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Moscow Region

Posted on March 5, 2019 in News

Here's how I look at advertising cottage village "Marienburg" on local tv, in a magazine or on billboards and tear, as they say, vague doubts. By historical German names in the field, I'm neutral. That is do not call me back, but also to "double" in popular speech'm more than quiet. Koenig – Koenig is, I myself called so, depending on the situation, the city can be called Kaliningrad, may be Koenigsberg. Yes, and Friedland causes more historical associations than Pravdinsk (Just quietly, I am a St. Petersburg-Leningrad, both names are eligible, depending on the context).

But this one Marienburg makes me God knows what, not understand the feelings. That kind of houses, cottages beautiful beach, all that elite, European And I would not want to live in this Marienburg. In Koenig – live and in Marienburg – do not want. Wrong. Wrong to call for Russian city on earth "European manner". Historic name – it is one of those historic names – the aura and the seven hundred years of history. And from the modern "Marienburg" – nothing but contempt for domestic pret.

This, incidentally, to many of Moscow Region "Switzerland" concerns. Housing estates – it's good, I'm not quite revolutionary, and even approve. Just dress is not necessary. French with Novgorod combined bad.


Attorney Czech

Posted on June 22, 2017 in News

Business partners who establish a company in the Czech Republic and received the status of residence permit and will have the right to family reunification on the basis of this zakona.Dlya commencement of the registration foreign citizen is enough to have a passport, birth certificate, a certificate of professional records and bank reference. Visit the notary and certification of the two powers of attorney, the first in the opening of the legal person, and the second to open a bank account for future legal person, to make him share capital is also required if the entity is registered through intermediaries.

Power of Attorney a standard can be issued by a notary in the country of residence and send your mail to the designer of the Czech Republic. In this case, the power of attorney translated into Czech, certified court interpreter and considered suitable for execution of the actions specified in the warrant. Have the option of power of attorney in the Czech Republic, in which case the text of a power of attorney is made in the Czech language and certified by a Czech notary or lawyer. The presence of a foreign citizen to sign the credentials of a notary or a lawyer, of course. Reason for registration of documents of the newly created firm, a charter company, the registration statement, the documents to the founders has only private notary or lawyer. Once established and certified by the company’s charter (notarsky record), the second phase should be the procedure for opening temporary current account of the company in one of the Czech banks..


Sell Country Property Abroad

Posted on June 18, 2017 in News

Yes indeed what techniques sale of land use overseas real estate agency? Employment of foreign real estate agency is fundamentally different from the works of local campaigns. Percentage of transactions, Agents who receive the maximum is within 10%, ie by selling suburban real estate agent, only receives 10% commission. In Moscow, you can refer to any source of open job postings and you will see that is invited to the work of estate agents with training and up to 80% of their transactions. Why, for example, Russia could pay 80% fee, while abroad they can not. Because all elementary and simple, and abroad Property Price Index rather accurate, takes statistics of transactions per month and the average price of output, we also have two prices for the land – it is real and inventory.

And which one is correct, and even when sale by owner requests to understate the contract price for selling an object, but turns an ordinary mess. In this mess we are working with this disorder we live. The work of foreign estate agencies are already debugged for hundreds of years, we are so far only are building their work, and today is really a buyer in the assessment and verification of their purchased flats itself should participate in this process, or may occur lining, resulting in the transaction may be invalidated. Insurance for real estate transactions is a good practice, through which reduces the risk of losing money in the conduct of transactions. We are accustomed to savings and transactions are not prepared to pay extra for insurance or consultancy services, overseas no such problems, the company itself takes care of all the risks and responsibilities, just try any company to fail the transaction deceiving the customer, and we have in 2009 (21 gentlemen on the nose) agentsha estate snatches papers from the hands of the customer and tries to escape, I understand that one sheep spoils the whole flock, but when we came to her real estate agency, it appears that the sheep is more. That's why we pay our agents 80 percent of transactions in real estate sales, because we do not give them anything, we give them only the direction work, and they run, what do they do and how little control, but another 20 percent brings to the company, that's a business that will soon come to naught. We have been working a lot of foreign companies such as Knight Frank and so on, in which work is not only prestigious, but really responsible, the agent who does not know the law and can not work with the client will not stay there, and there's really only works best. This is not advertising, but just the fact that our small agency, we work on the principle of business units and for monitoring and quality we say so responsible. You can watch a movie on the sale of land, with Al Pacino, in our translation of Americans who work estate agents do not very much reflected in the film, but pieces of information can be obtained, if necessary.



Ramiro Ruiz Rojas

Posted on March 8, 2017 in News

The word carbohydrates often provokes more fear in the genteque words Monday morning, taxes and Tiburoncombinadas. (AAAhhhh!)Maybe your fears have some merit (but you don’t have porquegritar), since many of the carbohydrates that are ennuestros supermarkets, currently really make us more quarreling well. Most breads, pastas, cereals, biscuits crackers ygalletas are overloaded from refined flour, the cualresulta be one of the main causes of the rate the planet deobesidad is to the upside.Herein lies the dilemma.Really need carbohydrates parafuncionar properly. Your brain doesn’t work as well sincarbohidratos (mmm this explains some things in ciertaspersonas you know?), in addition, could feel without energy ysin motivation to make anything (including the cosasdivertidas) if lack them. where are the happy balance?

