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Posted on April 29, 2011 in News

Tree – one of the most popular using stroitelnh materials. Since the beginning of centuries of wood used in house construction. Properly cut up a wooden house or sauna idle and will last many years. Belarus There are wooden buildings, which stand for centuries. We analyze the most important properties of wood as a building material.

A typical tree has a trunk, which are branches with leaves. By tree root system is retained in the soil, moreover, it absorbs water from the soil and all sorts of nutrients to sustain the entire tree. The barrel carries water and nutrients from all roots to leaves. Tree – the most environmentally friendly and natural material. And no wonder that many just dream about building a wooden house. Neat facade, casual design, the spirit of nature inside the house And for many of the limit dreams – a wooden house, built in the woods. Today the dream became reality. Eager to offer wooden houses of various types and options. Today, anyone can pick up for themselves, by virtue of their financial possibilities worthy of an eco-friendly wooden house.