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House Furniture

Posted on July 14, 2011 in News

When it comes to choosing furniture for your home, you have to be very careful to ensure that you select what will work best for you. Wrought iron furniture can be painted in any color, covered with bronze, copper, silver or gold. With the help of special methods can be artificially wear out so that it looked like a real antique. According to the designers, one of the most suitable premises for the use of modern wrought-iron furniture with decorative elements a bedroom.

Change the design of existing beds can order a new forged back. Also extracted from the total number of interior and create a special atmosphere in the rooms of graceful wrought-iron chandeliers, mirror frames, coffee tables. Interior details The final touch in creating a special mood of the house are fine furniture. According to designers, harmony in the interior look of art. Painting again is catching on. Not only classic but also contemporary artists, their paintings are available to almost anyone and can be masterpieces, which can be inherited to children.

In addition to the usual, often for the walls and ceilings apply aluminum paintings (Art Al), known for their long life. They are available in different color and style of: imitation fur, leather, wood, stone, cloth, with floral, water, and “Heavenly” motifs, made of bronze and brass, antique and just soaked in delicate pastel shades. Art Al offered in the form of a panel – it’s Impressionist paintings, Korean medieval miniatures, Oriental motifs. Not Only pictures can be used for interior decoration, for many years will not lose its artistic value and decorative vases. For example, the company produces ottaviani silverware. Unique Techniques allows the best properties of the material brought in the most favorable light. Glossy silver coating (lucido) and matt (satinato), as well as a smooth transition from one to another makes these vases dream of any aesthetic. Interesting to feature is the fact that they fit with any decor, whether classic or modern. “The core of the interior – it’s architecture. Ceilings, walls, windows, flooring, – notes consummate connoisseur of elegant style, decorator Frederic Meshish. – It is necessary that in twenty or thirty years they were still fit. ” Modern technologies and materials are now demonstrate that this period is – not the limit for them. Outside, changes landscape, but, for example, the frame will last more than one generation. In turn, furniture and interior details – mirrors, paintings, vases – can give the room a unique look and keep the home atmosphere within a few decades! Press Service of the Group PROPLEKS.

Madrid Living

Posted on July 13, 2011 in News

Madrid, located in the Iberian Peninsula, is the Spanish city that best represents the culture and heritage of that country. The amazing story that reflected in their shut is interspersed with modern buildings and shops. The main attractions of this capital, where the prevailing art and culture everywhere, are: the National Archaeological Museum of Spain, which bears testimony to Spanish history, the Plaza Mayor, built in the seventeenth century, declared Patrimony of Humanity , the Gran Via street near the Plaza Cibeles, full of shopping, the architecture of the buildings located on it is superb, and the Cason del Buen Retiro, which displays paintings of the Spanish monarchy, the Royal Palace, official residence of the King of Spain and National Heritage, the Temple of Debod, impressive and ancient Egyptian construction. This multicultural city, in addition to the many public and private universities, in turn contains hundreds of institutes and schools specializing in languages. Both in the center, like every neighborhood, you may find that supply the demands of its more than 3 million inhabitants.

The people of Madrid who were born and live there and those who simply live in the Spanish capital to work or study, have the option of joining one of the many universities, an institution or any of the English language schools in Madrid, as well as other places to learn other languages. As in most world capitals, so open and settled in Madrid coexist and understand different cultures. Not only foreigners who choose it as a place of permanent residence to work in this city decide to study, too many passing tourists consider the option of taking language courses a few months. Many individuals and families from other countries that do not speak Castilian must take the initiative to subscribe to some to learn the native language and to establish a definitive or long in the city. There are institutions with a privileged location in the downtown district, fully equipped and friendly atmosphere. Foreigners who choose to study at a Spanish school Madrid are likely to have the happiness to know people going through a similar situation in the city and even make friends with whom to share outside the institution.

Architecture Building Ensemble

Posted on July 13, 2011 in News

The history of the zoo is very interesting, especially impressive stories about the Great Patriotic War of 1940-1945. In connection with a of such a history, in 2008 a monument was unveiled three monkeys who survived the war in a neighboring building on the zoo and feeds the locals. Disc recording of the zoo will always be interesting for both children and adults alike. So much for the National Geographic. can observe and bird's-eye view, a journey of cableway that leads to the Gorky Park.

