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Framehouse Construction

Posted on March 31, 2016 in News

The crisis of crisis, and, sorry for the banal, to live. And to live – this despite the variety of human activities, and build more housing, home. And housing – this is perhaps the most necessary, without which it is impossible to do in a normal human life. What kind of housing we need to at all times – wealthy or not, under any economic crises and other cataclysms? Given our climate – probably warm. Still, I think, is healthy, ie, clean, no harmful effect on our bodies.

It is also desirable little expensive and does not require a lot of money to maintain the house needed physical and climatic parameters: temperature, humidity, noise, and equal and constant ventilation. Most fully meets these requirements housing being built on modern heat-frame technology, where the heater is used ecowool. Sometimes people confuse self Name technologies – frame. In the subconscious of our compatriots and the house frame things badly compatible. This is something insecure, frail, collapses with time on his side, and the like. "Breaking" is the attitude of people towards Frame Construction is difficult, but possible.

Requires a bit – to show and tell, that is, to argue that speak in favor of choosing such technologies. We'll discuss this in more detail in later articles. There is one more psychological factor is not very conducive to the promotion of frame technology in Russia. This is where something nostalgic from the past, not our lives – to leave the house the children, grandchildren – in short descendants. The combination of the words "frame house – the descendants of" causes, alas, pitiable smile. And that's nothing! Firstly, even as you can! In the sense that an elementary respect for the choice of technology and quality materials will stand for the frame house and a hundred and more years. Secondly, if the altered rhythm of life and the unpredictability of even the immediate future hardly grown-up children who are not old enough to want to live in a "native penates. The reason for this may be a departure for a stay abroad, and the banal mismatch of flavors to choose project materials, but simply a place under construction. But technological progress can, in general, to make such adjustments to the device housing that stone palace, and the carcass of environmentally friendly low-energy house will be bad manners or and backward from a technical point of view of housing. So why "garden city"? Build for themselves in the realities of our time. The children will decide for themselves where and how they live, or time will decide for them.