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Posted on August 10, 2015 in News

In this same exposition, Ligia Clark showed to its ‘ ‘ clothes of corpo’ ‘ , Ligia Pape its ‘ ‘ poem box with ants vivas’ ‘. Many events had set in the source of the Tropiclia, what for me it was a start around the thought in the leisure (dancers of the Hose had been the day all playing letters, ideas were created around the activity ‘ ‘ time disponvel’ ‘. A series of participativas public manifestations had been materialize from this exposition culminating with the experience of the apocalipopoteses (described later) in August of 1968 in Aterro of the Flamengo. During all these evolutions, I would say that the critical conscience of the artists was the most important element for those manifestations of vanguard that always were dealt with fury or indifference, attacks proceeding from the established critical art. Exception and homage must be made some, especially Mario Pedrosa that greatly was influenced by those works and always received the ideas of the vanguard, some of which if they had initiated with it. Recently, Frederico Morais and Mrio Schomberg had also dedicated a great business in the development of ideas. Of idea of the den expressed in the new environment (planned since 1967 and first constructed in the Whitechapel Gallery in London, since February de1969. Such as to crelazer (1968) and hermafroditopotesis had appeared theoretical concepts (1969), much more complex in its objectives and the idea of the large cabin.

Synthesis of the Tropiclia – the concept of tropiclia initially related to a pure theoretical idea was spread of surprise, leaving my field of vision by means of an event that I would like to describe here: music pop of Caetano Veloso and Gilbert Gil (singers and composers), Torquato Neto and Capinam (poets), Tone Z (composer and singer), the GAL Coast (singer). Suddenly Caetano Veloso became possible and provoked the synthesis when it made a stranger unexpected composition that not yet had name and that somebody gave the name of Tropiclia, name and concept that expressed better it. Caetano wise person who I had created the term, but not yet we had known in them personally. This very functioned well in all the imaginable ways. It was marcante point in all the developments of creative trend in Brazil.

Caetano and Gil had acted in the creation of the extraordinariest revolution in Brazilian music pop giving an importance of vanguard experience and at the same time they had related, intentionally or not, with experiences in other fields of creation such as the theater of Jose Celso Martinez Correa (the King of the Candle – part of Oswald de Andrade, Brazilian poet who since 1920 influenced all the teatrais directions of the Brazilian vanguard with important poems and parts? production presented in Nancy in 1968). Other productions of Jose Celso of extreme importance had been ‘ ‘ Viva’ wheel; ‘ Brechts ‘ ‘ Galileu’ ‘. The cinema of Glauber Rock


Posted on August 9, 2015 in News

It is a fact that sometimes we can not change, but it helps that we are aware of their negative effects on our family. In this way we can minimize the damage that our lifestyles may be causing our children. Use every moment to be with your teen. For this stage of his life as father, who only a few years if you think about it-it is better to stop other activities aside and focus on their child, especially if it has problems. You have a few years to make a difference in the life of your child. You better take advantage of them. A pair of hours a week can make a difference from heaven to earth for the life of your child. Remember that quality always prevails over the amount of time.

Take time to talk with your teen. Accompany your activities and get involved in their lives. Doing so with a genuine interest in his life, he or she is going to open and soon you will find having the most incredible conversations with your teen. There goes the road. Do not be surprised with their hairstyles, tattoos, piercing or ways of dressing. It’s more important what is happening in the heart of your child that what is happening outside. The external change, but the heart may have wounds, fears and insecurities that are detrimental to their future life. Focus on that.

Understand that differences of opinion you have with your teen are normal and necessary. Your child is developing its own personality and sometimes manifest in a clumsy and immature, but it needs to manifest. At that time the language of love and understanding is much more powerful than the authority and control. If you need help with preparing their children for real life, I invite com where you will receive a free virtual book that will teach you 10 facts that a mother taught her children about how to prepare well for the future and following The which became a millionaire at age 21! Langerfeldt Bettina, whose passion is to teach people of all ages how to acquire a vision for their life, such as setting goals and then pursue specific education to enable them to achieve them.

