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Sell Country Property Abroad

Posted on June 18, 2017 in News

Yes indeed what techniques sale of land use overseas real estate agency? Employment of foreign real estate agency is fundamentally different from the works of local campaigns. Percentage of transactions, Agents who receive the maximum is within 10%, ie by selling suburban real estate agent, only receives 10% commission. In Moscow, you can refer to any source of open job postings and you will see that is invited to the work of estate agents with training and up to 80% of their transactions. Why, for example, Russia could pay 80% fee, while abroad they can not. Because all elementary and simple, and abroad Property Price Index rather accurate, takes statistics of transactions per month and the average price of output, we also have two prices for the land – it is real and inventory.

And which one is correct, and even when sale by owner requests to understate the contract price for selling an object, but turns an ordinary mess. In this mess we are working with this disorder we live. The work of foreign estate agencies are already debugged for hundreds of years, we are so far only are building their work, and today is really a buyer in the assessment and verification of their purchased flats itself should participate in this process, or may occur lining, resulting in the transaction may be invalidated. Insurance for real estate transactions is a good practice, through which reduces the risk of losing money in the conduct of transactions. We are accustomed to savings and transactions are not prepared to pay extra for insurance or consultancy services, overseas no such problems, the company itself takes care of all the risks and responsibilities, just try any company to fail the transaction deceiving the customer, and we have in 2009 (21 gentlemen on the nose) agentsha estate snatches papers from the hands of the customer and tries to escape, I understand that one sheep spoils the whole flock, but when we came to her real estate agency, it appears that the sheep is more. That's why we pay our agents 80 percent of transactions in real estate sales, because we do not give them anything, we give them only the direction work, and they run, what do they do and how little control, but another 20 percent brings to the company, that's a business that will soon come to naught. We have been working a lot of foreign companies such as Knight Frank and so on, in which work is not only prestigious, but really responsible, the agent who does not know the law and can not work with the client will not stay there, and there's really only works best. This is not advertising, but just the fact that our small agency, we work on the principle of business units and for monitoring and quality we say so responsible. You can watch a movie on the sale of land, with Al Pacino, in our translation of Americans who work estate agents do not very much reflected in the film, but pieces of information can be obtained, if necessary.