How can obtenersuficientes carbohydrates to keep a healthy body yprevenir back to gain weight, or better? still, for perderpeso? which carbohydrates you should modify in tuplan of current feed to help your body adeshacerse of your unwanted weight? Starts with one or two alimentosy replaced them with more healthy carbohydrates such as lasbatatas, brown rice, cereals such as millet and quinoa.Remember, there is no need to follow a diet low encarbohidratos.Just choose the appropriate carbohydrates yveras as the weight decreases. If you’re still not sure decual is the difference, the list of foods that are in elmanual the program eat to lose, you can clarify cualquierconfusion you may have with respect to carbohydrates, providing you with a detailed list of exactly cualescarbohidratos are a perfect addition to any effective weight loss plan.


Real Estate Professionals

Posted on July 18, 2016 in News

Who to contact? In a large well-known agency with a name promoted where possible all work is delivered on a stream or a little unknown, in which customers are not very many, and you will be pleased, as the nearest person, and hence the approach will be an individual? Large agencies cultivated the view that they are working alone professionals, and why are they so big and famous. It is true part. From personal experience I know that a large agency – this is not a guarantee of professionalism. I've seen complete idiots working in the vast real estate holdings and professionals of the highest category of provincial agencies, consisting of 3 persons. Choosing the agency by name or size, you play the lottery – lucky – no luck. It is best to use the recommendations. Socialize with acquaintances, friends, friends Friends, colleagues, surely someone has recently experienced with realtors, and can someone recommend. Communicate with employees of the bank, where the plan to take the credit – they let you prompt.

After all, they cook and to conduct your transaction. And how will work a realtor, depends how quickly and easily pass the entire process of buying an apartment and a loan. Therefore, they are primarily interested in a good recommendation. Ask to you are advised not to agency, and the individual. Version of the third – private realtors (estate agents). He walks a lot of rumors and stories about the private (black) brokers who "throw" their clients. But the overwhelming majority – it's only rumors, often spread by real estate agencies.



Real Estate Rental Market Astrakhan

Posted on August 7, 2015 in News

After analyzing the real estate market in the city of , you can understand that the real estate market is selected from the pit into which it has driven the economic crisis. One of the important indicators of market recovery Real estate is the normalization of prices for the purchase / sale and rent. Markedly renewal transactions for the purchase and rental of real estate, although more recently has been brewing for a sharp jump in prices. The situation on the currency market has pushed buyers to become more assertive. If before the citizens of Russia have taken a wait, demanding lower prices for apartments, which led to the present standoff between the seller, who held the pre-crisis level price and the buyer, who wanted to get discounts for buying a home, now the situation has changed. Homebuyers were able to mortgage lending in rubles. This situation makes it possible to resume normal commodity-money relations in the housing market. Sellers of real estate do not rule out bidding, and buyers have the cash on hand for the calculations.

More recently, analysts say with confidence that the rental market Housing is one of the most volatile, but in the beginning of this year, the situation in this sector began to change. Number of tenants has increased markedly, the number of proposals has decreased significantly. As a consequence – Prices for rentals of residential and commercial real estate "creeping" up. All of this suggests that the real estate market appeared further growth prospects.




Posted on May 29, 2014 in News

The initial selling price of the apartment can not be less than 90% its value, which is specified in the act of evaluation. – The Bank may purchase the collateral property? – Yes, the holder of the collateral may be one of the buyers at a public auction. – And if the subject mortgage at the auction no one purchased? – In such a case within one month from the date of the first auction to be held repeated public auction. In this case, the initial selling price of flat object can be reduced, but within 25%. If is not realized and repeated public auction due to lack of demand, subject be purchased by the mortgagee at a price not lower than 65% of it (the subject of mortgage) of the cost. In the case where the bank does not redeem the object property at a specified price, the mortgage may be discontinued by the court.

– What are the consequences of such termination by counterparties mortgage? – Mortgaging property, not burdened by mortgage obligations is not the borrower, while the mortgagee, in accordance with what continues to be unsecured (unsecured) loan, which, despite the end of the mortgage, the borrower must repay. – Can pricing magnitude less than the cost of credit? – The price of the mortgaged property to be sold, does not depend on the loan amount. Therefore, the possible situation in which the apartment price will be less than the loan amount. – How and on what grounds borrower may challenge the established judicial apartment cost? – By appealing against the decision of the court of primary jurisdiction to a higher court (appellate or cassation). These bases can be, for example, a certain discrepancy between the prices of mortgage by the court of its market value, the existence in the act of evaluation, which used the trial, conflicting information, the preparation of an act of evaluation by an unauthorized entity, and the like. – Is such a scheme: the bank and the mortgagor shall conclude an agreement based on which, for non-return mortgage Zastavna borrower's property is transferred unconditionally to the bank and can be implemented In addition to the judiciary? – Law "On Mortgage" provides for registration of the contract to satisfy the claims of the mortgagee between him and the holder of the collateral of such an agreement may also be considered relevant clause in the mortgage agreement). It may involve the transfer of ownership of the mortgagee mortgaged property on account of repayment of the loan or the right to sell the mortgaged property on his behalf third party. In such situations, the subject of mortgage is transferred into the ownership of a bank or sold to a third party at market value, confirmed by an act of assessment or agreement between parties, so the court hearing is not required.



