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General Cleaning Apartments

Posted on December 31, 2011 in News

One of the natural needs of any civilized person – is the need to keep clean. And in many respects mood, performance and physical condition depend on the atmosphere in the house, which is directly dependent on quality of cleaning the apartment. Of course, not everyone has the spare time for general cleaning of the apartment. But in order to preserve the purity of the house, now necessarily self-cleaning to do. You can trust the process cleaning company. What is cleaning? In Russian speaking, cleaning – professional cleaning of various buildings.

This area of the service sector appeared in our country has more than 10 years ago and is now being actively developed. Out While cleaning the house was considered a duty only hosts. Improves quality of life, changing priorities, and engaging in cleaning professionals in this field becomes commonplace. A team of specialists cleaning company will perform general cleaning of your home, freeing you from unnecessary worry and giving comfort to your home. They also help you get rid of some of the problems are solved only with a special equipment and professional chemistry. Thorough cleaning of the apartment typically includes the removal of dust and dirt floors, walls, ceilings, furniture, carpets, cleaning windows, window sills, cleaning toilets, bathrooms, cleaning kitchens, balconies. Are cleaned with special cleaning products certified. Particular attention should be paid to cleaning the kitchen, because its walls and ceiling in food preparation accumulate enough high in fat and dust.

Just cleaned gratings ventilation, radiators, tiles, lighting fixtures. Cleaning toilets and bathrooms, showers involves processing toilets and baths with disinfectants, cleaning tiles, floors. Carpets and rugs are usually treated with a detergent solution, cleaned and dried. This method of carpet cleaning is not used more than once a month. In other days when cleaning carpets simply vacuumed. Cleaning – this is a successfully developing industry. Using the services of a cleaning company will allow you to maintain cleanliness and comfort in the apartment and leave more time for work and holiday!


Apartment Rentals

Posted on December 10, 2011 in News

I just want to tell you how I came to real estate as a realtor with what ran and what made … REAL ESTATE … Fantastic profits! A great success! I'm always amazed and excited this topic! Its size and power, and invest the profits! Thinking about the property, could not help getting up in front of the infamous, but at the same time very rich American estate-mogul Donald Trump. This is the height! That's momentum! Experts in the field of real estate has long been proven that the one who turns in this area, there will always be in the money. But, having read the same Trump, Hopkins and others like them, I've always wondered: That would be me so! But how to achieve such heights? How can integrate into this stream …? By profession I am mechanic 4 bits, finished vocational school in Pavlograd (Dnepropetrovsk region). Where I just did not work? But in a few places I lingered over a year.

I have a hobby, precisely one of the "hobby": I love to read. And since the topic of money I was always worried, all of these I've read far and wide. And, as is normal in this situation, simply head in the clouds. I do not feed grain, Give only to talk about big money. Rental and sales of apartments of course, I heard a long time and many, mostly negative experiences. A man like me, dreaming of big money coming into real estate, fill out the form and passed cheap shaky training. And as a result, hardly anyone was detained there for over 2 months! (This is the stats!) And once he got into these wilds. After working a couple of months as a realtor, had fled from there.

All my plans and dreams and dreams dashed, like a house of cards! Zarekshis never going to come back and crossed himself three times, and returned "on their bread." But the thought of returning to real estate I have not left ever! A year later, nothing for pains, again weighing all "For" and "against" (also three times crossed), I went into real estate. At this time I was lucky: I was teaching experienced mentor. He put the soul in me! Education was given to me easily. Already in the first month I earned my first $ 650 …. Then I realized one simple truth: it turns out, my success in this area depends on my coach, his experience and ability available to transfer their knowledge! Since then, it took only 2 years. I now earn a stable more than $ 1,000 a month. And recently I got the idea simply to share their experiences. I wrote a book (e) and posted it on the web. This book is a kind of a detailed report of what to do, how called, how to conduct screenings and apartment deals. There's nothing I come up with and did not even use the experience of their colleagues. Just what he did for yourself! And you can learn how to actually make money for rent, download the book online: