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Humboldt Space

Posted on September 24, 2018 in News

More and more hamburger store Hamburg at MyPlace SelfStorage, 13.05.2013 – hardly another city in Germany has to fight like Hamburg so much with the lack of affordable housing. An affordable apartment in a good location is finally found, the subject moves storage space as a decision criterion for many tenants initially in the background. According to a recent survey by the leading Austrian market research Institute Dr. Karmazin Gallup Institute would additional storage space within your own four walls, however, 25 percent of the urbanites make more living comfort. Also, more and more hamburger store her belongings and goods out of the House.

MyPlace self”, the leader among the storage providers, operates now five sites in the Hanseatic City and the warehouses will be further expanded to meet the demand. But the precarious housing situation alone can not adequately explain the success of Selfstorage offers. The cultural scientist Petra Beck could in her graduate thesis at the Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin numerous other reasons for the trend to the external cellar”making out and also shed, who stores what items in self storage compartments and why. After decades without wars in our countryside, most people have so many things like never before in the history of”proves Petra Beck in her master’s thesis Restopia Selfstorage urban practice” firmly and thus describes one of the most important prerequisites for the lack of storage space in the apartments of German cities. Because: where all the things? Attics are expanded to apartments, basement compartments are rare and are often damp and unsuitable for storage. Additional storage space will give 25 percent of urbanites in the Switzerland, Germany and Austria but more good comfort, the current of the market research company Gallup poll. Increasing mobility of the population of special importance for the growing needs of Selfstorage offers has also the increasing mobility of the population in all areas of life.


Posted on September 21, 2018 in News

The reduction includes the pro-rata price sometimes also the costs, if they are determined not purely dependent on consumption. In addition, the landlord must prove that an exclusion of of reduction in requirements are met, so the energetic modernisation actually brings a significant reduction of final energy and the housing is not completely unsuitable for use. Finally, and that the landlord must know, must be properly announced to modernize: no proper announcement no toleration obligation of the tenant = = no exclusion of the reduction. The lessee has duly announced energy modernization without tolerate reduction ability, the means of termination without notice is yet him if with modernising a considerable health hazard associated, because toxic fumes emitted from building materials. In this case, the landlord has the damage him moving costs, temporary replacement accommodation, ggflls. Cost of lawyer, to replace broker etc. Other rights of the lessee on Replacement of some of his furniture of damage occurred, other expenses or warranty claims are excluded by a modernization announcement. Three months in a row, in stages, or also several times in a row? Now, as the term of three months to understand is disputed.

Three months per year, three months in ten years, or every now and again, so two weeks for new Windows, after two months later for three months of facade insulation, a quarter again six weeks due to the complete Exchange of the heating system in addition to all radiator and pipes? In this example you would have three measures to tolerated reduction or but a modernization period of five months, of which two establish a reduction law. Landlords is planning multiple Act of energetic improvements on behalf of their tenants in BBs heart set to plan swift and preferably parallel carrying out of all work, to strain the legitimate interests of the tenant not unduly. Unfortunately remains also to be seen, as courts in the no doubt coming disputes.

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Little Redevelopment

Posted on September 20, 2018 in News

Interior designer, of course, must understand the system development, but it is still special in another area. A therefore, no matter how harsh the company for repair of large-scale objects simply appoint a foreman at an object that holds the key to the delivery process and material properties on the object, the general course of construction, negotiates with the relevant economic services, which are responsible for summarizing communication, such as electricity, gas, water, etc. The best solution organizing construction work – this is when designer in developing the design project work, so to speak "in tandem" with the engineers and builders directly, which then will this repair at your home to do: with all this taken into account absolutely all the details construction process as they are possible, are detailed sketches and drawings. Certainly better to start repairing the premises with redevelopment, because when the little old broken walls and erected in their place new or other places (if, of course, necessary). To remove the partition, make a gap in the wall, to build the latest barrier can, for example, brick or plasterboard – such operations are proven professionals repair and construction company doing almost one a day or two. Just need to make sure that the need for redevelopment and that the demolition of the walls will not affect the overall strength of your entire structure. For example, in the urban housing redevelopment to any mandatory argue in their respective institutions.

