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Which To Choose An Apartment In Cyprus ?

Posted on April 18, 2011 in News

Method of classification of apartments in Cyprus is not very different from the familiar to us. One bedroom apartment in Cyprus called apartment with two rooms in the Russian understanding, a double-bedroom apartment apartment with us. Number of levels of the apartment complex does not usually exceed 5 levels. Modern architecture and design, good quality construction and interior decoration, the use of new methods Construction and building materials, comfortable layout, compact, small amounts of levels and apartments in the house make the apartment comfortable and modern accommodation. The real estate market of the island offers a cheap kvartry both apartments in a luxury segment.

The level of finishing, size flats are dependent on the level of a residential facility, apartments luxury segment of the local real estate can meet pretty high demands. In studio apartment situated only a single living space that combines the appointment of a bedroom and living room, the kitchen is separated by only a stepping stone or a bar of total space. Bathroom in studio apartment alone, there is a large veranda. Penthouse called one-or two-level apartment on the top floor of apartment house. In addition, the penthouse – an apartment in a housing complex, occupying the entire last level. For homes with penthouse special requirements. Area penthouses usually big enough for apartments, there is an exit to the roof.

Often there remodel the old hotel, receiving from them multifamily apartment complexes in two steps from the beach. Rebuilt from the hotel apartment complexes located in the literal sense to the bank, unlike the other complexes, the height of the renovated hotels for more than five storeys . Most affordable prices for Cyprus apartments can be found in villages near Paphos and Larnaca, and this contributed to the global economic crisis, which is not given the possibility of Britons to buy property in large quantities, but the most important buyers in Paphos and Larnaca – British. In Paphos and Larnaca in the crisis were the most significant discounts. Cheap apartments do not require considerable sums to pay for housing maintenance, servicing inexpensive apartments are much cheaper than a villa. The apartments, in addition, can be leased at the request of the owner, that allows to cover utility costs and interest on the loan. The apartment is within the boundaries of a large tourist center has obvious advantages for lovers of comfort and urban lifestyle, nightlife, and, besides, for lovers of sun and beach: it is often multi- residential buildings are built near the sea.