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Posted on May 15, 2017 in News

Collective gardens are divided according to the number of garden plots for small (30 to 100), medium (from 101 to 300) and large (over 300). The territory must be built up collective gardens in accordance with the approved design organization and development of their territory. To improve soil fertility, it is possible to divide the whole area on the terrace, reinforced retaining walls. Terraces have a slope from west to east and lay flat. It makes sense to dig up the top section of the pond to water used for irrigation, and the released ground – for the construction of terraces. One of the conditions of successful planning area is the consideration of the horizon. You need to know how to cover the site during the day and at different times of the year.

When placing the site on the east or western slope of the ground under the house make for higher ground, and in the lowlands of the planned economic construction. In a valley, you can also put a pond, and soil and the soil remaining after its excavation, used to leveling of the slope, if necessary. When choosing a place under the house should be remembered that the building will fall shade. So, on the north side facade of the house will always be in shadow, and the south – too hot in the sun. Based on this place is the best option at home – in the direction from west to east.

Place to build a home it is desirable to choose the east or south-west corner, or in the middle of the site. It is desirable to take into account the location buildings on adjacent plots. So, home from home is located no closer than 6 m, and from the farm buildings – no closer than 7 meters if you want to plan so as to better utilize the land, the house must be put in the shorter its borders. Between street and the facade of the house it is desirable to arrange a garden. From the street it can be separated by hedges or fences. Garden is usually a decorative barrier against noise and dust, or perform an aesthetic function. Household buildings, usually erect in the depths of the site at a considerable distance from residential homes, but sometimes they parked to the house. When placing latrines outbuildings, grounds for composting facilities for animal and poultry must be observed epidemiological standards. Garage located close to the entry to the site. Sometimes it is placed close to the fence area to go outside the gate and are flush with the wall. Near the house, usually on the opposite side of the outbuildings have a recreation area with lawn, gazebo, ornamental pond, swimming pool, playground, flower garden, alpiys, 'What the slide, etc. What will be included in this zone, depends entirely on your hobbies, opportunities, and, of course, the size of the site. Gardening placed for seating. Separately distribute fruit trees, shrubs, vegetables, strawberries. At the same time must take into account the need for plants in the sunlight. Fruit trees and bushes are placed on the north side area, so they do not shade vegetables in the beds. On the south side it is best to take place in the garden.