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Civil Construction

Posted on December 19, 2016 in News

The process in the conventional civil construction almost always uses raw materials did not renew of natural origin, with intense industrialization, advent of new technologies, population growth and increase of people in urban centers and diversification of the consumption of goods and services, the residues if they had transformed into serious urban problems with an onerous and complex management, considering if accumulated volume and mass, mainly after 1980. The problems if characterized for scarcity of area of deposition of residues caused for the occupation and valuation of urban areas, high social costs in the management of residues, problems of public sanitation and contamination. The amount of solid residues that the sector of the civil construction generates, is each bigger time, therefore it has been a great concern in the whole world, in function of the ambient, economic and social questions. In this way the recycling of these residues, is used in aggregate production becoming an interesting alternative and mainly generating income. The process of P& D (Research and Development) of recycling has as objective to minimize, or even though to eliminate total the residues, with sight to the support in the constructive sector.

The importance of the recycled residue constantly is enhanced, being a great one benefits social. As publication CONAMA n. 307 year 2002, that it determines lines of direction for an effective reduction of ambient impacts provoked by these materials, establishing that the generators are the responsible ones for the produced residue and that with priority objective must be not the generation and in case that is not possible must establish the reduction, reutilizao and recycling. This concept has left of the beginning of that the attendance the basic necessities of the populations in the gift, do not affect the future lives. The use of resources must in accordance with occur the spare capacity of the nature, of form that the growth economic it does not come to attack or to devastate ecosystems violently and can at the same time, to repair the serious problems social.

German Construction Industry

Posted on December 12, 2016 in News

Federal Minister Dr. Peter Ramsauer discussed at the invitation of the initiative ‘Germany builds!’ with industry representatives about the future of the construction industry Munich, 15. January 2013 as the German construction industry in times of specialists and lack of young future evolve? This question was the focus of a high-level Panel discussion under the theme builds Germany! Every man for himself alone “building 2013 leading representatives from politics, industry and science discussed builds on Munich at the invitation of the new industry initiative Germany!”, how will young people for the construction sector will be delighted how businesses can take advantage of synergies and what is necessary, to improve the image of the industry. The construction industry is one of the most important German economic sectors and will require major working in the most diverse areas in the years to come. Almost every eighth job is directly or indirectly dependent on construction activity,”said Dr.

Peter Ramsauer, Federal Minister for transport, building and urban development. A long-term change of image of the construction industry in the public perception to bring, as it builds Germany!”seeks, is therefore a major concern. Only when we us network and learn from each other, can the industry, and with it, the entire economy will benefit permanently. Thanks to my personal experience of the craftsmen to the Economist I know both sides.” Among other participants of the discussion were Ramsauers predecessor Wolfgang Tiefensee, Pierre-Andre de Chalendar (President and General Manager of Compagnie de Saint-Gobain), Prof. Dr. Hans-Jorg Bullinger (former President of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft), Jorgen Tang Jensen (Chairman of the Board of the VELUX group) and Annette Hering (Managing Director of Hering Bau GmbH & co. KG).

The round was hosted by Karl-Ulrich Kuhlo, the founder of the news channel n-tv. About 200 spectators and listeners followed the Panel discussion in the meeting place craft forum. Wife Annette Herring stated your point of view as a medium-sized construction company that gets to feel the shortage firsthand: wrongly, many young people still dust, dirt and noise combine with the construction industry.

Berlin Research Institute

Posted on December 3, 2016 in News

Why you should decide to build a house your own House offers Mietfreies living without risk of termination financial security and independence of the landlord are only some of the benefits that move the Germans to house building. Even more is that the House is a safe Geldanlageist. The credit is paid off once, then it saves monthly several hundred euros to rent. In addition the value of the House. Who is in a financial squeeze, can always sell his property.

Homeowners have all in all a much higher capacity than tenants. Several, including the Berlin Research Institute studies the empirica. See also: Auction house solarium V. of the ever energy home solarum-v / freedom for house building: in a House can comfortably live is the home for many a retreat often in old age. Only the own four walls offer sufficient freedom to implement personal wishes. The layout and the establishment are customizable all the own needs. Thus are no longer a priceless luxury terrace, garden and garage, but belong to the living comfort. If you’re planning long term, can plan even from the outset to be barrier-free his house.

The own house construction allowed not only more convenience in everyday life, but can be also healthier. A healthier indoor environment comes to the one through the use of natural building materials. On the other hand allergy sufferers can, for example, on easy-care floors and get install a ventilation system with pollen filters. Since joy arises according to the construction plan: the own Lord in the four walls his after building most owners a peaceful life as before. On the one that due to frequent the location. On the other hand, there are neither tenants nor direct neighbours. Thus, homeowners have more freedoms. You must announce anybody grill parties or other celebrations. Also the loud children’s game upsets No.