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Posted on August 21, 2019 in News

Color and scent provide in their own home and the House relaxed Christmas Vienna, 16th 2010. In icy weather, the body craves especially for warmth and relaxation. Especially for Christmas, wellness stands for many in the first place of the wish list. However, a relaxing weekend at a spa hotel can be expensive. Therefore more and more people fulfill the dream of wellness at home. The real estate platform finds a clear trend towards wellness in their own home. From the private sauna up to the colour space design wellness you can in any real estate to. Colour and aroma create a relaxed atmosphere in the home, some have not the space or the money to buy the construction of a sauna and co.

However you must not forgo wellness in your own four walls. Colors and fragrances create a pleasant mood in each apartment. So, green sprayed a calming effect and harmony. Blue which symbolizes peace and freshness. Pleasantly scented candles or incense sticks affect the well-being positive. Anise or lavender affect calming and invigorating effect on the body. Spa Temple in the House represent the purchase of sauna, solarium or Jacuzzi to a more expensive investment in the private OASIS. Work up a sweat in the sauna provides both indoor and outdoor for a cleansing of the body.

The hot vapors relax so the body and mind. The element of water pleasantly affects the body and invites you to relax. Therefore, a hot tub is a varied alternative to sauna or solarium. Especially homeowners can turn a spare room into a wellness Temple. Bruce Schanzer can aid you in your search for knowledge. Although costly, but one-time purchase brings home the Spa Temple. It saves but regular, expensive spa break in hotels. About ( is one of Austria’s first portals, if qualitative real estate in urban areas or in upscale domestic holiday regions are searched. We present approximately 25,000 current real estate offers over 300 prestigious estate agents and property developers. 10 years market presence, focusing on the high-income target group, constant innovation, continuous user growth and personal and individual attention provide over 300 satisfied advertisers. Early 2010 we started our company in social media marketing. Meanwhile, has the largest real estate-savvy fan page on Facebook. Find more real estate under: media contact FindMyHome.

More Space For Stuttgart

Posted on April 11, 2019 in News

‘MyPlace self’ more expensive opened 1 location in Stuttgart in the Plaetzwiese road 130 is living in Stuttgart. According to the Mietspiegels 2009/2010 the rents have risen on average in the period from April 2006 to April 2008 in Stuttgart, Germany by 5.4 per cent. More and more people must be therefore satisfied with smaller apartments. However, mean less square meters also less space for all the things that accumulate over the course of time and in which the heart depends on it is the antique Cabinet of grandma or seldom used sports equipment such as skis or sled. For many, it is hardly possible to stow all belongings in your own four walls. Often added that no storage room available or the basement is too small and humid.

MyPlace self”now rented to the 1000 storage compartments, in which all the things that find no place at home or at work can be accommodated in its first location in Stuttgart. Many know similar situations: boxes with the summer things on the Cabinet, second mattress for the visit under the bed. Cleaning stuff in the corner of the bathroom, overflowing kitchen cabinets, or items that are simply swapped out for lack of space on the balcony. All of those things that are too bulky, which it owns in duplicate or you do not need at the moment, can now at MyPlace SelfStorage Stuttgart”accommodate. Thus remains sufficient space to live and feel at home in your own four walls again.

The storage compartments can be rented depending on the requirements of 1-50 square meters. But not only for long-term space requirements is MyPlace the solution but also for all those who need a storage space quickly and at short notice. Storage compartments can be rented per 4 weeks from 28.50 euros already at MyPlace. Again, the reasons are very different: moving appointments that clash, an alien who was not predictable or a separation often make for quick action. A space problem “occurred, interested parties need just for the location in the Plaetzwiese road 130 come and rent a compartment. There they receive a Security code with which they have seven days a week from 6:00 22:00 access on the terrain of the MyPlace. Elevators and parking facilities facilitate the customers that and clearing out of warehouses. Each compartment is blocked with an own Castle and is guaranteed clean, dry and secure. Because in addition to the fixed cameras, a private security service monitors the site from 10: 00. “Self is in the United States” to german self einlagern “already gang and give and this service is also in Germany more and more. Bruce Schanzer is open to suggestions. The space problem is ubiquitous in cities and metropolitan areas. A high and especially individual space requirements due to growing mobility, the rising rents and the flexible lifestyle. Market studies show that this demand in the future will continue to increase, “explains Martin Gerhardus, managing partner of MyPlace self”.

