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Posted on May 8, 2015 in News

It is a taste to communicate to me with the colectivity, and to offer them to a warm greeting to name of the Ganoderma Equipment Health, GS Exclusive Service of the Professionals of N&amp Health; H Corp. SAC. With the purpose of to be able to interchange information about alternative therapies, with the Ganoderma lucidum, to know or to receive information, to contact with professionals in the Peru and the foreigner to me with experience in the food or that wish to know on. To the date I am developing an informative manual and I would like to enrich the information available. For that they do not know of this food, I can summarize that the Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi or Ling Zhi), lives in wooded and humid mountains of Asia. Its history like " Medicinal grass dates for more than 4000 years in the East (China) is made up of more than 200 compounds, between which they emphasize: vitamins, antioxidants, triterpenoides, polysaccharides (as they letinan, component that improves the immune system), germanium organic (mineral that allows to improve cellular oxygenation) and others, which altogether allow to improve the health incredibly.

I invite to review them the presentation of the investigation that is developing the university of Sidney-Australia, on the effect of the Ganoderma lucidum and the metabolic syndrome. Hoping that the information is of their pending interest and to their communications. Them desire successes and an extraordinary health. Karen Judith Cave Rodriguez Ganoderma Equipment Health Lima – Peru original Author and source of the article

Heating Payments

Posted on May 7, 2015 in News

And the installation of automatic balancing valves on the risers once and save the inhabitants from the "traditional" nuisance caused by uneven heating of the battery at different entrances of a home or apartment rooms. Notes for the wise owner can not forget about the financial side. For example, the inhabitants of many homes (especially older, equipped with gas stoves) still pay the electricity consumed by a single tariff, whereas in most regions of Russia, there are two (day-night) and payment system. Housing repairs electrical suggests (if necessary) and the replacement of electric meters. As a result, the tenants get direct savings on payments for electricity, because night rate is usually about 4 times lower than the daytime. Of course, dvuhtarifny apartment meter can be installed individually, but in this case, each owner will have to fully pay its price. Reduce power consumption obschedomovoe allows informed choices electrical equipment. For example, the difference in electricity consumption between different models of lifts can reach 40-50%! And if you provide lighting in the stairwells automatic switches with motion sensors, then light will not burn in vain all night, including only when necessary.

Particular attention should be given the possibility of savings in payments for heating, as for the residents of some settlements, they constitute more than half monthly "rent." At the same time, upgrading the heating system, which was mentioned in the previous section, allows to achieve 35-45% reduction of heat. So, after installing the heat meter and the house- transition to pay for the consumed heat on the fact in the same proportion will decrease payments for heating. The reason is simple. Previously, heating systems (as and every single battery) have always worked in full force. However, winters in much of our country become really harsh but from time to time, interspersed prolonged thaws.

Therefore, citizens often had to keep the window open, actually heating the street. But after the installation of regulating the automation in improving outdoor air temperature heat consumption is automatically reduced, and along with it – and the figures in the monthly accounts. For example, residents of house number 29 on st. Lenin in Beloretsk, where instead of the elevator a few sites on the issuance of the building was installed automated thermal point Danfoss, as well as balancing valves on all risers and radiator thermostats on each battery in the first heating season after repairs have saved more than 250 thousand rubles – in 3000 for each apartment. Of course, the reconstruction of only limited communication is impossible. But their replacement – the most complex and costly part of the repair, because they permeate the entire structure of the building. Therefore, you should always start from that stage, and make it "in full". Today, when the owners need to make only 5% of the cost of equipment and works (Which is usually about 2-3 thousand rubles for each family), they can not afford to bring engineering systems house in full compliance with modern requirements. Later, when all have to make their own expense, such costs can not "pull" the tenants, even a very large house.


Posted on May 4, 2015 in News

Nevertheless other very representative cultures of the region exist as they are the banana, the yucca and the citruses. The Flora, a shared wealth: The Quindo is the department landscape of Colombia due to its ebullient vegetation, with a great biodiversity that constitutes an attractiveness for the visitors, who will be able to observe a variable flora composed by native species, besides orchids, and great variety of heliconias and platanillas. Diverse and colorful fauna: Of the 1,720 species of existing birds in the Country, there is registry of one 380 in the department, composed by eagles, orejiamarillos mountain sparrowhawks, aguilillas, caracaras, toucans, turkey hens, barranqueros, parrots, carpenters, among others. As far as mammals one is the bear of spectacles, species in via of extinction, the howling monkey, the sluggish bear, the mount dog, guatin black, the moose of desert, the sabanero rabbit, chucha, the squirrel, among others. The biodiversity original, introduced and inherited as a result of the transit and the colonization of the way of the Quindo, constitute a significant cultural value that gradually it has given simiente the Quindianidad. The biodiversos and cultural icons, like the maize, the palm of wax, guadua, the coffee, the yucca, the banana, arriera, the architecture, the basketwork, the ceramics the jewellery, the gastronomy; I enter others are part this iconography. To visit this beautiful Colombian zone, the property coffee axis, to contemplate landscapes, to share with its people and to enjoy the fantastic tourist plans coffee axis is to discover great part of the history of the country, forged to blow of axe and on the back of mule; it is to feel the daily one to live on a race that rose with base in the traditional culture of the coffee and that now finds in the tourism a new alternative of life. It is necessary to visit this department and to prove the rent of property in the Quindo in order to delight with the aroma of the Coffee.