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Structural Life

Posted on October 31, 2012 in News

I try to remember more details of that day in an apartment of them you square one hundred of the Plan Pilot. Brasilia was its city of the heart. That city was made for the sky. The nature had its space between the road monuments, axles and the pertaining to school shears nothing, therefore of didactics and easy understanding they did not have much. The seedbeds central offices almost did not have pedestrians. It was never a city for pedestrians, the foot and the leg, and today the cars look space where already it does not exist. Girl always thinks how much its life would be different case Papa had not given the carmobovino to it. It was the face of Brasilia, admittedly.

When in time, she passed for the Structural one and she felt regredir of the urbanity, of basic sanitation of modernity when counting rodmetro. At least it had critical conscience of the reality, standed out, as if this was very important. It wants a city more modern than Brasilia? It has its structure based on an airplane. Girl cost to understand this. She heard, when in time, somebody to comment, happy, to have had the luck to live in a planned city. She could have been established in a boat of century XIX and to have effect in the country the same? Perhaps she would lose very of its altitude and speed.

Very quick it was the life in the capital. To enter in the Eixo was synonymous of rapidity, who enters, supposedly, wants to go faster, who does not follow the speed, finishes being inconvenient. Girl is rapidity-capital example. Its life happens very fast. It always has who asks the new features to it, and it badly it knows for where to start. Everything is history and philosophical reflection. Everything is emotive. One only remembers a fact in its life where it did not find as much emotion: namoro with one of the Skies.


The Building

Posted on October 24, 2012 in News

Saint Deus! I have 23 years and I go to die abandoned. Of a pull, it jumped of the bed, it was leaned over in the window of the room and tried to forget that dream maluco. There, it had conscience that the worse one of everything is the perspective of the abandonment of friends and relatives. It gave to five hours bimbalhar of the bells of the Basilica of the Conceio of the Beach. Of the side of it are the matinal fog announced a rainy Saturday.

It made it to this to enlanguescer in melancholy. It arrived to think about not travelling. However, if she was alone in the apartment, would only exacerbaria the sadness arraigada in the deep one of the soul. One undressed and it was for the shower. With the hot water falling to it in the head, it concluded that nothing it would advance to move away itself to it from the world: it would only increase the melancholy. To be crying in house and to leave to make what more it liked in the life, to play the carnival, only was in terminal state.

Still it thought about the risk of the road, but it opted to the spirit state optimist. He selected clothes and he threaded them in the valise. He telephoned for Lorena: he said that he would pass in its house in half hour. He bound for the doorman of the building and asked for to it that he took the luggage until the car: it was a red automobile, Honda, novinho in leaf. It remembered that the trip was long, and conditional air cooled horrors; it came back to the wardrobe and it apanhou two bluses. Also it did not forget that, being Saturday, the road was congested and the more early it left better house would be. It locked the apartment, it went down for the elevator, it entered in the car and it left.

Rental Increases

Posted on October 17, 2012 in News

This they can find it warning in my pages and With them, when a person acquires a product, the commission that Amazon pays to me is of 4%. The PRICES ARE THE SAME THAT IN the PAGE OF AMAZON, my commission are discounted by Amazon of the final price of the product. It remembers that they win by vol. of sale, not by gain margins. b. Virtual stores. I have two stores: one Hut where selvage books on personal finances, and in Patio of the hut I have a virtual store of Blu-rays. Like the warnings, Amazon pays a commission to me of 4%.

These virtual stores have generated me about 290$ in gains of March to June of this year. The Hut of Antonio the Patio of the Blu-Rays Rents: I have an apartment in Venezuela that was where it thought to live; with the crisis of I had it to the 2002 to rent in March of the 2003 and has remained rented thence. It is the entrance of extra but constant money that I have, and the one that but time it has generated. The problem with this is that the inflation and the change of the dollar have caused that the gains are not many. But as always there am saying, at the end of the day adds its granite. Consultancy: my work as Engineer of Oil has made me gain experience in my field; many people who I have known throughout my race do questions to me by email on as she could help them with his projects; sometimes my ideas break blockade mental that only somebody outside a project can contribute; I have helped some to mount blogs on subjects that them they get passionate; to others I have helped to project a diet plan and exercises on the basis of my articles, some have requested me aid to complete a friendly project of degree, been thankful for etc.



Lodging Options

Posted on October 3, 2012 in News

When you think abroad about your course of languages, you would have to reflect seriously on the type of lodging that you choose. This aspect surely will affect your experience of a way or another one, reason why always aid to guess right from the beginning. Equal the idea to be with a family causes disagreement to you, but it could become the right one what precise so that your studies of English abroad become the greater experience than you have had. The majority of schools offers different types from lodging and usually is: family of welcome, shared apartment or calls to account student. All these vary following the school and location that you choose, like of the preconceived idea that you can have of each. Here you have a small explanation of each type: Stay in FamiliMucha people usually thinks that when living with a family they will be forced to bear a horrible diet and to limit themselves the daily routine of the family and therefore to lose the freedom that one would feel choosing another type of lodging.

Nevertheless the reality could not to be more different! Many hosts cook very well and this same one can give foot to interesting conversations, like to learn of each culture, like for example, cooking a typical plate of your earth to your hosts? This is not only an funny form to make friendships but also to practice your English. The schools do an excellent work when looking for compatible families for each student, reason why you let we recommended know us to the greater information on your preferences when doing the reserve. For example, you smoke? , you prefer a family with or without children? , you like the animal of company? , you would like to be with a single person, a pair or family? , you prefer that also there are other students? , which are your interests and pleasures? , you need Internet or your own bath? Many of these requests can be to your reach since the schools have an ample fan of hosts.