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Secondary Housing And New Building, What Is Their Apparent Difference

Posted on April 18, 2011 in News

Today, buying a home – an event that requires not only patience but also some knowledge. There are so many nuances that did not seem apparent at first sight seem insignificant. But then in the course acquiring customers are reaping the benefits of such ignorance and inattention. Crucial duly executed contract and legal purity of the transaction. It would seem – has put the signature, and it's done, the apartment is yours.

But in reality, it is important to know under what you sign. There are many cases where unscrupulous vendors selling one apartment a few times. Therefore, many people believe that it is better to contact the real estate agency in Moscow, although themselves Agencies should be tested. Assume that you have selected the appropriate agency, and integrity of his reputation no doubt. Arriving for a meeting with an agent, you should clearly realize what kind of accommodation you need. For example, you dream about buying a home in an apartment house. But there are two ways by which one can go – either to buy a secondary housing or a new building. Which is preferable? Almost everyone knows that housing is cheaper than new building.

None Still, there are specific features. Think about it, if the cost is less, therefore, have to sacrifice something. In these circumstances it is donating time, space, choice. Let's start with the time – to invest in like the apartment less cost to sign a contract at the stage of laying the foundation. By selecting this option, you pay a minimum price for a future apartment (and the closer the construction to completion, the higher the price). As for places, then you probably already guessed that in the city center you will not find a new building. Most likely, your future apartment will be in any new area with underdeveloped infrastructure. However, common place and quite comfortable. And the last minus – almost to choose from. Hoped that such housing will not be varied. As a rule, the city of new buildings being built in the same time, little therefore, the proposals are therefore not so much. With respect to second homes – in this market segment is the opposite. In this case, buy an apartment without any problems, just have to shell out much more than a new building, but there are obvious advantages – the minimum time and a great selection. Perhaps the only, but a substantial (and above), minus such housing – its price is much higher than for apartments in new buildings. What housing options preferable to decide for yourself!