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Month: September 2011

Development Investing Construction

Posted on September 30, 2011 in News

Russia is on the verge of building boom – so positive forecast was made by Russian President Vladimir Putin at a joint news conference with Chancellor Angela Merkel. According to the president, the annual growth in construction Russia is 15%. And this year it will approach 25. In this respect, Vladimir Putin believes that a very promising mutually beneficial cooperation between Russian and German companies in the construction industry. It should be noted that in recent years is not the only application of the first persons of the country's favorable position in the industry. Another September 13 Viktor Zubkov, then a candidate for Minister of the Russian Federation, described the situation in the country as a stable and good particularly in highlighting this area of construction and consumer markets. St Petersburg to help in the decision can be painful problem of communal construction of satellite towns around the northern capital. Such a proposal was made Vice-President of St.

Petersburg's Union of Construction, Leo Kaplan companies. Currently, the communal living of about 700 thousand people. The total area of these apartments is 11 million square meters. meters, or nearly 11% of the total Housing the city. Most of the communal is the most attractive from an investment point of view of the central regions. But where there can be neither high-rise building, or the notorious spot development, and continues to become more expensive real estate. Development of cottage construction – the only thing that will solve the problem. And therefore the inhabitants to settle similar apartments in the same areas is impossible. Purpose-oriented program resettlement of communal apartments in St.

Cork Coverings

Posted on September 22, 2011 in News

Cork – a cork, which appeared in Nature, more than 60 million years ago. His bark is unique in its kind. She was withdrawn from the tree without bringing harm to it every 9-11 years. First to apply the bark of cork oak were the ancient civilization of Rome and Greece, who used it to plug amphorae, making fishing nets, sandals and roofs of their homes, Tube light, fire resistant and does not change its properties in water. How is tube? Cork oak grows in the seven countries of the Western Mediterranean. Largest producer of cork is Portugal.

Every nine years in the hottest months of summer cork with special tools stripped by hand. Cork tree has a special property: the outer layer of the cortex, takes away, is restored. A lifetime of cork oak from 100 to 150 years. After removing the bark of left to dry for three months. Then, in the factory tube was boiled in water with special additives to impart additional resilience and flexibility.

Eventually, the cork is cut into sheets, ready for sale. Tube as a finishing material is still exotic. And yet, this rare and certainly remarkable for its properties, the material has already captured the minds of designers. Perhaps the tube in its interior should use those radeet for environmental cleanliness of their apartment. This is not some linoleum or laminate (certainly have many advantages), it has enough high price of finishing material consistent with its quality characteristics. For the tube has a reputation for a material with unique durable and heat and soundproofing qualities.


Polyvinyl Chloride Windows

Posted on September 20, 2011 in News

If you recently did windows exclusively from wood, then today is the main material used in the manufacture of windows – is pvc (polyvinyl chloride), which is made on the basis of oil and salt. Window of polyvinyl chloride, were first manufactured in 1954, however, and now they are very popular due to its tightness, resistance to various weather phenomena and other properties. In the factories of pvc profiles made of pvc by extrusion. In the process of pvc, in conjunction with the desired additives, is heated to high temperatures, as a result, a viscous mass that you want to push through appropriate form, and then cooled. This leads to the formation of a hollow pvc profile, which is also called a multi because of the empty air chambers in it. With this device pvc windows are renowned for excellent levels of soundproofing and teplosohrannosti.

pvc profiles are produced in all factories in the same method, then why are they so different in price? Just the price of pvc profiles will be very dependent on various supplements. All sorts Additives used in the production of pvc profiles, not cheap. Incredibly, many companies producing windows, trying to save these supplements, using the fact that the buyer is unable to understand what additives are contained in the or other glazing. For example, pvc profile with a low content of titanium oxide or titanium content inappropriate quality, prone to instant yellowing. Advantages of plastic windows are explained useful properties, they acquire during manufacture.

Heat retention in housing provided by low thermal conductivity of pvc profile and use when you install additional seals to prevent cracks. Correctly mounted eurowinows provide your home, office, apartment warmth and comfort in any weather. From moisture, dust, excessive noise will keep your apartment special design glass. A diverse range of pvc profiles just pick one that fits the best way to design houses, flats and other premises. Need to mention another, equally important aspect of this long life – more than forty years. Compared with the standard, wood, pvc windows do not require heavy maintenance and continuous dyeing. Another important advantage is the existence of different ways to open the windows and system . For cleaning windows use a soap solution to rag.