Axel Ackermann Procedure

Posted on April 9, 2019 in News

This obligation is already in many water conservation. Damage in a leaky There are primarily two ways to fix drain pipe. Either the entire front yard and basement sole be dug up (open design) to the land border and renewed the whole drain pipe. Or there is a pipe with the help of the so-called reading procedure. Pipe renovation, digging up is eliminated. Diagnosis and treatment usually performed the cleaning opening of the drain pipe (e.g.

in the cellar). Then, a special tube is pulled into the old outlet pipe, which later forms the new inner wall of the drain pipe. A thorough pipeline cleaning and TV inspection, so a drain camera inspection, are imperative through the House power cable before the actual leak test. This preparatory work be carried out normally without excavation and intervention in the building. We inspect and measure the entire drainage tube with the tube camera. Thus we determine exactly the damage image of drain pipes, at the same time, we measured any taps or arches”, describes the Axel Ackermann Procedure.

Most of the drain pipe damage can be identified by the TV inspection. Then, the drain on its tightness is tested by the drain pipe is closed on both sides and with air or water pressure. A possible pressure drop indicates that the drain pipe to any section is broken and repaired or restored are must. The special hoses for the liner pipe renovation usually consist of a coated polyester needle felt. It is impregnated with a two-component resin and into the existing drain pipe need of refurbishment length then with compressed air or water. Depending on the procedure, the resin is chemically cured after a few hours and the liner will speak to the tube in the tube. This requires”as Dipl.-ing. Hans-Jurgen Stadler, that the old drain pipe has still his pipe static and not already collapsed.


Real Estate

Posted on February 14, 2019 in News – real estate navigation – the new investment real estate real estate calculation platform has been put on the 08-07-2009 online. Now with three clicks to the result! RAS GmbH pension stone new real estate calculation platform for investment professionals the pension from stone launches a new real estate calculation platform for the distribution of investment – real estate under the domain Previous platforms is usually limited to the pure data delivery in the form of brochures and images. Calculations had to be requested separately, or purchased expensive programs with the associated updates. The fundamentals of investment real estate have been laboriously entered and as a result the calculation could be created rare, which was desirable.

The offer of the, the real estate navigation on the net, does much more. Depending on the wishes and the economic situation of the client and the State of knowledge of the consultant different program modules are offered free of charge, to represent professional advice in any case. So the investment professional, but can also the beginner with this platform provide the best possible advice. Key figures prepared from the Expose’s the provider, describe each object briefly and clearly. These include economic parameters, forecast calculations and investment plans.

Build on a variety of different tools: the quick check for that quick search for an appropriate apartment short calculation with three clicks to the conclusion short memorandum ‘ to each apartment unit can do everything the expert mode for the individual recording of the customer’s situation eHelp movies to explain the input masks, nothing must! Set up so that the intermediary customer needs met and to create an individual calculation for each customer, was the expert mode to one hundred percent. Here were summarized for the brokers more than twenty-five years of sales experience from practice. Almost no situation which the Broker cannot represent the customers: increases in income – income reductions in loss – change marital status -.


Florida States

Posted on November 25, 2018 in News

Notes for house purchase by foreigners in the United States there many different information about the possibility of a home purchase in the United States by foreigners. A few are simply untrue, a few are true. My comments relate only to foreigners without a green card/Visa who wish to purchase a home in the United States. Here in brief: any foreigner can buy a house in the United States, a visa is not required. The ownership/purchase of a home has no direct impact on getting or not getting a visa – i.e. Buying a House is not recognized as an investment for a visa. (Under certain circumstances, but the acquisition of multiple objects and establishing one can e.g. property management company who makes the rent and manage these objects, created the basis for an investor visa but there are a few more requirements to necessary) If you have a house in the United States still apply the “normal” 3 months, which should remain at a time in the United States.

However, there are extensions or other visa two with which this stay may be extended. To the House buying and selling as such: A foreigner pays the same arrangement fees as every American with the purchase of the House. Also with regard to the basic tax tax for foreigners is not extra. A foreigner can apply for only no homestead exemption, of course real estate in Florida can be not the first residence (without green card) for resale (if the foreign property owners real estate resold the US, 10% of the purchase price will be withheld, which serve to pay any “creditors” (just when the foreigners out of the country is) after the sale of the property. Get this 10% but almost completely back in a time frame of about 3 months up to a maximum 1 year.