Outside the city, where every owner in your own home, this is usually not necessary. But, often, simply carried away, the landlord can simply break or what building codes and simple at first glance, the rules, for example fire safety regulations, or both, as many demands on sanitation in damages for himself and his household. When the walls and partitions in the room and destroyed the newly constructed, typically, made all the work related to electricity.


Interim Solution

Posted on September 16, 2018 in News

Containers can be used as permanent housing extension who quickly search for an accommodation, can opt for a mobile extension of the room. A living container is large enough and can be also equipped with sanitary facilities and living room. It is also possible to connect the container, so that finally, residential containers landscapes emerge through hallways, stairwells and interconnections. Most container however on large construction sites and as a temporary solution be used for companies, schools, offices and residential areas during a new or renovation. This, because they are very easy to install, and quite cheap compared to ordinary buildings. This type of containers can be individually put together themselves, so a certain size is not relevant. You can be of three up to floors, consist of one or more containers, are connected to each other or separately available and be equipped with or without sleeping quarters and sanitary facilities”, says Marco Fendt, operator of the Immobilienblogs

Containers are needed only for a construction phase, but they are suitable as a permanent solution. In a heating or air conditioning can be mounted and it can be set up as a normal House. Container companies are there for you, from the planning to the execution and then even, if you wish. The design of this mobile home container is child’s play for such companies. With fleet and crane whole container landscapes also single container brought and be rebuilt in a day. The container company acquires the electrical installation and the installation of sanitary facilities”, explains Marco Fendt. You have to say only the container provider what you want, and this simply transposes the plans of our customers.

Maintenance, janitorial work, General cleaning and maintenance of sanitary facilities can be applied also by the container company that caused naturally additional costs. For the container, you can complete insurance, whereby fire, theft, storm and water damage are insured by an insurance partner. If the residential containers are used as an extension of the room, a concept must here, to set these your needs according to. If you need a larger room extension, the container can be connected with each other. Container companies offer them for sale or for rent. Should it be to a Rdauerhafte room extension, so it is advisable to acquire the container. See General/wohncontainer as room extension / interested parties refer to, which benefits residential containers offer and how easy it is to install this. Marco fendt


Be Wary Of

Posted on September 13, 2018 in News

Beware of "fake" parts! What does this mean? This means that the fake parts are not worked out, and half of the promised deadline. Increases the risk that the 'new parts Ural' fail at the critical moment and well, if Ural loaded at this point would not be anywhere in the taiga, or at the mine for hundreds of kilometers from the Repair Base or service center. What is a fake spare parts for automobiles Ural? The worst option: spare parts have already spent his time going from landfills, are moving "crazy hands" in the garage. Outwardly, they attached presentation, washed, rend, "blasting". For example: gearbox or axle outwardly indistinguishable from new parts These Parts selling phony company, possibly in large quantities and at the lowest prices. If you have any claims to seek firm-supplier does not make sense – not! Bad option: Firm engaged in sale of spare parts Urals buys from the population used spare parts, touches, or enumerates units and components. Suggests gloss and sells under the guise of new ones – the factory.

Of course, there's a chance that you will fall, albeit second-hand, but the working parts. Claims supplier swept aside with the words – "You are half a year went to our spare parts You never know what you do with them do not properly exploited etc. Option "adaptation": a company involved in the sale of spare parts for automobiles Ural, buying at low prices, such as spare parts to the car Ural 375 (these parts are constantly falling in price due to the age of the chassis), reworks them into modern car brands, and sells the Urals as the original. This option is all smaller and smaller place, as an experienced eye defines rework even when ordering Option "good linden": spare parts for cars are bought from the Ural temporary storage facilities (army storage, warehousing organizations ), spare parts attached to the gloss, and sold. This variant differs from previous ones in that 80% of these parts is really new, not to use the spare parts. But they were released from 50 to 10 years ago. Yes, they were inhibited and lay the whole period of the grease (thank warehouses nc USSR), but that these parts really need to have earned quite a complicated procedure .

