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Loans Crisis

Posted on June 16, 2019 in News

The current crisis – a crisis of lack of expandability, and consumer markets the world's people to serve earlier loans. Details can be found by clicking Bruce Schanzer or emailing the administrator. The U.S. debt pyramid, in which mortgage payments were given for through new borrowings, but with constantly diminishing rate on loans from 19% in the 90s to 2.5% in the early twenty-first century, has exhausted itself. "Golden Age" of the world economy came to its logical conclusion. Bruce Schanzer is open to suggestions. Developed Russian specialists in the field of economy crisis theory argues that in the last 30 years there was a significant excess of expenditure over real disposable income. The cause of the financial and economic crisis is the fall in aggregate demand in the world due to the fact that the mechanism for the maintenance of credit to stimulate this demand has exhausted itself – there was a decrease the cost of credit.

New real income of population the past 30 years has not appeared. The current crisis is quite possible to compare in scale with the "great depression". Due to hypertrophy of the financial sector share of industry in gross product of the United States today less than 20%, although even in the 30s of last century was about 70%. It becomes clear that the scheme for which there was the economy, has exhausted itself. Today, the U.S. priority of purchasing power has dropped to 20%, and consumption – up to 40%.

Nevertheless, the U.S. consumes far more than it produces. The whole world lives on U.S. demand, which gets a re-printed, no-dollar parity, which urgently need to materialize in metals, products, real estate and equipment. Since 1981, the economies of the world began pumping credit demand. She worked on the scheme, when fixed annual payments increasing body of credit – which lowers the cost of credit. The scheme was based on the financial "bubble" that are required for the disposal of excess weight of money arises from emissions.

Little Redevelopment

Posted on September 20, 2018 in News

Interior designer, of course, must understand the system development, but it is still special in another area. A therefore, no matter how harsh the company for repair of large-scale objects simply appoint a foreman at an object that holds the key to the delivery process and material properties on the object, the general course of construction, negotiates with the relevant economic services, which are responsible for summarizing communication, such as electricity, gas, water, etc. The best solution organizing construction work – this is when designer in developing the design project work, so to speak "in tandem" with the engineers and builders directly, which then will this repair at your home to do: with all this taken into account absolutely all the details construction process as they are possible, are detailed sketches and drawings. Certainly better to start repairing the premises with redevelopment, because when the little old broken walls and erected in their place new or other places (if, of course, necessary). To remove the partition, make a gap in the wall, to build the latest barrier can, for example, brick or plasterboard – such operations are proven professionals repair and construction company doing almost one a day or two. Just need to make sure that the need for redevelopment and that the demolition of the walls will not affect the overall strength of your entire structure. For example, in the urban housing redevelopment to any mandatory argue in their respective institutions.

Outside the city, where every owner in your own home, this is usually not necessary. But, often, simply carried away, the landlord can simply break or what building codes and simple at first glance, the rules, for example fire safety regulations, or both, as many demands on sanitation in damages for himself and his household. When the walls and partitions in the room and destroyed the newly constructed, typically, made all the work related to electricity.

Construction Ceiling

Posted on March 21, 2017 in News

Turn the power on the meter, you must release the wire of isolation. Note that the wires in the chandelier, usually copper, flexible. Departs from the ceiling of the same solid aluminum wire in vinyl insulation. Method deburred aluminum wire is different from copper. Aluminum – brittle metal, can be easily reversed if you leave the wire sweep a circular notch. To strip a wire on a “pencil”, cutting off the insulation at an angle (as well as sharpening a pencil).

Copper wire cleaned in any way. When cleaning is necessary to leave 3-4 mm bare wires. For connection of copper and aluminum wire using a special block (the wires screwing screws through the hub.) With screwdriver-voltage indicator to determine the phase and the “zero” of wires. Phase causes the glow indicator for “zero” – is not lit. After checking in turn each of the wires coming out of the ceiling and chandeliers, they must be mark colored duct tape. Do not forget to switch off again after the stress.

When you connect the “zero” on the chandelier wire connects to the “zero” wire on the ceiling, a “phase” combined with “phase”. Before connect the chandelier should be checked broach pin connection socket blades with the wires. If the connections are not “stretched” – fused wire and can burn out the cartridge. Also do not forget to pick up light bulbs with the recommendations set out in the passport of the chandelier. As a general rule, bulbs are recommended no more than 60 watts. With more power, the ceiling can perekalitsya and burst. We have come to the last stage of work – functional testing chandeliers. Turn on the power and check the correctness of using the switch a bulb. Next, close contact joints decorative cap from the chandeliers and we fix it so that it could not see the pin connections wires. It remains only to hang a ceiling and all the decorative elements and the admire the work performed.


Buy Recessed Fridge Efficiency

Posted on September 25, 2016 in News

The researchers say that a list of the most popular places in any house is a kitchen. But our rules do not allow postroechnye make it sufficiently large so that the kitchen was really comfortable and comfortable for all family members, regardless of its size. Because it turns out that the main goal of any designer or owner of the apartment is most important that the right equipment in each room housing. Most often, the house completely impossible to arrange suitable conditions to provide all the necessary without exception, furnishings and household equipment. And the basic solution in order to try arrange close to the perfect standards of life – is built in furniture hardware.

