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Posted on January 30, 2014 in News

It is important to be careful with these tweets, since they must not exaggerate in the use of words like incredible, revolutionary, amazing. You should use the kind of language that you use in a conversation. Words like interesting, useful and great can attract the attention of your followers better. Tweets with time of expiry write tweets with special offers or discounts that will last a short time is extremely effective. Use the concept of real time that Twitter works in our favor generates an immediate reaction in our followers. I advise to use this technique sparingly because it could generate false expectations in your potential customers. If you offer a discount to maturity you must observe the expiration date and eliminate the discount when it has expired. Uses your keywords when a person performs a search on Twitter makes it using keywords related to your niche.

It ensures that your tweets always contain your keywords included. You can conduct a study of key words and know how many monthly searches have your keywords with the tool for keywords of Google, it is free and very easy to use. Tips for better Twitter avoids the use of SMS language in your tweets, does not conform to the rules of Twitter. If it is acceptable to use symbols such as @ or shorten words to better leverage the 140 characters. Avoid using typical words of your country or idioms that can not be understood.

Remember that your followers come from several countries and not become familiar with local idioms. Re-Tweet when someone publishes a tweet with interesting content, this can be republished by any of his followers. It is here where every tweet takes on a viral nature. You can do it through the button retwittear located next to each tweet. You must write RT @nombredeusuario in the original message, adding your comments at the beginning or end of this. If your tweets are interesting, your followers will want to share them and your name will have the opportunity to be in front of thousands of potential supporters. Tweets with images an interesting mode is one that incorporates an image as a tweet. Al is a useful application that allows you to choose an image, describe it and add a tag in it for later upload it as a tweet. It will appear in your timeline with a link to the image on Twitpic. Apart from the possibility to publish photos of interest to your followers, this application serves directly to perform marketing on Twitter. You can link tweets to images as e-covers or banners for your products. Always use images will help to improve the effectiveness of your promotions.

House In Bulgaria, Buy Or Build ?

Posted on January 29, 2014 in News

To buy any property in Bulgaria is also not as difficult to build. Equally, it is treated as acquiring their own homes and to buy an apartment. The only difference is that the construction of a private house, you can make changes during construction and full control over your investment project on time. Self-construction time consuming, but certainly less expensive. Building Materials in Bulgaria are much cheaper than in Russia. For example, the cost of basic construction materials in Bulgaria: Sand – 160r / m, cement-4000r / m, brick – 3r/sht, tiles-200r / m, the tile roofing -60r/sht. In average, in comparison with Russian, 1,5 – 2 times lower. As for labor costs, then the current level of unemployment, it is as low as in Russia.

But given the speculative surge in property prices in Bulgaria the last 4 years, the cost of primary residence in Bulgaria, although lower than in other eu countries, however, it exceeds the cost of the object in 1,5 – 3 times. It is easy to calculate, based on construction costs. This a significant difference – the price / cost will not remain unnoticed for a market economy in Bulgaria. At the same time, the cost of housing in neighboring Bulgaria, the eu countries, which are 2-3 times higher, will not significantly lower prices even in times of crisis. It is likely that in 2009 – 2010, prices for prime property in Bulgaria will drop by no more than 20%, and then will grow as ever at 30% per year. Therefore, self-construction will remain the same over financially advantageous for at least the next 5 years.


Salary Increase

Posted on January 29, 2014 in News

If you’ve worked for many years in a company and feel that you are not earning what it should according to the dedication and effort that you’ve done and taking into account your experience in this place, don’t panic. You’re not the only one. Such situations have heard them in the corridors of many companies from the mouth of resigned employees who speak dismally as if there would not be any remedy. A way to prosper in our economies is to start by acknowledging what we are worth, what is worth our work and strive to obtain a decent and fair salary that fits our daily labour or professional. Many people to avoid addressing this situation and talk with their superiors let precious years of their lives without claim their part in its own right.

