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Club Dortmund Association

Posted on January 24, 2019 in News

Document management system for construction companies distinguished by practical features, easy handling, as well as connect to mobile devices, Leipzig, 07.10.2013 – the data well Leipzig GmbH & co. KG can rejoice this year two IT Awards. With the digital construction file, a document management that is specifically geared to the workflows and requirements of contractors the company from Leipzig finished second of the Westphalian IT price. This was awarded for the first time in Dortmund in the Congress of Westphalia. The focus of the event, “the subject was big data – storage, structuring, and real-time analysis of large volumes of data. The digital construction file scored on the one due to their flexible applicability, and on the other hand by the continuous availability and evaluation of all project documents. Just for the construction industry, permanent access to guarantees and certificates, or the processing of incoming invoices directly on site can be a valuable benefit.

Keeps data good with the digital construction file provides a very flexible business solution based on innovative Web technology in conjunction with classic document management. For customers in the construction industry, this solution offers a high return on investment (ROI) quickly because operations with high cost and yield potential can be recorded in detail and quickly processed. Through the Cloudansatz the use is very simple, but also tablets or smart phones play an important role with wide-ranging functions (E.g. cameras for documentation of defects and disabilities) in the application”, explained Peter Hager, Chairman of the Board of the regional IT-IT Club Dortmund Association and Advisory Board of the Congress, the decision of the jury. Also was able to convince with the combination of digital construction file and modern building site documentation data well. It aims, the time-consuming capture, assign and edit various structural damage on the construction site to simplify and to speed up.

For the merging of the two approaches data goods took the mid of the year Award for best SAPERION solution 2013 “by its long-standing premium partner – the SAPERION AG from Berlin – contrary to. Practical functions of industry solution, such as the mobile recording of defects and disabilities, the direct selection of the defect to the building plan and fast forwarding to the responsible employee were decisive for the award.

Bank Prepayment

Posted on January 23, 2019 in News

This means often more favourable terms for the fixed portion of the loan. The short interest rate (3 months) of the flexible part may be but at the same time advantages and disadvantage: interest rate cuts decreases the burden on the borrower, increases he faces the decision to take a greater burden in favor of expanded special repayment options in buying or yet again to avoid this and to enter a new long-term commitment (which is then usually with a disadvantage). Planning security is thus reduced by possible fluctuations in interest rates. Therefore the possibilities of regular annuity loan should be scrutinized in advance: often can be arranged even special repayment options to “conventional” annuity loans up to certain limits without deterioration of the condition. However, is the simple default flexible loan parts without additional costs. However, a long-term interest rate annuity loan terminated, charged by the Bank Prepayment penalties. Other forms of loan with flexible proportions can be: the CAP loan which represents a variable loan with the agreed interest rate ceilings. This, however, usually an interest-rate premium is calculated.

The Flex’s loan, which makes available the full loan amount as a variable loan (orientation on the 3-month EURIBOR). A right of conversion into a loan with long-term nominal interest rate is given. Basically, this loan is only suitable when falling interest rates is expected. Conclusion combination loan can be a good choice if the borrower has legitimate reasons for a part flexible loan. A larger sum is expected in the near future, a special repayment agreement for a long-term bound loan usually only premiums is possible. The interest incurred for the flexible part can cause but later an unfavourable development of market a total increase. Also, the binding to the Bank is increased by increasing the flexibility of the part: target namely later but in a long term bound loan is converted, will this cause with other banks very substantial premiums, because already there is a such a loan. More information Combi loan – high flexibility at moderate interest burden construction loans – individual forms of financing

Becoming A Home Inspector

Posted on January 16, 2019 in News

Chances are if you're reading this you've thought about becoming a home inspector. You may have seen ads that say you can make hundreds of dollars a day as a home inspector. Schools home inspection because many of these ads out. They paint a rosy picture about the profession and how easy it is for you to make a ton of money virtually overnight. I am a real estate professional surveyor and I will tell you what schools inspection of your home does not want you to know about this profession! What the inspector of schools in the Interior are not telling you what these schools and the sale of the company of several courses on Home Inspection is not tell you how difficult it is to succeed in this business. The National School which I attended in my education inspector made it seem so easy to start.

It was explained how easy it would be to start making an inspection of the house one day with little or no effort. I have many soon-to-be home inspectors email and I call our office asking for the company. This business is like any other. It takes dedication, strong finances and time to succeed. Think that it would start without money up front? Many schools do not tell you on the liability side of the industry of home inspection.

The industry of the home inspection profession is a very high responsibility. Each house is inspected is a potential demand. No matter what you may be the most thorough inspector in your area.



Wayne Dyer University

Posted on January 10, 2019 in News

Currently many people search perfect and if possible everything soon and pra yesterday! We live at a time of multiple expectations and diverse activities, each time more the word anxiety is present in the daily one. Some lose sleep, others gnaw the nails, ahead have those that increase the appetite, of important events as tests, interview of job, marriage, the first day in the new school, etc. are waited that new and the unknown one frightens, occupying the mind with what it can happen. A research carried through for the Wayne Dyer University disclosed that the people pass much time of the life suffering for the last events or fearing and desiring the futures, not thinking or same living the gift. This concern with tomorrow takes off its focus of today. Good anxiety until certain point, therefore stimulates the man the action, but as everything that is excessively makes badly, must be intent, therefore the concern with future the cause much expectation, many times associated to the haste, to the fear, in extreme cases leading to the desperation, being able to migrar for a psicopatologia: Upheaval of Generalized Anxiety, that according to DSM-IV loads as characteristic the extreme concern, occurring per many days, for last the six months, causing fidget, fatigue, difficulty of concentration, muscular tension and irritability. In the majority of the cases the patient does not obtain to recognize the problem, not even she controls it, causing social and professional damage. If it distrusts that something of wrong is happening a professional is indicated for a diagnosis and treatment. Changing alimentary habits, diminishing the caffeine, including physical exercises, taking care of of sleep, are actions that contribute for the physical and mental balance.