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Posted on June 22, 2017 in News

Business partners who establish a company in the Czech Republic and received the status of residence permit and will have the right to family reunification on the basis of this zakona.Dlya commencement of the registration foreign citizen is enough to have a passport, birth certificate, a certificate of professional records and bank reference. Visit the notary and certification of the two powers of attorney, the first in the opening of the legal person, and the second to open a bank account for future legal person, to make him share capital is also required if the entity is registered through intermediaries.

Power of Attorney a standard can be issued by a notary in the country of residence and send your mail to the designer of the Czech Republic. In this case, the power of attorney translated into Czech, certified court interpreter and considered suitable for execution of the actions specified in the warrant. Have the option of power of attorney in the Czech Republic, in which case the text of a power of attorney is made in the Czech language and certified by a Czech notary or lawyer. The presence of a foreign citizen to sign the credentials of a notary or a lawyer, of course. Reason for registration of documents of the newly created firm, a charter company, the registration statement, the documents to the founders has only private notary or lawyer. Once established and certified by the company’s charter (notarsky record), the second phase should be the procedure for opening temporary current account of the company in one of the Czech banks..