First step: investigate.First thing you should do is to ask for a salary increase is collating, investigate and report to know if what we gain is relationship with what other employees, laborers, operators or agents of the company earn. That information should be very cautiously sought to not raise suspicion or rumors. A way of doing this is to consult applicable law, rules and regulations subject to the category that we cover. Browse grids, ladders or regulations with regard to promotions, salary updates and increases or categories to know in that situation we find ourselves and to which we should aspire. Another way to find out is through the Union specific assigned to the activity of the enterprise or establishment, with people you trust from the same company. Ariel, a friend of mine, after several years of working in a computing and software development company discovered that an employee who had been recently incorporated earned nearly double the. Unable to get information for the category in which she was and through an internet search.


Real Canon

Posted on January 28, 2014 in News

We are confident that This new technology assume an escape valve for film producers and movie theaters. TV in 3D, the new generation. Another great news related issue is the launch of new models of 3D TVs, big companies like Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Toshiba and LG, among others, announced at CES 2010 (international technology trade exhibition). These will be a greater number of inches and lower amplitude and, of course, of high definition. A large number of models will not require the use of polarized glasses. These new TVs are perfectly compatible with traditional 2D video signal and the Freeview-HD. Also expected to be able to see new video formats, such as the new Blu-Ray 3D, with movies natively recorded in that format and high quality.

In our country are expected the first broadcasts in 3D in phase of tests starting next year (2011), in TCF (autonomic television of Catalonia). Likewise, the ESPN (American cable television company) announced the issuance 3D of the cup of the world of football in South Africa. Some manufacturers such as Toshiba and Samsung have spoken of a possible conversion of audiovisual content 2D to 3D, though the algorithms necessary to carry out this conversion process has been qualified as really complicated by industry specialists. Conclusion with all this there are who predicts a major renovation and revival cinemas, as well as the popularization and implementation of 3D in home television, even the most skeptical say that you it’s a fad, that transcend not more than a few years. Only time will tell, but for now, everything seems to go wind aft having as reference the benefits of films such as Avatar, currently second most profitable film in history just behind Titanic, passing the billion dollars of revenue in just two months since its release, and pretending to reach the figure historic two billion. llerAudiovisual.

Producer of corporate video in Barcelona (Sabadell). See the cost of its production of video on line, without commitment, by visiting our website. . TallerAudiovisual. comTel. 93 7227584 Related Blogs Canon: multimedia LCD projectors for teachers and professionals, Canon hours lost criticism and news of cinema where I put the eye 96 voyeur eye DailyDOOH Blog Archive Pink Banana Studios Does RealD 3D driving of motorcycles, Physics (1) Canon: multimedia LCD projectors for teachers and professionals Julio Huelamo (El Ojo Critico) Literaturame!


Weathervane Construction

Posted on January 26, 2014 in News

Here we describe how to make a weather vane with their hands. Weather vane – a long-standing invention of mankind. Even in medieval Europe, particularly popular in the port cities of pinwheels. The main purpose of them was – to indicate wind direction. If the wind is blowing toward the city, it means that the trading ships will drop safely to the harbor, and there will be many different products and supplies.

Most often, pinwheels can be seen on the domes of churches and cathedrals. Gradually they began to be installed on towers and residential buildings. The most common and widely known form of wind vane – the cock. There are different stories, legends and tales associated with the weather vane – this suggests that vane is becoming not just a pointer to the direction of the wind, but also a kind of talisman or amulet home. Over time, the smiths began to produce real masterpieces, made pinwheels all polished and refined.

