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Voice Over

Posted on February 20, 2019 in News

Some benefits of the use of VoIP technology application technology of sent IP voice, economic application and high profitability, can facilitate tasks that would be much more difficult to perform using common telephone networks. And this happens, both at the level of large corporations, small businesses and even for private use. For example, their high mobility allows that, in case of travel and take I get a voice over IP phone, anywhere with Internet connectivity, could receive calls, because that local calls can be automatically routed to a telephone to href = > IP voice, no matter at which point of the balloon is connected to the network, and what is even more important, at the cost of a local call. If you own a company that provides telephone support to customers of any type of service-, you can avoid a great investment, necessary in physical infrastructure. In terms of costs, it means large sums of money. By using the use of the voice IP, call center agents can work anywhere, while it has a good connection to the Internet, which is also fast enough, even from their homes. Voice over IP is cheaper international communications and therefore improving the quality of communication between providers and clients, or between cells of the same company scattered around the world. Likewise, voice over IP technology is being offered as part of some web portals, offering it through certain applications for specific support. This allows the users of those portals request a call by voice over IP, in a fast, effective manner and with the double benefit of being free to the caller and also to the one who receives the call.

Maria Adela Mondelli

Posted on February 17, 2019 in News

Designing your space just for you, is a life experience that a woman should know. What you want, how you want, how you want, know, know and do re-act in your life will be a unique experience from which you will learn more from yourself, than in the rest of your entire existence. In the moments when you feel that your partner will continue without waver-mandates are strong and this can happen for you convinced that this experience “, you only need to remember the hundreds of conditioning you had when you were in that situation. Or go to a restaurant, order a meal and good wine and sit down to watch the couples around you: how many are those who are really happy to share that time together?, How many even talk animatedly? … What it remains absolutely silent throughout the meal?, You had fixed this before?. Think: is that the couple who yearn to have ?….

The couple “different” you dream, can never be if you’re not another before you went. Being without a partner, why not be alone when you do not want to be … many men and women in couples are deeply alone … remember when you felt yourself and being together. Friends, family and even yourself, can be a great company when you feel that being alone is not what you want today. What children are a obstacle? …

No way. May even be a chance to surrender to motherhood differently, without conditions, only “agreement” between you and your children … It is not about denying the relationship, it is only to recognize that the relationship is not what we think is when we are alone … Realizing that the couple is that we live in when we were a couple, and if we can not be other than we were, so unsatisfactory that the couple … be repeated so inexorable. The idea is that if we delve into ourselves, we are not “friends” with us, our relationships will always be what they were until they brought us here. The idea is that only those who can be alone in its fullness, can be entirely another.


Real Estate Brokers

Posted on February 16, 2019 in News

The real estate broker Rent A House Eliana Navarro franchise staff, is its intelligent in the management of goods decision roots for the sale, purchase and rent in del Zulia of houses, villas, apartments, commercial premises, buildings, sheds, land and more. We have more than 5,000 properties available in the property market roots in Zulia and throughout Venezuela. ..Rent A House Eliana Navarro franchise staff, expert in real estate investments, puts at your service its extensive experience in real estate and dedication for the complete satisfaction of all your real estate transactions, in addition to the most comprehensive portfolio of available properties nationwide. We understand the importance of finding the seed property that meets all the characteristics of subusqueda in real estate, and is for this reason that our commitment begins with your need and ends with your satisfaction. ..Contact us or send us an email for any information, or if you want to publish any of your properties within our system. We are at your disposal to assist you in concrete negotiating real estate your property or property root with the best service and the greatest attention to achieve your satisfaction. ..


Real Estate

Posted on February 14, 2019 in News – real estate navigation – the new investment real estate real estate calculation platform has been put on the 08-07-2009 online. Now with three clicks to the result! RAS GmbH pension stone new real estate calculation platform for investment professionals the pension from stone launches a new real estate calculation platform for the distribution of investment – real estate under the domain Previous platforms is usually limited to the pure data delivery in the form of brochures and images. Calculations had to be requested separately, or purchased expensive programs with the associated updates. The fundamentals of investment real estate have been laboriously entered and as a result the calculation could be created rare, which was desirable.

The offer of the, the real estate navigation on the net, does much more. Depending on the wishes and the economic situation of the client and the State of knowledge of the consultant different program modules are offered free of charge, to represent professional advice in any case. So the investment professional, but can also the beginner with this platform provide the best possible advice. Key figures prepared from the Expose’s the provider, describe each object briefly and clearly. These include economic parameters, forecast calculations and investment plans.

Build on a variety of different tools: the quick check for that quick search for an appropriate apartment short calculation with three clicks to the conclusion short memorandum ‘ to each apartment unit can do everything the expert mode for the individual recording of the customer’s situation eHelp movies to explain the input masks, nothing must! Set up so that the intermediary customer needs met and to create an individual calculation for each customer, was the expert mode to one hundred percent. Here were summarized for the brokers more than twenty-five years of sales experience from practice. Almost no situation which the Broker cannot represent the customers: increases in income – income reductions in loss – change marital status -.


Fine Property

Posted on February 11, 2019 in News

The Project of Law 140/09, of the member of the house of representatives Jose CarlosArajo, who modifies the Lease law 8,245/91, waits sanction dopresidente Squid. The alterations proposals do not leave of being valuable, as much for landlords how much for renters, in view of aatualizao of the norms that considers. In this substance to only vamossuscitar the alterations most excellent in practical terms in the use of diaa day, as the questions most constant on: eviction, bailers and Rescissory Fine. Amongst the main changes they are the agility in the ousting process, desobrigaodo bailer and the creation of rules for the bailer change during ocontrato. It understands below the main alterations that will be able serintroduzidas with the sanction of the new law: Process of despejoAs evictions are regulated by articles 59 and following of the Leido Tenancy that will have the inclusion of interpolated propositions VI to the IX, as well as opargrafo 3.Em ousting case, the action is suspended if, in 15 days, to integrally inquilinoquitar the debt with the proprietor or the real estate one. Forfeiture, is not more being valid the presentation of a simple ones requerimentoem that the renter certifies the intention to pay to the debt – something that tematrasado in more than four months the evictions.

For the project, in case that the lodger has debt with the proprietor or the real estate one, the expedition of an ousting errand will be enough so that the sejaobrigado renter to leave the property. After the ousting sentence, it will inquilinoter 30 days to leave voluntarily. Today, the lodger is exigidoque receives two errands and two you endeavour, and oproprietrio delays, on average, 14 months to retake the property. With aalterao he will be adopted the only errand of ousting, speeding up oprocesso. With the change, the expectation is that the pararetomada average time of the property reduces of significant form.