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Hungary Prices

Posted on June 29, 2017 in News

Russians have repeatedly tried to catch it, as when signing contracts for the services of local lawyers, and the sale of real estate. Originally referred to as price would be stripped of afy, in agreement with fits afoy. Therefore, immediately specify what kind of costs involved. The main costs of buying property in Hungary are as follows. This is, firstly, the payment services of a lawyer (an average of 1.2% from the price of the object).

Second, the tax on the transfer of ownership from 2 to 10%. Housing can be purchased natural rent and to extract additional revenues. But this is not the main attraction of buying property in Hungary. If Moscow real estate market by purchasing one-room apartment entrance begins with a sum of approximately 130-140 000 $, then in Budapest is 70 000 $. 2:00 to fly an airplane ticket and $ 90 you in the heart of Europe. By car, travel the whole family with costs about $ 500.

Compared with other capitals of the world such as Paris, Berlin – property prices are much lower. If we talk not only about real estate, but about the entertainment and leisure industry, the prices are compared to those cities in Budapest 2-2.2 times cheaper. If you drive off in Heviz for example, that there prices at least 4-5 times lower than in Moscow for everything from dinner with a jug of wine to a tasty variety of recreational activities such as pool or sightseeing. Yes, and the ratio "Price-quality" bears no comparison with the Moscow real estate.