So there is another function of wind vane – home decoration, the rate of his personality and taste of the owner. In recent decades, this design element of the roof has been unjustly forgotten, and only recently began to use popular with owners of country houses and summer cottages. Weathervanes are the most bizarre and unusual shapes: animals, insects, ships, planes, zodiac signs, fairy tales … And remember well-known weather vane – angel on the spire of Peter and Paul Cathedral, which is the symbol of St. Petersburg. Modern pinwheels often made of steel or copper. Usually the size weathervane for the home is 40-80h70 Weathervanes see smaller more suitable for installation in a garage, summer house or gazebo. Weather vane consists of rotating parts – the wind vane with a pointer to the parties, the wind rose and the rack. Let us and we will try to do the final touch in the external design his house and set it on the roof vane. To install the wind vane will need: * vane * Compass * metal bracket * combined * Rivets Riveters * Drill * * Drill for metal or die chaser (sweep) * washer and * nut wrench preferred vane mounted on the cap tube. To do this, the thickness of the metal cap should be at least 1.5 mm. 1. Set a cap on the diagonal metal bracket – brace. As the bracket can be use a steel strip of thickness 2 mm, folded at both ends by 3-5 cm Strengthen bracket for better combined rivets, rivet using. 2. Drill drills a hole in the hood under the rod diameter vane. 3. On end of the bar with the vane plates or threaded chaser. 4. We put on the nut and washer. 5. Insert the rack into the hole vane orienting compass rose by compass. 6. We put on a second set of washers and nuts, and fasten the rack vane to struts. Install weather-vane does not take much of your time and your house is literally transformed, having such an interesting decorative element. That weather vane accentuate the style and personality of your home, help you always know the direction of the wind and protect the pipe from blowing.


Metal Construction

Posted on January 22, 2014 in News

to 6500 mm. Metal Weckman 3 / 1120 has the following geometric parameters: length of a sheet of metal – from 350 mm. to 6500 mm. the breadth of the sheet metal 1180 mm. (Including the useful width 1120 mm sheet.) Length of the step tile – 186.7 mm., Wave height – 42 mm.

Metal Weckman 4 / 1110 has the following geometric parameters: the width of the sheet metal 1190 mm. (Including the useful width 1100 mm sheet.) Wave height – 39 mm., The length of the sheet metal – from 350 mm. to 6500 mm.; stride tiles – 183.3 mm. Metal Gassell Profile (Sweden) made of galvanized steel sheets 0.5 mm thick. Which is passivated, primed and coated with a protective layer of colored polymer (plastisol), a thickness of 200 microns. Metal has Gassell Profile The following geometric parameters: wave height – 39 mm.; sheet width 1180 mm. (Including the useful width 1100 mm sheet.) Length of the step tile – 350 mm.; Overlap in length – 100 mm., Standard length of the sheet metal – 3600, 2200, 1150, 450 mm. Scandinavian metal Gassell Profile, considering the physical and chemical characteristics of the plastisol may be applied at ambient temperature to 60 degrees, which, of course, is not well suited for roofing in the southern regions of Russia.

Weight metal Gassell Profile of approximately 4.6 kg. / m square. Dutch metal Finish Profiles BV is made of galvanized sheet steel with a thickness of 0.4 mm., Which was subsequently passivated, primed and covered with a protective a layer of colored resin (polyester), a thickness of 35 microns. Metal Finish Profiles BV is stated below the geometric properties: the width of the sheet metal 1185 mm. (Including the useful width 1100 mm sheet.) Wave height – 35 mm., Stride length – 350 mm.; standard length of the sheet metal – 450, 1150, 3600, 2200 mm.; overlap in length – 100 mm. Metal Finish Profiles BV may be used at temperatures up to 120 degrees Celsius, so that may be used, including, in the southern regions of Russia. Weight metal Pelti Ja Rauta extremely low at around 3.8 kg. / m square. Domestic metal Omi, appeared in the construction market in 2001, is made from galvanized steel with thickness of 0.45-0.55 mm, which passivated and covered with a protective layer of colored polymer coating (pura, PVC plastisol 200, matte polyester, plastisol HPS 200, PVDF, polyester). The company has two types of Omi Profile metalocherepitsy. Metal Omi Pamir has indicated geometric parameters: wave height – 20 mm.; sheet length – from 840 mm. up to 10,000 mm.; useful width of sheet metal 1120 mm.; stride tiles – 224 mm. Omi Classic Metal has specified dimensions: useful width 1110 mm sheet metal.; Stride Length – 185 mm., the length of the sheet metal – from 840 mm. up to 10,000 mm., wave height – 30 mm. Scandinavian metal Takotta, decent sample continuity of tradition and high culture of production, made from galvanized steel thickness of 0.4-0.5 mm, which is passivated and covered with a layer of colored polymer coating (PRELAC new (PN), matte polyester (MPE), polyester (PE), plastisol (PVC), armatek (AT)).



