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Brazil Housing: Purchasing Power

Posted on August 10, 2019 in News

The consuming public almost always people of high purchasing power are, that they move for this type of housing in the one search den lost, condition that if multiplied in recent years in Brazil. Although he is legitimate of the point of view of the individual to search greater tranquilidade, pure air and security for itself and its family, this phenomenon accents the social exclusion and reduces the public urban spaces, a time that propitiates the growth of private spaces and restricted circulation. It had a moment that the nature in the city was only presented as leisure point, which was characteristic of the urban small farm, now it highly is incorporated the economic life of the city. The nature passes to be portraied under the economic point of view, to be incorporated, to be produced and to be vendida in accordance with the laws and objectives of a capitalist instrumental rationality, to be come back toward the profit and the private property. In this aspect the consumerism becomes a same habit or a life style, that starts to be the focus of the capitalist relations in all the spheres of the life and, the nature, or better, the nature concept, inside starts to be a mere product of this logic. At the same time it is placed idea to buy a life in harmony with the nature, what he is contradictory. The interest of the speculative agents, mainly those on ones to the real estate market, manifest and is materialized in the sales of ' ' areas? greens? found in the urban space, transforming the city, breaking up according to characteristic the areas favorable to the real estate incorporation of the territory. The woody quality of air, squares and parks become consumption objects. The nature becomes, due to rarity in some cities, a luxury article. Any object associated with a nature idea becomes synonymous of quality of life and makes possible the appropriation of values, through the increase of prices in land divisions, as the case of the Ecoville object of this study.


Brazil People

Posted on August 10, 2016 in News

However exactly with these incentives the decentralization, the economic power continues if keeping in the same place, the Southeast continues being the Brazilian industrial polar region. This concentration makes with that there many people search better quality of life, increasing the demographic density of the region thus bringing diverse social and ambient problems. The increasing urbanization demands more spaces to construct the housings, and when it does not have this space the people finish for opting to live in risk areas, as much for them how much for the nature. It has a bigger necessity of ways of locomotion, a bigger production of good, the pollution of these urbanizadas areas tries to increase and other diverse problems that are derived from the urbanization uncontrolled in Brazil. The problems in the Brazilian field are several also, the people are leaving the agricultural areas to search a more comfortable life in the cities, having that this form to buy its foods and what they need, when before they could produce to survive.

Another question is the large states that have as base the plantation for exportation of products and still the extensive areas of cattle creation, that they explore the land to the maximum, leaving many infertile areas total. Remembering still the deforestation and forest fires, pollution of the natural elements with the chemical use of agronomic and too much elements. Quarrels still exist on the relation between the population growth and the exploration of the natural resources, but in the truth it is production system, that is, the economic system that demands the resources more than, since populous countries exist very and that others of the same population transport do not attack the environment in such a way when, but that it has a based economic system in the exploration of the natural goods.

The developed countries less take as development example the countries of first world, those where the people are total submissions to the market, the consumerism without limits is what it conducts the social relations, the exploration of the nature is the base for the economic growth. But we know that the resources will not survive to be continued in this rhythm, many natural elements already are scarce and having that to be substituted by others, many species had left to exist, many areas present high levels of pollution and ambient degradation. At last, we have in mind that this system is simply unsustainable. This makes in them to think that still it is time to revert this situation and that we must have in mind which are the limits for the exploration of the resources, leading in consideration the fact of that we are all above all part of this natural way, we will suffer with the consequences that our actions to cause.


Agrarian Space

Posted on February 3, 2014 in News

Main elements and contexts of the formation of the agrarian space in the state of the Acre Anderson Azevedo Mesquita* Daniela Lopes Da Silva ** the acriano agrarian space was constructed and still it constructs for diverse contexts and happened elements of innumerable relations of being able, that many times if demonstrate conflituosas, in view of, the game of typical interests of the capitalist relations and of its activities in the seio of the society. These relations form the teia of a complex game where the objective is for many times to keep the identity while culture in one determined acquired space as ' ' lugar' ' , it is the fight for ' ' terra' ' , by the place of its survival, place where if it created the children, where if roado of cassava and maize saw to grow the small one, where the ducks, the hens and the small creation of cattle were kept for the subsistence of the family and where the exceeding one was changed for other provisions with the housing neighbors. At last, it is moving to affirm that many people keep affection for ' ' lugar' ' where it was born, place where the family was constructed, however, this ' ' afeto' ' natural it cannot be led to ' ' p' ' of the letter when reference to the economic model in validity in the society becomes contemporary. It is of the knowledge of that in elapsing of history the land passes to be capitalized, that is, the capitalism monetarizou and added values the land and to that it can happen of the same one, this of course sharpened the greed desmedida for its ownership and its control, fact that it takes in them to face a context of tensions and conflicts in acquiring the right of possessing and from there to keep economic activities, politics, social and cultural diverse.