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Square Log Houses

Posted on April 14, 2016 in News

At present, with full confidence we can assert that the construction of houses made of wood undergoes its update. Modern wood houses are significantly different from the homes of our ancestors. They found their place and intelligence, experience the ancient times and modern high technology. The wooden house is perfect for areas with any climate. It can build on all soil types and costs of such a house is much less than the cost of similar Q-brick. Wooden house has a number of advantages.

This construction of environmentally friendly natural material, and the ability of the house to breathe and maintain its climate, as well as durability and strength specially treated wood. Construction of wood, whether it's Construction of holiday home or cottage, sauna or gazebo requires specific knowledge as a tree – a living building material that has many of its secrets. Experienced professionals understand that building a house is ideal wood harvested from selected timber harvesting winter. This is because with the advent of cold weather reduced the movement in the tree, its pores are closed, and the wood becomes more dense and durable. Preferably use conifer trees such as spruce, pine, larch and cedar. Softwood trees on comparison with the hardwood, is more durable, not as prone to destruction by parasites, is more resistant to damage. The trunk of the tree has a regular and smooth shape, which facilitates the procedure of handling and processing timber.

Construction of square log houses is becoming more and more accessible, since such a reputation for being the most elite homes. They meet all levels of comfort and strength. Construction at houses of timber used timber – bonded beam with a rectangular cross-section. This board fifty percent stronger than conventional wood, as it is completely no gaps or cracks, and corner joints especially durable and waterproof. Talk about advantages of a wooden house can be quite a long time. But one thing is indisputable property belongs only to him. This is the perfect climate inside the wooden house, which will not be able to repeat, even the most modern air-conditioning. Excellent oxygen balance, the ideal humidity, the unique flavor of the forest, which for years comes from a tree, feeding air volatile production, positively affecting the human condition. Not without reason in Europe Wooden houses are considered the best and most expensive.