Italians Region

Posted on August 8, 2015 in News

In the center of the city, ashkenazim and sefaradim had constructed religious and culturaisseparados spaces. In the Leopoldina, the families sefaradim, in reduced number, if inseriramna life ashkenazi with difficulties. The European immigrants did not like that osfilhos they married outside of the group due to communication difficulty as the novosparentes, ' ' (VAITSMAN, 2006:102) the writer Rachel Mizrahi, also weaves commentary sobreessa division between the Jews: The Jewish immigrants, marked for the conservadorismo, nocogitaram in the marriage of the children with people of other religious origins. Noincio, was bothered with marriages with asquenazis, known como' ' gringos' ' (MIZRAHI, 2003:171). ITS OLD GHETTOS AND ITS NEW PAPER IN the SOCIETY different Languages and customs between the proper Jews, jdemonstrava as the adaptation of them in these new lands could be difficult. However this was not the main agent of difficulty for these immigrants, another point that caused certain constaint enters they age the difcilaceitao in our land. This finished being one them reasons that had made diversasfamlias mistreat to live next to have its social circles between them eat ' ' aportuguesar' ' its names to be better accepted in sociedadeda time. The region of Square XI, was not only a redoubt of blacks, Italians and other immigrants.

Had its proximity with the Center of the Riomuitos Jewish they had made of the region of next region its housing. Some quehaviam before fond and already they had certain stability rented noscortios rooms for just fond the Jewish young men, therefore many of them not tinhamposse none. Square XI also served as first polar region of meeting dasdiversas families you mistreat (mainly ashkenazim) that they had passed eque that way still had relatives in the locality. Another place that had one fluxode also Jewish (in such a way ashkenazim as sefaradim), was Nilpolis, that for having direct umaligao with the Central region of the River (it saw train), also can receberesses immigrant as it describes in its book ' ' Memories of Square XI' ' Samuel Malamud (1 honorary Consul of the State of Israel in Brazil): ' ' He gave the impression of an enormous ghetto, without walls ourestries In that period, the Jewish population of Rio De Janeiro, cresciadiariamente, had to the enormous immigratory flow coming from the countries dEuropa Eastern.



Real Estate Rental Market Astrakhan

Posted on August 7, 2015 in News

After analyzing the real estate market in the city of , you can understand that the real estate market is selected from the pit into which it has driven the economic crisis. One of the important indicators of market recovery Real estate is the normalization of prices for the purchase / sale and rent. Markedly renewal transactions for the purchase and rental of real estate, although more recently has been brewing for a sharp jump in prices. The situation on the currency market has pushed buyers to become more assertive. If before the citizens of Russia have taken a wait, demanding lower prices for apartments, which led to the present standoff between the seller, who held the pre-crisis level price and the buyer, who wanted to get discounts for buying a home, now the situation has changed. Homebuyers were able to mortgage lending in rubles. This situation makes it possible to resume normal commodity-money relations in the housing market. Sellers of real estate do not rule out bidding, and buyers have the cash on hand for the calculations.

More recently, analysts say with confidence that the rental market Housing is one of the most volatile, but in the beginning of this year, the situation in this sector began to change. Number of tenants has increased markedly, the number of proposals has decreased significantly. As a consequence – Prices for rentals of residential and commercial real estate "creeping" up. All of this suggests that the real estate market appeared further growth prospects.



The Building

Posted on August 7, 2015 in News

First, in new convenient and comfortable common area. Large area in front of the apartments furnished safe emergency exits, elaborately mounted lifts. In the very apartments – large across hallways, kitchens and balconies. Bedrooms – close to a square shape, large, allowing to place a new, comfortable furniture. WC makes it possible to install all the necessary equipment and more feel it freely. That is, different from the minimalist 60's very well marked. It's no secret that these apartments is undoubtedly very expensive. They can afford not to everyone, but only succeeding in this life to people.

Therefore, settling into a new building, you can be almost 100% sure that the neighbors will be from wealthy families. At least, not among the needy. And will pay all utility costs along with all without creating problems for neighbors, and will not create problems, for example, your child will not teach him bad. One advantageous way to purchase housing in the new building – is to buy it at the construction stage, even unfinished house. In this case issued a mortgage contract, which states as collateral property that already belongs to you. In an unfinished housing price per square meter is lower than the finished house. Less than time left before his surrender, the higher the price of housing in it.

But if the house is being completed longer than planned, you'll have to wait until construction is complete, without being able either to move to a new apartment, or take advantage of the money invested. Your money goes, will be frozen as well as construction. This happens in cases where the building is a small company. Typically, it takes him for loans obtained from the bank. But as in the current crisis, banks do not give favors to anyone, including developers, construction firms are often small can not maintain and service the loan, which leads to failure extend it. As a result, the firm continue to build can not, and the house is unfinished. Unfortunately these homes in Vladivostok now missing. To get out of this situation, set in an environment construction firms often go on all sorts of discounts and benefits for those buyers who would invest money in frozen construction. In this case, the price per square meter becomes more attractive. Since the crisis in housing prices provide more opportunities for the middle class to improve their living conditions and to move to prestigious new developments.