Room Color Impacts

Posted on September 13, 2011 in News

Many of us do not attach importance to the choice of colors for her room, and this is reflected in all our future lives. Colors surrounding us have a strong influence on our moods and our feelings. Different colors characterize many things such as sex, age, ethnic group or normal temperature. Using a certain color, or group of colors, can cause many people feel similar. You do not need to chase fashion, so beautifully equip your home. When selecting furniture, remember that in the first place you choose it for themselves, and in color should be guided only by their own preferences. To make it comfortable enough in her own apartment only a select few colors that you enjoy, and make them the right combination. The choice of color combinations – is one of the key steps in choosing colors room.

Remember that the color of visual changes shapes and sizes of individual parts of the room according to the size of the room. The choice of color – not a difficult task if you know the effect of each of the colors. When choosing color, remember that each shade has a psychological impact. Try to understand what you feel, looking at the specific color. Different colors may cause you any emotion from calm to rage, so do not make ill-advised choice. Just remember that some colors large quantities give the opposite effect. When choosing colors your basic questions should be: "What kind of mood I want to create yourself?" And "What color will help me to create this mood?".



Outer Doors

Posted on September 9, 2011 in News

Overhead – they are installed on the inside of the door, but the mechanism is inserted into the door leaf. Such locks are not locked inside the key and the turntable. He also difficult for the professional autopsies, as it is located farther from the outer surface of the door, rather than mortise. Mortise – installed inside the leaf. Their drawback is the proximity to the outer side of the door, making it more accessible to an attacker. But in the case metal doors, this lack of mortise lock is not terrible, as the door leaf and serves them protected. Plus mortise locks is that they are harmonious look in the door, rather than overhead.

Electronic – a lock can be opened by remote control or some combination of call. Advantage of such locks is latency setup, ease of conversion, high secrecy. Less – data locks can not tolerate frost, humidity and sharp voltage drops. Considered the most reliable crab lock. Particular attention should be paid to the loops, you need to know how much weight they can safely withstand.

Hinges are available in various forms: latent, open and globular, privates, with bearing, bezshtyrevye, with an eccentric – provide no sagging doors. Frame boxes are combined and single and set depending on the doorways. Clypeus – just one of the important the component parts of the frame. It not only serves as a decorative element, covering the gap between the frame and aperture, but also prevents an attacker to push the scrap to the gap between the wall and door. Door handle – it is generally the subject of a separate discussion. Here and in a wide range of design and clever mechanisms to protect the doors. Huge choice, but remember that the pen should not be combined with a lock for thieves this is a very easy way of penetration into your home. Should remember that our apartment starts from the door, so the more reliable and tougher entrance lock the door leaf, the more comfortable and safer you will feel yourself. But in our time one door to the apartment is small, we must also install the doors in the staircase.



Feng Shui Kitchens

Posted on September 8, 2011 in News

In many homes the kitchen is the most important place, because here family gathers for a meal, to solve some issues and decision-making, and the woman generally spends in the kitchen most of his time. The Chinese even believe that the appearance of the kitchen shows the security of the family. Therefore, the kitchen should be comfortable and cozy, going to the kitchen, you can relax over a cup of tea or coffee. All this is achieved, the rules of feng shui. Feng Shui – a complex teaching, and traditional recommendations are given to every home and family. But there are general recommendations and advice on how to achieve a good feng shui in the kitchen. Read the same 10 ideas for the design of small-sized kitchen to start general tips on feng shui. The Council first – well if you were at the cutting table, bowls or plates can see everyone who comes into the kitchen.

But often in our kitchens to do it virtually impossible or fraught with the emergence of other inconveniences. For possibility of such a review should hang a mirror above the door or above the working area. It will help you feel more comfortable and visually expand the space of the kitchen. Council second – is that in homes the kitchen is emergency exit, or we ourselves make alterations to the apartment so that the kitchen is the entrance so should not be, because the constant movement in the kitchen hinder the workflow.