Park has 100 years, and to this day, it delivers a lot of travelers pleasures. What's in it just does not – theaters, cinemas, libraries, tennis courts As they say on the color and taste! Once in the park can afford to relax a bit and drink a glass of delicious beer "Rogan". Like it? Then each will choose his friend for a gift beer, for example, traditional light, "" Monastic light "," Merry Monk, "Rogan Alcohol" and "Rogan Quartet. One of the oldest buildings in the city itself – St. Basil's Cathedral, built in 1689.

The architectural ensemble of the building incorporates elements not only of Ukrainian architecture, but also Russian. Temple of acting, so you can visit it and buy a "consecrated" icon on your gift his parents, and maybe for those who appreciate the art of Russian icon. You can not look around the tallest building in – the Assumption Cathedral, whose height is 89.5. It was built in the years 1771-1777 in the Russian baroque style, and in the years 1821-1844 was been built for him a new tower with chimes, a sign of the victory of Russian troops over Napoleon's army.


Interior Design Materials

Posted on July 4, 2011 in News

In the modern construction of stainless steel deservedly popular. This material has excellent technical and operational characteristics, easy handling and easy to care. Polished stainless steel is indispensable in interior architecture in a futuristic style. Combination of metallic gloss with the transparency of glass and the original texture of modern building materials to create a room in an atmosphere that reflects the energy and dynamic century of high technologies. Accessories Hi-Tech Wall hi-tech style is recommended to cover light colors, giving up wallpaper, and leave them without any decorations. If the bare walls seem acceptable, they can be revived: hung large modern copyright black-and-white photographs in light metal frames or paintings with abstract images, graphics, or avant-garde paintings. Frames should be combined with the frames on mirrors and other interior details. Of aluminum produced exclusively narrow without a pattern.

Design of the baguette is not rich, but the choice of colors, shapes and cover great for all tastes. Furniture, fabrics, dishes should also be be smooth and shiny. Shine as it increases the space and adds a light, creates a sense of sterility. This is quite contribute and mirrors. Instead of the standard curtains and curtains better hide from the sun by plastic or metal blinds.

Well enliven the interior in the style of hi-tech large impressive aquarium with exotic inhabitants. Lighting hi-tech It is true chosen lighting is one of the most important moments in the interior design style hi-tech. Mounted in the ceiling, walls and even flooring light sources, create the effect of a spacious, well-lit room.



Appropriate Home Interior Design

Posted on July 1, 2011 in News

Whoever we are and whatever did, the most important and significant part of our life takes place at home where you can relax and be alone with your family and friends. It is in the walls of his home a man becomes himself and of course, that every endeavor to create a home design environment that best reflects the inner 'I' in harmony with the nature of the host, allows maximum relax and feel as if under protection of their secure fortress. It is impossible to imagine filling an apartment or house contrary views and characters living in them. According to the observations of psychologists interior design has a very strong influence on mood and mental state of a man can have both a calming and stimulating effect on the nervous system. With the present pace of life and a constant stressful environment surrounding us all, it is very important best possible use of those moments of rest in the home atmosphere, have become a source of strength for a new day, it is vital to create the right interior design. It follows one of the most important Rules for interior design: never attempt to accurately recreate in their own thing, seen from friends, television, the exhibition, etc. Even the two are absolutely identical in layout of residential space, located for example one in the apartment building and another in a country cottage, by definition, can not have the same design.

And this is just an extreme example, because each room has its own unique character based on many factors: the original architecture, natural light, view from a window and a dozen seemingly minor details that ultimately determine the order and style of the home. That's why what fascinated you in one environment will look very different in your interior, and will cause quite different emotions, we can take a maximum of the basic idea of the design you like and try to adapt it to existing requirements, but still the ideal result can be achieved only by creating something new. And if you decide to create around himself truly comfortable surroundings, try to discard all previously seen, clear your mind and send imagination at giving the house only and exclusively for your character. This is the great art of creating not just 'living environment', but the place of spiritual repose. There are plenty of directions and style decorating rooms on the market there is simply unimaginable variety of interior and in all this diversity unprepared person very easy to get lost, becoming a hostage of apparent grandeur. Since ancient times there was a whole profession, even the most peculiar line of art – the development of interior design. It is such a specialist is best to entrust the design of interior design Your home. A professional designer should have extensive knowledge in the most modern fashion trends and styles, to understand the different sides of the design space – from materials to design of floors and drapes windows have a view of human psychology, but the most important and significant figure – it's experience, quality and quantity of completed projects.