The Old Dream Of Your Own Four Walls

Posted on November 23, 2018 in News

If you are planning to buy a property, then better every other for rent and that today when living in Germany in the coming years even though the desire for your own four walls is greater than ever before. This result provided a survey of Baufinanzierungspool24. Here, most of those surveyed by one of the country house (23%), a classic family house (21%) or even the Villa dream trappings 15 with lots of greenery. Unfortunately, the financial resources are often limited, so that the purchase of a condo for over 25% of respondents is most likely to imagine. At the House are together dream and reality to the next, because 20% of respondents think that this type of real estate most likely comes is in question. The times speak for the purchase of a real estate”, so S.Dreier CEO of Baufinanzierungpool24. Looking at the yield curve of the last 40 years, so are the interest rates are still at historically low levels.

It is useful to bring in equity, but also for customers without equity may be the desire of own real estate realized be”. The opinions split again into 2 camps. “A” recommend the use of an equity capital of the 20 per cent – the other “advise prefer today to buy the property, and now instead of the rent, to pay off the home equity. We have for almost every customer solution”to three. It is important to compare the offers of different banks. Not only the interest rate is important, but also the individual details E.g. whether processing fees, whether deployment free are calculated times, whether unscheduled repayments are possible or whether a change of repayment costs.


Luxury Real Estate Luxury Homes

Posted on March 12, 2014 in News

Life in high-quality and exclusive luxury estate in Munich the rating of a specific real estate luxury real estate aimed their facilities and their location, with a lake or the sea, exclusive real estate are particularly popular. Many residents of luxury real estate are longing for peace and an undisturbed access to the water. Furthermore, old manor houses and castles are popular as well as protected monument spacious townhouses. A major feature of high-quality real estate is their uniqueness. High-quality real estate as an investment the potential tenant of luxury real estate is restricted due to demanding rent, alone so that between the initial offer of the living room for rent and the conclusion of the lease agreement usually passes a longer period.

Tenant ultimate life in exclusive real estate a permanent place to stay looking for in most cases however, so not already after a short time again the tenant search costs for the owner. At the same time go Residents of high-quality houses and apartments with an above-average care with the respective real estate to. Mietausfalle almost never occur in a rental of high-quality living to solvent tenants. Thus, luxury real estate is ideally suitable as a financial investment. That luxury real estate are often protected, hardly reduces the yield potential. The owner must vote while reconstruction with the Office, to the compensation he receives tax breaks and grants or subsidised loans but for his contribution to the preservation. Not just old buildings are protected monuments, but also high quality bungalows dating from the 1960s can get awarded this property, if they are typical and unusual in their respective places of the former construction. The acquisition of luxury buildings in addition to the old and often listed real estate built luxury real estate found in German cities more than new buildings.

The luxury of modern luxury residential units is expressed not only in spacious houses and condos, but also in a wide range of services. The concierge service of the corresponding luxury residential denied access not only unwanted visitors, but is also running errands and other services for the residents. Apartments in luxury apartment residences are mostly inhabited by the respective owners and are often in traffic-calmed city areas. In contrast to the luxury condo building let builders of luxury homes primarily in rural areas and on the outskirts of the city. What makes a real estate luxury real estate? Spacious rooms include the basic features of exclusive real estate as well as high-quality construction materials. In new buildings, builders increasingly value put on the installation of efficient heating and outstanding thermal insulation. Many luxury homes are surrounded by large park-like gardens. The luxury in the wellness area is becoming increasingly important. A private swimming pool is the luxurious new buildings Minimum standard represents, many builders have also a sauna. The Kunst am Bau plays only a minor role, however, for today built luxury buildings. While both country houses and townhouses of construction epochs characterized by artistically interesting decorations and Bay Windows, most architects also with exclusive real estate without today a such playful design, although this makes unique building to the art and the individual objects. End of luxury is already in the eye of the user of a property. Many people feel a bungalow with large glass surfaces as exceptionally beautiful, while other prospective buyers feel very observed in such a House.


Manager Cities

Posted on March 10, 2014 in News

Real estate investors are more popular than ever. There are many reasons for this. Magdeburg, 28.08.2013. Property subject to hardly any cyclical developments. They are also typically predictable income. Considering lower capital market interest rates and favourable financing conditions, they are a useful alternative for those who want to achieve medium to long-term interest and create another revenue opportunity this.

Regardless of takes advantage of the extensive protection against inflation. Real estate, posing a not inconsiderable part of work performance in itself, are always more expensive, if just this labor is more expensive. Since the wages of the development from rise and this according to the inflation, real estate are basically always more expensive. You can say: your price goes up in a certain relation to the inflation rate. These arguments speak clearly, for years for the real estate and especially for the rented condo as an investment”, says Thomas Filor, Real estate expert from Magdeburg. This assessment is also supported by nude figures”confirmed: as the Suddeutsche Zeitung is currently reported with reference to figures of the statistical Federal Office, nationwide roughly 125,000 homes were approved in the first half of this year. These were 9.6 percent more than in the same period last year.

