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Milka Milchschockolade

Posted on April 1, 2019 in News

Everywhere we are happy was recorded, unless in the school of our children, sport, and even leg shopping. Everyone had a few kind words for us. Our children – then 3 and 6 years old had no problems in the school, the teachers and the other children have befriended them and they were both very popular, she had Yes something new and interesting to tell – namely about Germany. In the profession – for our immigration at that time we had made a branch office of our German company in Florida and even here no problems with employees. The employees have fully campaigned and helped us also like the (without extra charge) with the paperwork. Often, it was already done before we ever knew.

Another example of the American mentality. Entire neighborhoods from the outside world were closed after Hurricane Charley in 2004, we have had no power for about 3 weeks in midsummer. The whole neighborhood has worked to clean up, to make clean and in the evening we have huge “cook out” arranged with barbecue and campfire. When we were finished with our neighborhood we drove to the neighboring municipality and have helped them. A few of us had generators and it was self-evident that we alternately the whole neighborhood have powered our generator.

Later, when I then 1994 my real estate brokers license made have – I learned for the first time, that it are here as well as any competition thinking. All work together and help each other. It’s more of a coexistence as a conflict. There is hardly any also envious. The other with a look forward if you have success and are sad and understanding with us if a Miserfolg arrives. You can see little miesepetrige faces. Not in the shops yet in restaurants – all are very friendly and what many Europeans think this friendliness is placed and not real, can be true or not. As a customer this is matter – mainly the people are friendly. Many people from my old home ask me every now and then, what I miss here. My answer is usually, “not much, here there is pretty much everything also there is in Germany – except Milka Milchschockolade”. So if one comes by you Florida – I’m always a grateful recipient of Vollmich chocolate (preferably with cream or cappuccino). If you think it to emigrate to Florida and you start to have doubts, whether this decision is correct or bottle or you have any questions, send me just email or call me.

Kavar Vahid Banani

Posted on December 18, 2018 in News

Citizens of the old world demanded freedom, because they could not decide on many issues. As equality subsumed to equal treatment before the law, the fair and balanced should be structured, as well as all citizens and citizens equal opportunities should really cannot allow what in highly structured State society was. Fraternity thinks something, what we today call solidarity, a responsibility that doesn’t stop with the own advantage and economies sees as fair and cooperative activity. The interpretation of equality, which spills from the pen of Keschvari in the world, does not refer to an equality before the law of rule of law, but on an equality in the treatment of all subjects regardless of rank and names that do not follow the commandments of the Supreme Leader. A subtle and absolutely power-keeping interpretation.

The hunt by Kavar In September 2011 12 made himself a young Mullah on the way to the province and rushed chapters of violent Bassij against Whirling Dervishes. Often, the pattern is the same. Only is rushed, the dervishes are slandered and with enemies of the regime in context, then there is physical attacks against the dervishes and their homes and businesses and eventually regular police forces on the sides of the Bassij intervene in order to wrestle down the Dervishes. 13 after the action in Kavar Vahid Banani was shot during protests against this approach in the neighbouring Sarvestan. A Web site operated by Dervishes, Madschzooban-e Nour, was closed and almost all staff in custody. Few could save himself by flight to Turkey. The crimes of these people was to tell of the events in Kavar. The droves of false Pharaoh do not like the light of the public.

You can shut not every citizen through threats, defamation, bribes or promise of benefits. These men Act in the shadows and cover their tracks brutally. Their plans are far-reaching and are implemented since den1990er step by step into action years.