House In Bulgaria, Buy Or Build ?

Posted on January 29, 2014 in News

To buy any property in Bulgaria is also not as difficult to build. Equally, it is treated as acquiring their own homes and to buy an apartment. The only difference is that the construction of a private house, you can make changes during construction and full control over your investment project on time. Self-construction time consuming, but certainly less expensive. Building Materials in Bulgaria are much cheaper than in Russia. For example, the cost of basic construction materials in Bulgaria: Sand – 160r / m, cement-4000r / m, brick – 3r/sht, tiles-200r / m, the tile roofing -60r/sht. In average, in comparison with Russian, 1,5 – 2 times lower. As for labor costs, then the current level of unemployment, it is as low as in Russia.

But given the speculative surge in property prices in Bulgaria the last 4 years, the cost of primary residence in Bulgaria, although lower than in other eu countries, however, it exceeds the cost of the object in 1,5 – 3 times. It is easy to calculate, based on construction costs. This a significant difference – the price / cost will not remain unnoticed for a market economy in Bulgaria. At the same time, the cost of housing in neighboring Bulgaria, the eu countries, which are 2-3 times higher, will not significantly lower prices even in times of crisis. It is likely that in 2009 – 2010, prices for prime property in Bulgaria will drop by no more than 20%, and then will grow as ever at 30% per year. Therefore, self-construction will remain the same over financially advantageous for at least the next 5 years.



Realtor Services

Posted on December 16, 2013 in News

This will help avoid a realtor customer dissatisfaction. Amount of agency commission should be discussed with the customer in advance and showing objects to give him an opportunity to bargain with the seller. Realtor must penetrate to negotiate with the seller realtor or seller, defending the interests of his client. Realtor Services includes legal support. Unfortunately, in various technology companies to provide this service are fundamentally different. Some companies will accompany the deal just before the filing of documents for state registration. Some are limited only by the fact that 'reduce' the buyer and seller. But in both cases, the client will dissatisfied with the quality of service provided.

Professional approach to providing this service involves support of the deal before its closing. Opening of the deal means the signing of the preliminary agreement between the buyer and seller and a deposit. Lawyer provides legal information to clients on all legal actions that will need to make a realtor in the preparation of the transaction. All necessary actions Realtor commits itself to a power of attorney from the client. Thus, the agency releases the client from 10-20 trips to various offices, 20-60 hours spent in the queue, and thus saves the customer time and trouble him from psychological stress.

The agency also provides security system between customers is the extent to which it is necessary. The agency shall ensure the confidentiality of information with respect to ongoing transactions and settlements. Agent not only delivers documents for registration, but also gets them together with the client and congratulates him a symbolic gift. It gives the customer the memo, which lists all necessary actions to complete the closing of the transaction (check the new owner of the bti and renewal documents for a new owner in public services with addresses and telephone numbers of the necessary institutions). Only after All these actions deal is closed. But in this work with the client is not finished yet. The following is a very important stage of work with clients who may be called After Sales Service. He involves customer service after closing, such as greeting customers with the holidays and a happy birthday and any other reminder on a proposal for further cooperation. If a customer there need help real estate professionals, he remembers precisely the company which always remember about him. Providing real estate services can be represented as weights, which is on one side is the amount of commission agencies, and at the other end quality of service. The second cup must necessarily prevail. Only in this case, the customer will be satisfied. And satisfied customers – a key to future positive awareness of the company to real estate market. Given the fact that Sochi is chosen the capital of Winter Olympic Games in 2014, part of the Sochi agencies in forming a civilized market of real estate should be as active.



Mortgage Banks

Posted on November 9, 2013 in News

The issue of real estate has always been the most pressing issue of our concern to residents. Currently, buying an apartment in Vladivostok, is not just difficult, but in 95% of cases impossible. To buy apartment to a large category of the population will have to save money all his life. Indeed, in our country living wage is very low. What do we do? After all, we can not save money by working and sleeping on the street. The best solution will take the mortgage, and it will be this article. Currently, there are a large number of banks offering mortgage loans, and there is a problem in choosing a bank, who would you fit. Since you'll repay the loan more than a year, you should approach this issue very seriously, because you can create problems for yourself for a lifetime.

We offer a number of small and useful tips. Tip one: do not rush in choosing Bank, spare no time. No need to listen to anyone, and do everything yourself. You should avoid all the banks, listen to all conditions, all the nuances, and then make a decision either. Tip two: all the banks lending terms appear to be identical, but this at first glance. You have to learn all the nuances, and all the details. Do not hesitate to ask questions and ask. Tip three: to understand in detail with interest rates. This issue should be examined by you to and from.