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Good Offense

Posted on October 7, 2013 in News

There is duels that by his time, liturgy and magnitude dimension to the minor tournaments, have life by themselves, because from the point of view of the applicant is at stake the hierarchy of football while serve the champion to underline in workdays of the preseason the Authority gained in solemn dates of last year. The last example would be the Spanish Supercup which Barca won him to Madrid. And on the other hand give confrontations whose greatness comes underlined, particularly by the mark of the competition, as the European Supercup, which faces to the holder of the Champions of the Europa League. The latest edition, as it usual Louis II of Monaco is celebrated at the stadium, disputed it today the own Barcelona and Porto, seeded for the next Champions League, circumstance that increases the range and prestige of the party. Source of the news:: the best defense is a good offense

Alejandro Alonso

Posted on September 18, 2013 in News

In this regard, requested the collaboration of the political groups in European, national and autonomic, parliaments and has reminded that food crises were never used for political confrontation. We have acted quickly to crisis management, Aguilar has stressed that the Government has acted with speed, clarity and forcefulness to demand an answer from the EU and for dnder compensation for the damage caused, and that it has planted face to Germany. In your opinion, should now work together to maximise aid and advance promotional campaigns held in time, some of which have already begun, according to the time of entry into production of different fruit and vegetables. For its part, the spokesman of Agriculture of the Popular parliamentary group (SPG), Jose Ignacio Llorens, has insisted in that the appearance of Aguilar comes a month after the start of the alert and that the Government has reacted late and poorly to the crisis, although it provided despite all the negotiating support of the PP. Llorens has called for the Executive to ask Brussels to compensate 100 percent of damages to the producers of all fruit and vegetables affected by the loss of markets and the fall in prices, which reaches even to the courts if necessary and requiring the use for this purpose of the different budgetary remnants of the EU. For his part, the spokesman of Agriculture of the Socialist parliamentary group (GPS) in Congress, Alejandro Alonso, has urged PP to achieve a consensus document in the lower House that serves as support to the Government against the EU and also to support a sector that is suffering and deserve compensation. Source of the news: Spain does not rule out legal means to claim compensation for the crisis of e. coli