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Energy Saving Technologies in Housing

Posted on March 26, 2011 in News

In times of crisis, when Russia began to receive less revenue from the sale of energy resources, are increasingly raising the question of introducing energy-saving technologies. They are commonly used in Western European countries, both in industry and in utilities. But bring the experience of others in our terms – not an easy task, said deputy director , Ph.D. Alexander . – Today, the task of large-scale introduction of energy-saving technologies – including utilities. Is it possible to implement this idea in our country? – Of course, the reduction of energy loss is extremely important for the industry during the crisis. In our country, compared with Europe, energy spent unsustainable, in our extended and much worn out power supply systems is a tremendous loss of heat.

But in the housing to introduce energy efficient technologies more difficult than in industry. Today in Russia, such tariffs for heat and power that modern energy-saving system is very difficult to recoup. One of the largest banks in St. Petersburg wanted to introduce a modern system of heating with temperature control in his office, but economists estimate that it will pay off no earlier than 30 years. Even financial institutions will not invest in new technologies to such conditions, and prefer to continue to heat the surrounding environment. – Nevertheless, and we have a number of companies touting modern energy-saving system for offices and for residential buildings. – Indeed, there are experimental house with a cooling system from groundwater, with secondary use of thermal energy of water.


Commercial Complexes

Posted on March 23, 2011 in News

Today in Samara almost every month, opening up new commercial complexes, which are getting closer to Western standards. On attracting Moscow "anchor" tenants today to build a business "mega at the Moscow" (Ramstore), "Park House" ("Sports Master", "Technosila", "Crossroads), Sky City (The World"). The area of "mega at the Moscow" is 140 000 sq. km. m.

This is one of the largest shopping center across the pfd. The modern shopping center must meet following main requirements: a carefully thought-out concept, well-organized internal traffic, high quality retail space and, naturally, the availability of suitable access roads and parking areas. Not for nothing that one of the main advantages of the complex is open parking, calculated at 2 500 m / m. Input from tc in Samara most ambitious and thought "MegSiti (61,038 square meters. M) and Bristol.

According to Kazan on October 15, 2007, among the regions of pfo only Kazan been a glut of shopping centers. Slightly receding into history, we note that the construction boom in Kazan occurred in the period from 2004 to 2005 he was largely associated with the millennial anniversary of the city, just a celebration arrive just in time and the opening of important properties. Similar rates of growth of retail space was not observed and not observed in any Russian city. By the number of modern retail space per capita Kazan today ahead of Moscow, and very close to Western European capitals. This is largely due the fact that in Kazan for investors created favorable conditions.


Properties in Russia

Posted on March 12, 2011 in News

Buy property abroad, for example, in Egypt, is not as difficult as it seems. But here, as in any category of housing transactions, there are a number of its subtleties. The biggest challenge for the Russians, who dared to purchase a house or apartment abroad is that they find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings. As a result, lack of awareness may be a number of misunderstandings, the effects of which can be quite disastrous. To avoid such situations, you must have a clear idea of the order purchase housing in a particular country, as well as the requirements applicable laws of the State selected. One of the most important issues arising on the acquisition of overseas real estate – what ownership would work in bought a house or apartment? If Russia is common and municipal and privatized housing, in most European countries, most private form of acts property. It is also not a matter of choice estate agents, who will accompany the whole process of buying property on the stage of dating, before the final stage of the handshake. Many of our fellow citizens, to Unfortunately, prefer to use the services of dubious intermediaries such as: " my friend the taxi driver " or: " my friend seller souvenirs Of course, the facilities offered by this kind of dubious intermediaries can not be legally clean and ready to secure the purchase – sale, so of course we need to use the services of trusted and reputable companies that can clean except for buying – selling to the same consulting services in all the subtleties of purchasing property abroad.