAC new (PN), matte polyester (MPE), polyester (PE), plastisol (PVC), armatek (AT)).




Posted on December 5, 2013 in News

About fireplaces To put a fireplace in the frame houses, it should be considered when designing. That will greatly facilitate your effort for self-mounting, and then the actual choice is wide. Necessary immediately to build a canal chimney fireplace consider the geometry and architecture. And try to include besides the obvious questions are also hidden requirements. After all, the same type of fireplace is subject to such technological parameters: the emission of heat (50% efficiency), it must be a good draft of combustion products, it is necessary to provide an obstacle to the formation of oxides of the chimney, the correct aerodynamic (to avoid strong noise) and the types of fireplaces t.d.Osnovnye There are two main types of fireplaces: internal (mounted in the wall) and stand-alone. Structural elements of both types of fireplaces are directly combustion chamber and the channel dymosbornik chimney. Deciding to place the fireplace in one room of his house, first of all, determine its location, taking into account interior space, the possibility of the device base (foundation) and Organization removal of combustion products. As a rule, fireplaces spread of red-brick grade 200.

Oblitsevat surface can be a natural stone fireplace, ceramic mosaics, decorative plaster or forged (Stamped) metal ornaments. Should focus on the device to the combustion chamber. Its depth should be about 50 cm deeper attenuated heat loss, at least – perhaps penetration smoke in the room. The walls of the combustion chamber vylazhivayut fireclay brick. To collect ashes podzolnik suit. Hot products of combustion from the furnace should come in dymosbornik, which is in form at the bottom of the pyramid chimney. Between the combustion chamber and valve dymosbornikom be provided to allow a barrier penetration of cold air from the street when the fireplace is not lit.

To avoid the cold air flows across the floor level of the combustion chamber must be above the floor at 12-15 cm fireplace can be an element of interior room, an office, any other premises. It creates the unique comfort of home. In a large room area of 20 m2 can be arranged fireplace in the center. The device is a fireplace. 1 – dymosbornik, 2 – mantel. 3 – Portal fireplace, 4 – firebox, 5 – a fireplace, 6 – predtopochnaya platform, 7 – predtopochny sheet A – width of the portal, B – height of the portal, in – depth of the firebox, D – height of the neck, but – depth of the pipe, b – width of the pipe. More information on this site:



Plants in Feng Shui

Posted on January 23, 2012 in News

Feng Shui in Chinese means 'wind-water'. Wind appears to us as the life energy qi, or the energy that permeates all space and all living things, water – that it collects. There are 2 versions of this art: Laws internal and external environment. In a well-equipped premises, according to the laws of art, is a good chi that will live in harmony with oneself and the world. Ideally, the life energy must flow easily and freely and it should be in excess. The teaching of Feng Shui was discovered 5000 years ago and has greatly influenced the development of civilization in China.

In recent decades, scientists have massovoestali popular in the West and in our country. Most importantly, what helps is a learned man – is to live in harmony with the environment. In Feng Shui, using almost all plants, but there are those plants that are preferred: – plants with lush rounded such as the green hat – rounded plant with dense rounded leaves – plants that have bright inflorescence – the plants, flowing down or climbing. Curvy shape of the plant or the flashy big flowers speak of his power, the presence of positive energy, which will give force home. Plants with thick and juicy rounded leaves (mostly succulents) have attracted money into the house.

This is the most popular form of leaves in China. But climbing or running down plants are needed to correct defects in the premises. Often this is done using higher plants such as rubber plants and palms. Sacred plants in the teachings of Feng Shui are five garden flowers that are produced at Human harmonizing effect. This peony, orchid and magnolia. Today, these five plants often can be found in the house. Even the lotus, if conditions permit to create a greenhouse, well live in an apartment. Chrysanthemum Japan is considered a symbol of laughter. The most effective energy-restoring owns chrysanthemum with lilac-purple flowers only when these flowers have a strong odor. Regal peony has long meant wealth and honor, because of this lush peony bush with many flowers in the East was a "monetary treasure." Magnolia – a symbol of purity. This is the flower of virginity and sincerity. Orchid – a symbol of affection. That is why Some have sought to keep the house orchid – this proved that there is no quarrel between the spouses. Lotus – the flower of the gods. He is the embodiment of spiritual growth, commitment to excellence. Very well, if your home would see these beautiful southern plants. For some of them need a special care (lotus and orchid), others may feel great on the balcony (magnolia, peony, chrysanthemum). Flower shop 'Flowers and Bouquets Millie' is always ready to assist you in choosing the right flowers and bouquets, to advise on the meaning of each flower, and their compositions. We can always help to buy bouquets of flowers at the lowest prices and make your holiday even brighter.