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The Design

Posted on August 4, 2011 in News

The structure of the premises. Number of model projects apartments to be built small and they do not change for a long time. In the design can not meet the specific needs of each individual family, so a typical project is designed for the average family. In real life, everyday needs of modern families are diverse and vary with the material and cultural level. Lifestyles of families and can not be considered settled once and for all. We all grew up in a socialist society, under the influence of the same ideological and other basic facilities. Therefore, the principal features of lifestyles and life – are common to all 'Soviet families.

" Must also be remembered that most modern families and developing are fairly equally. All this is taken into account when designing model apartments. Moreover, for each demographic type family designed their architecture planning type of apartment. Despite the fact that the term 'zone' is not unambiguous association, we will still use this term when describing the layout of apartments. Many authors refer specifically to such a definition functional areas, so this concept in this context, the most acceptable. Furthermore, the use of the terms 'place' or 'land' is hardly more successful. Not any, even the best planned and built apartments can be called a full house. It must equip reasonably plan living area, to create comfort and coziness. Such a problem can be solved only by taking into account the functional areas in a house, apartment, rational division of them, if necessary, and combine whenever possible.