Taldom Real Estate

Posted on January 12, 2014 in News

There is no doubt that now the real estate market is the increased interest as the representatives of various companies and organizations, and ordinary citizens. Indeed, virtually every person periodically required either to sell the cottage, or rent a home for a certain period, or take industrial space for rent … In modern conditions it is common practice for treatment services specialized real estate agencies. That is absolutely correct, given the fact that the real estate market today is extremely diverse, it presents a thousand kinds of objects, so it is hard to choose from this variety are precisely the sentences that are suitable for you. Any real estate forms an extensive database, which reflects all relevant today Real estate offers a specific region. For example, you are in Moscow, and for the further development of business you are interested in the Republic of Tuva: companies and organizations for real estate in this region will be you indispensable helpers in the event that you need to buy or rent office space, purchase land for the construction and so on. Another significant advantage of specialized real-estate firms – is that employees of these organizations take on the inspection of documents the seller or lessor, as well as assistance in formalizing the deal. This service is simply irreplaceable in that situation, if you do not have the required knowledge in law or are not able to independently verify the documents. For example, you are living in Sebastopol, but you need to purchase land, the location of which would be the Dmitrov district (Moscow region) companies and organizations for real estate Dmitrov district may conduct a preliminary search for you in according to your requirements. With this you get an opportunity not to go back and forth every time you see a tempting offer, and come only once for the contract of sale of the site. Here Another example: you need to rent an apartment because you are going into a lengthy trip to Taldom District (Moscow region) companies and organizations for real estate and in this case is ready to come to you to assistance.


Couch House

Posted on January 5, 2014 in News

Now that we are entering winter, a great temptation is to sit on the couch at home and watch a movie on a cold late Saturday, for example. As no, accompanied by our faithful companion, that will not withstand a single moment to also accommodate our side, but must leave it? It is a purely personal matter, although we should always keep in mind some aspects before making the decision to let it climb on the couch. If we are talking about a small dog, the probability that fits on the couch at home increases when we are not present and don’t realize. In any case, if we chose to let it climb to the sofa we have to be aware of their hygiene and be particularly attentive to this aspect, since dogs shoes are your own feet, and if they are not perfectly clean, the result of let it romp on the couch will be equivalent to ours if we got with shoes on the sofa with all the street dirt and the risk that that means for our health. The sofa is not the place of the dog: how show him we are talking about a pure matter of education, not good nor bad, but a form of behavior depending on our relationship of cohabitation with the dog and others that walk home. Depending on the nature of the dog, it will need to understand our refusal in the case that we don’t want to step on the sofa. For this, we will have to show us serious in front of him and tell him you can clearly and forcefully than not to climb on the. We do not resort to physical punishment if we see it uploaded by surprise.

We will simply go and with a very serious tone will tell you to get it off there pointing to the ground. That dog climb onto the sofa on the other hand, is consequence of a factor of coexistence. If our soil is stoneware or marble it is logical that it is cold and not comfortable having to stand on a surface to rest, so that at the time discover that sofa, will try to make your place. To do so, we will seek to have him a bed or a space for him on the House floor. There are many beds dog, of various sizes, thicknesses and materials that will help us in this step. You should check the temperature of the dog bed: if bad materials, by nature it will reject it and seek a better surface to rest without being cold, being the couch the first choice that passes through the head. In this case, we can use some material that will make determoaislante between the cold ground and our dog bed, you don’t have to feel uncomfortable and find alternative. If we also play with the advantage of having a puppy, we will have to teach from first hour that your place is this and not the couch.

Finally, note that if we find our dog frequently on the couch and it obeys our orders down, or stays seated beside us on the ground, we are before a communication attempt by his party. This may denote lack of affection, one of the main complaints of the dogs toward the owners, for not saying the main. And is that the sofa does not You can only remind you to its owner, but the instinct for protection and company we also provide them. Photo Melissa Gray original author and source of the article