Parse canned parts, to remove from its components and assemblies preservative, check the "old age", to replace the rubber and plastic parts, build anew, to stand trial. Not only a supplier admits that these parts did not pass . Option "no phoney, and economy": Ural parts are bought from warehouses of temporary storage. Discarded old or not stored on gost parts. Parts really are moving, some units and units are changed to new and changing all the rubber components regardless of their appearance. Conducted bench tests to verify quality. The supplier guarantees the quality of spare parts, indicating a specific point in the supply agreement. This is the most viable option.



Series Expectations

Posted on September 8, 2018 in News

Implementation begins as a project initially with a chronological listing of all points of contact, which has a customer in the context of a commercial relationship or could have a customer touch point project. In the next step, to identify potential vulnerabilities, as well as the relevant driver of permanently good customer relations. Therefore both might considered the critical events as well as the positive events, which happened to a customers at every touch point or be happen in the worst case. Following issues you can deal with such helpful questions: what’s going on just fine? There are delicate situations? When is a moment of great joy? What does the customer expect? And what not? Where are there more complaints? And where is particularly praised? Where can we exceed expectations? Pleasantly surprise the customer? What are the customers talking about? Who or what is recommended on why how often? What could strengthen the business relationship? Where do migration risks lurk? What should we change as soon as possible, or improve? And what has prevented us so far to do so? Although unpleasant, the last question absolutely needs to be discussed. Only, when the true causes of action blocks are open, something you can do? Helpful workshop topics In the context of workshops can edit selected employees for example, the following tasks: if I am a customer, what is particularly important to me? If I am a customer, what annoys me and repulses me? What to tell our customers, the good and the bad about us? And what have they asked more often lately? What should we not do, because it will scare off customers and sells? What are the minimum expectations of our customers, i.e. those that must always be met? What could inspire our customers because it exceeds your expectations? What I as a staff member of, if I inspire customers? What has the team, if we do it all together? And the company? What is the absolute craziest idea to the us on the subject of Customer inspiring and mouth-open mind come from? Weaken and highlight strengths is often the tendency to gloss over the own services or to see but in a warm light.


Vasileostrovsky District

Posted on September 2, 2018 in News

Between July and September rental department of the City Center real estate transactions (branch "Ladoga" GC "Ecotone") recorded increased activity of clients seeking legal services in the market rental apartments St. Petersburg. During this period, the proportion wishing to rent one-bedroom apartment was 49.6%, two-bedroom apartment – 23.4%, three-room flat – 7.6% -19.3% room. The average demand for one-bedroom apartment in St. Petersburg amounted to $ 16 240 rub., two-bedroom apartments for 20 640 rubles., three-room apartments for 24 240 rubles., room – 9000 rubles. Peak activity in the market rental apartments fell in August, when the number applied to nearly 40% of the total number of clients applied during the quarter, in July and September activity was slightly lower at around 30% in each month. The most popular were Frunze, Central and Maritime Areas of St.

Petersburg, the proportion wishing to rent an apartment in these areas amounted to nearly 35% of the total number who applied. Least of all had hits for Krasnosel'skii the Petrograd and Vasileostrovsky District, the total amount involved in the lease housing in these areas amounted to little more than 10%. Moreover, if weak demand for rental apartments in the area called Krasnoselsky underdeveloped transport accessibility, the demand in the Petrograd district and Vasileostrovskiy influenced by high prices for the suggestions. In the last month there is a systematic reduction in the number applying to the company for real estate services. The dynamics of reduction of approximately 10-15% weekly. Town Center real estate transactions – a multifunctional complex that includes the real estate agency (HA 'Ecotone' separation 'Ladoga'), notary (Lavrov, Irina L.), Bank (ACB "Lanta-Bank") and insurance company ('the Spassky Gates') and allow for the transaction to lease, purchase, sale or exchange of an apartment, cottage or luxury villa, land, land, commercial property, any difficulty in meeting all the requirements of modernity