But the most necessary items home equipment, without which it would cost no kitchen area is, of course, good fridge. Because built-in refrigerators – the event is very important. Buy embedded refrigerator of appropriate size – may mean to make your kitchen not only very comfortable, but also really bright and attractive. Argue that the most contented man – is he, who in the early morning tends to go into the workplace and at the end of the day gladly go to his home. If your home comfortable and convenient – there really want to come. And not only come, but also invite their own friends and dear. Well what a real home without a lot of guests! And the appearance of guests must be prepared as follows.

Even long before that, when invites guests. And it was originally furnished in a position to need anything in what you receive. For example, recessed wine racks, where possible with the execution of all technical requirements to save this wine. Since it is clear that the wine in general, requires special treatment. Only in this scenario, you and your dear guests will be able to enjoy a truly elite wine, not grape juice elementary soured considerably it taste like ordinary wine vinegar. Keeping wine at home using a special high-quality wine rack, you can be sure that the sudden arrival of the guests will not catch you unprepared. In addition, special wine cabinet can be placed not only in the kitchen, but also in the living room in the office or any other room. And even in the room for negotiation or the director's office, he can not only perform their special important responsibilities, but will be a real gem of design.


Frame House Building

Posted on March 17, 2012 in News

When the dream of your own home is ready to become a reality, it immediately acquires a number of issues that are solved, unfortunately, can not please everyone. And then, the dream remains a dream. But that this did not happen with you, let us look at what exactly is the problem of building your own home and how to resolve them. The first thing you need to find out – a goal that is pursued in the construction of homes. Perhaps you want to buy a seasonal housing which will be placed on a garden site, and perhaps the house will be your constant habitat. What will the structure of the house, and from what building materials will be made up.

What kind of room you will need, and What can be neglected. How many floors and rooms you would like to have in your new home, and how many people it will be posted. Of course, it is necessary to think about protecting your home from weather events, in particular to ensure lightning (lightning protection). : Integrated lightning gromozaschita House – a pledge for your safety. Particular attention should be given the choice of the roof. Since it is the roof and roofing materials are a critical element protect your home. Roofing, their quality and the most suitable roofing material is the key to longevity of your home. All this will help you to better define in the selection of the project of your home. Most importantly – do not must be remembered that in matters of construction is very important advice of a professional.


The Interior

Posted on February 25, 2012 in News

popular and luxurious chandeliers by ascetic background. In upholstered furniture, in particular fashion, "Capito" – stitch decorative buttons or sequins. Beds, sofas and chairs imitate – thrones. Generally in favor – the contrasts and oppositions: the wealth against the backdrop of devastation, cutting-edge coupled with the old. Another notable trend in textiles is a computer-aided design: complicated designs, graffiti and applications … Current trends in the interior of apartments – etnoshikC.

Etnoshik and decor And yet in vogue etnoshik! Decorators and designers to recreate our homes natural objects, as we all so want to be closer to nature. Ekodekor, ekomebel, all of it is transparent, perforated, wicker and natural … favorite stone and metal, as well as the connection of natural elements with new technologies. Wildlife are included in our homes and country residences in the form of floral compositions, performed with a delicate taste. Loved and expensive wood: Ebano, Wenge, Zebrano, as well as untreated wood, such as is, without color and polish, she became a real revelation of design in recent years. It is also highly prized objects of decorative – applied art of manual work.

Many designers believe that homes should be cosmopolitan, as our way of life. Become more urgent, Buddhism and yoga, history and geography, and culture from distant countries and ethnicities. We are increasingly traveling the world and bring the wonderful trophies and souvenirs. Interior apartments, houses, cottages D. Relax, "space" and ergonomics with a special love today is equipped with individual private place to relax, there is a home based "wellness center, sauna and dressing room. Current trends in the interior apartments – relax current trends in the interior of apartments – kosmosNesomnenno us, as always captivates and fascinates "space". His symbolize in our homes and wonderful furniture hybrids, and brilliant metallized surface, the new space materials and appliances, as well as fascinating light installations … and the very layout of our home, too, somewhat modified. Merge into one: living and interior kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, kitchen and library, as well as kitchen and dining room. It brings to life more comfortable and saves our precious time. Particular attention is paid to ergonomics and organization of space home office, which also makes our life easy and will replace the daily walk to work. Today, all familiar to us and becomes a "smart home system, programmable heating, lighting, and furniture and things transformers. E. Combination of colors in the interior of the apartment basic rule for the fashionable color combinations in the interior of an apartment – a simple and sophisticated at the same time, but avoid bright acid colors. Actual monochrome, into special honor all shades of gray, and natural earth tones and greens. And shades of violets and lavender – are the colors that designers and decorators are still preferred by many different shades … Current trends in interior apartments – interior color of the future, what will it be tomorrow? Many architects believe that this is a style that is about to occur as a result of creative rethinking of existing styles, such – "a new eclectic cocktail." And this style will combine only the best!