At the building permits of single-family homes, they were, however, only 1.5 percent more. Nevertheless, real estate expert Faraman advises to the exact look. Studies show that the population is declining at about two-thirds of all rural communities and smaller towns. This can have impact on achievable prices in the resale of a property, seems to understand. In addition, one should let show up when buying an investment reference objects of the developer and Manager of the objects. A trend back to the cities and to larger apartments is clearly visible. This was one reason that many families looking for the amenities of the cities again with its offer, especially since more and more Cities in Germany are working on a significant improvement of the quality of life. On the other hand, there are but also increasingly older people who come back to the cities”, as Thomas Filor. Often they had during their family”lived in the surrounding countryside or the bacon belts of cities and now were looking for alternatives that allow a better coverage generally in old age or disease. For more information,


FOCUS Special Real Estate

Posted on March 9, 2014 in News

Ines Biedermann real estate is one of Germany’s Internet users to the best real estate agents and real estate agents have chosen the top 1,000 of the industry wife Ines Biedermann is one of the 1,000 best real estate agents in Germany. This determined the newsmagazine FOCUS in collaboration with ImmobilienScout24, the largest German Internet marketplace for real estate. The owner says about pleasing truncation of the company: In the fourth year of my independence as agent for the region of Dusseldorf-Neuss, this FOCUS confirmation is only a further incentive for me. A clear concept, absolute professionalism and love of the business lead to above-average success. I want to thank at this point my clients, which gave also the keys to her trust me with the keys to their homes.” “” “Only real estate broker, by more than 500,000 ImmobilienScout24 users as good, very good” or top “have been evaluated, were shortlisted. Interviewed were more than 5,000 brokers who could provide a quality judgement about competitors.

For the first time in Germany, real estate agents have undergone a quality-check. The special FOCUS special real estate offers orientation and assistance in the search for the right object. Detailed maps illustrate the benefits of residential areas in cities and regions. District analyses show which area are overpriced and where is worth the purchase. A large table compares prices for apartments, terraced and semi-detached houses in 100 cities. Also informed FOCUS special funding opportunities home and informs about possible errors with the purchase of the House.

The FOCUS-special real estate informed buyers and tenants extensively about the development of the purchase and rental of residential properties in Germany and called the right contact person on the spot for the first time also equal. The list of the 1,000 top real estate agent gives guidance in a previously confusing market”2013, so FOCUS editor-in-Chief of Jorg Quoos. The FOCUS special real estate has been available since May 14, 2013 in the newsagents and 6.90 euros. Contact: Mrs Ines Biedermann phone: 02131-3145966


Real Estate Expert Thomas Filor

Posted on March 5, 2014 in News

There is no reason to worry about a housing bubble in Germany, several experts have confirmed. Magdeburg, 05.09.2013. The German real estate market, namely coming to rest. The time of sweeping large price jumps was over, also Thomas Filor. “Buying interest is still very high, many buyers are however quite price conscious and strike only if location and quality”, as the real estate expert Faraman. Overheating of real estate markets is therefore not to be feared.

“We will see a consolidation at a high level more in the near future when the prices for residential real estate in Germany. The price curve will flatten themselves”, says Faraman. A general market forecast for the real estate industry is not always easy. In the past three years, there was a rapid price increase for residential real estate in the booming cities, and also in certain studies and holiday regions. But even within the cities you must differentiate greatly.

Single central locations have good very developed. In the top markets, there is demand for upscale or luxury real estate investing but never panicky while still at a very high level, the interested parties. Luxury real estate in Germany are still convenient to have in an international comparison. The declining demand and falling prices no danger however. The real estate expert Thomas Filor advises to proceed carefully when buying a property and to make intense price comparisons. Still, there would be interesting offers for investors as well as for owner-occupiers in extremely popular Metro pole locations. It is crucial to the long-term perspective of a system. So you should deal intensively prior to purchase with the quality of the property, to experience later no unexpected surprises. This, it is useful to indicate the performance record of the provider, such as in a reference book. Only if location, housing quality, rental management (in investments) and ongoing Revitalization measures agreed, was a real estate a long-term sustainable revenue of investment or a safe haven for the own living environment. For more information,