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States Power

Posted on September 13, 2016 in News

To make the transition from a totalitarian regime to a democratic constitutional State feasible should be find a way to support equity determined between a bureaucracy like the State decentralized administrative power and a plutocracy that counteracting the Central power of control of its management by means of the right to private property and to the regulation of the privatization of the public authority of the State. If a democratic constitutional state requires a plutocracy as system of companies public and private free expansion of mortgage securities market counteracting the Central power of the bureaucracy as a hierarchical administrative system of the State, it is also vital for equity compatible powers as forms of Government of the social democratic political system States parties constitutional that has a decentralization of the power of the plutocratic and bureaucratic oligarchy that can delegate to the recognition and implementation of the values and the human rights of the diversity of independent identities than as part of a State of anarchy as compatible anarchic system of autonomy, each individual can feel so realized how identified as axle essential his own system, but common to those who contribute to the constituent formation of an entire society as sovereign unity of the status of a town. Equity of the power of an anarchy as a compatible system of autonomy and as part of a form of State Government of the current social democratic political constitutional system is based of a bureaucracy as a hierarchical administrative system of the State and a plutocracy as system of free expansion of mortgage securities market private and public companies, and must be delimited by a monarchy as constituent equitable management and system by an oligarchy open to compatible equity powers and Governments as a decisive representative reorganization system so that it can not degenerate into own decentralization of anarchic power such as disintegration of the diversity of identities pro-independence nationalists or partisan constituents a common sovereignty consolidated in its own institutional solidarity. True equity compatible powers as parts of forms of Government of the current social democratic political system constitutional States in the coalition of parties of minority governments according to the convergent arrangement of the diversity of governmental parties as decentralized power-sharing of the hierarchical administrative system of the State and the system of public and private free expansion of the mortgage securities market societies to form Government according to the needs and interests and common of each of the parties of the elected Governments of the communities and municipalities representing regional consensus ratified by the people. This is the basis of one of the best political reforms of law that could be done during the Government of Suarez.

Tarot Sites

Posted on July 14, 2013 in News

Tarot Com – Services sites Tarot Com – Services sites Not all sites are equal. Those interested in the tarot world know very well differentiate those pages whose sole purpose is to make money and profit in the hope of the people. And the true fans of this wonderful discipline that is the fortune-telling positively know that the best place is The reason why this is so, not only in designing the site, which allows an almost instinctive navigation and gives the possibility to locate the sections you want in just a few clicks. The real cause that is the best site behind the site is because they are the top three psychics in the Iberian Peninsula, Isabel, Aurora and Carol. These three natural wonders are a gift that allows them through tarot cards, understand the judgments of the target for every human being who comes to them seeking advice or guidance. This is the real cause which our site is the best site The particular sensitivity to understand not only what appears in the future, but to understand the reality and context of each client.

They can hear and see beyond the obvious. These are the reasons why you are looking for a serious site, you can go to our site will find lots of information on the arcane, and the meaning of tarot cards. In itself, such as discipline, the tarot is fascinating, both for the wealth of historical connotations that have the figures and by the complex symbols that they contain, almost from the beginning of humanity. Virtually all shades of life are locked up in the arcana of the tarot. If you seek information, theoretical and services, please call down to a serious site for tarot. com: You can contact our tarot readers directly and effectively.

Find out why are the most sought after natural seers Europe. Possess a gift of birth, we have shed his wisdom in a site tailored to the expectations of the most demanding customers. You can try a first approach to the benefits of with a circulation of tarot online. I could hear the wisdom of Elizabeth, Aurora and Carol, who will speak directly to your heart, with the knowledge and preparation that has a gift only those who are entitled to birth.


Four Steps

Posted on January 3, 2013 in News

' Happy they are the ones that hear the word of God and guardam' ' (Lucas 11:28) ' ' you will have pleasure and joy, and many will be glad in its nascimento' ' (Lucas 1:14) Which would be the true way to be happy? it will be that the full happiness exists truily? if exists in fact, as obi to have it? These questions are made daily by thousand of people in the whole world. Who does not yearn for the complete happiness in its life? Plus these same questions take in them to a reflection: what it would be the true happiness? Because many times it leaves what me happy, not necessarily become the other happy one also. Before discoursing on our article regarding the happiness, it would like starts it with a question for you: what it is happiness for you? it makes what you or would make you the person happyest of the world? For many, to conquer the happiness means the conquest of corporeal properties, means the conquest of that red car or that apartment in the side of the beach. But these sorts of happiness are temporary, they do not last and not the man satisfies completely, because they only bring the joy for the body and the spirit does not stop. The central question to answer to all as if to conquer the full happiness this in the form we search as it. Meditemos in this, will be that the happiness that you search for itself this in things passengers? will be that you this searching of correct form? I will present to follow, the steps to conquer the complete happiness in our life: 1 step: To have hope in God More after all where this the true happiness? satisfactory that she will be lasting forever? the reply to this question this in God.