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Month: September 2010

The Good, Old Students WG

Posted on September 25, 2010 in News

As a student, often leaving little time and little room for other things than just studying. However, as time and money is well known (living) space is expensive, are not only found in the typical university towns and cities more and more students WGs. A student flat, which is a smart and affordable alternative to the often prohibitive for students living and thus also share many common university experience. More than that you learn in a student flat also to share the duties, obligations assumed, just to appreciate, however, as the benefits of a living community. One is rarely alone, has often many (if not always their own) and guests share the cooking and makes learning fun but rather, if there is a risk that any retreat rooms are scarce.

There is a way to counter this danger in homes that would qualify for a student flat in question, a little more generous and thus probably also to choose something more expensive, at something like a buffer zone not only the ziwschen to choose their subjects. Shared benefit students in any case the early exchange of interdisciplinary sciences, and not least the coexistence of different cultures and for each other through the Intercultural Communications of the housemates. Especially on a limited living space, you can experience a give and take, which will prove in later life, certainly as a great asset, not only with a view to curing and thus are closer together in a way, back the world. Similarly, the media, therefore, are the ‘sources’ of the Flat offers: from the black board to separately set up Web services, students can now choose from a variety of possible offer platforms to be similar to the study selection, the pick for him or her most adapted .

The Triumph Of Shabby Chic

Posted on September 22, 2010 in News

In Munich, the shabby has become socially acceptable. This impression, at least the report of the antique-Guide, the Munich art and antiques survey. Following the report, “Shabby Chic in Munich” on his tour of Munich and the surrounding area, this claim can no longer be questioned. In the relevant shabby-chic antique shops of Munich celebrities take to the stylist of interior magazines – both in search of some life to their otherwise rather cool outfit. The Schwabing IT Girl is the charm of the patina-ted furniture fall just as the wife of shop end green forest.

Girlie mixes with trendy mid-century, the elegant country house style is the ultimate goal of the Munich Victoria Beckham. So the question is not “if” Shabby Chic has become socially acceptable, but is “why”? The triumph was started in 1989 as a flea market goods from Rachel Ashwell of “Shabby Chic upgraded and provided with catchy names. From then on it was only a matter of time – has the Once a baby name belongs, to the family. Like no other before it’s understood “Shabby” to adjust. Behaves in a traditional country house as well as in the chic city-floor apartment. Initiated corners, peeling paint, missing loved ornaments – is what has errors.

This is the man with his corners and edges as well as with the piece of furniture. Let’s look at the residences of modern man: the floor to a shine, the furniture brand new, the window for life weatherproof aluminum, the bath flawlessly. Everything is smooth, shiny, highly polished and clean. Bring to life-giving elements, the warmth and structure in the domestic case, is expressly sought. As one of the African mask, the rough machined wooden stool or the wild retro wallpaper pattern on the wall, your neighbor probably the dose used look in Shabby-Style. Heller, lighter, more modern homes have become friendly. White, Antique white, light shades of gray and champagne tones are found in most of the Households as a background color. Not the right background for the old brown chair with his cracked leather, goes for the beloved, but gone. ” But one day he stood before the door, a sign that says “Shabby Chic” carried around the neck, a bright, warm cashmere-silk mixture cover on the right arm and said “I’m back.”

What to Look for in Your Dream Home

Posted on September 17, 2010 in General

It is almost a real estate gospel that the three most important things to look for when purchasing a home are location, location and location. That being said, there are a few other factors to think about before you make this monumental purchase, but we can discuss location first. Realize that a home purchase is usual only worthwhile if you plan on staying a while. If you are young, consider if you will be having children while living in this area. If you will, or already have children, you need to investigate the neighborhood schools and see if you feel comfortable with them, and if not, what other options there might be.

Another thing to consider is if there is a church or other house of worship conveniently located to where you live. If you want to participate in a faith-community, it might be easier if the community you feel most comfortable with is not too far away. The less convenient the church, the less you are likely to participate.

Another aspect of location is how convenient is it for you to get to work? It is pretty annoying to drive long distances at the end of a long, tiring work day to get back home. Also realize that the longer the commute to work, the more time is taken away from your ability to enjoy your new, beautiful home. Also, is the neighborhood noisy? Are there major thoroughfares creating noise or air pollution? And how is the shopping? Are you conveniently located near a mall or convenience stores?

Once you’ve found a location you think you can learn to love, it is time to take a good look at the type of house you need. You might love to stretch out into a large home with plenty of space to set up hobby rooms, work rooms, office space, guest bedrooms and the like, but always keep in mind that the larger the house the larger the taxes, heating bills, upkeep bills and everything that you will need to do in a smaller home, just more of it. Always consider your lifestyle and match your home to the real you and your family. Happy house hunting!