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Posted on October 12, 2011 in News

individuals and constituent documents, a copy of the TIN and the documents confirming the powers of the representative; plan living space and technical passport (original) document confirming the ownership of the seller's apartment (Original and copy) of at least 3 copies of a genuine contract of sale, one of which remains in the ownership documents, information about persons who are entitled to use the living room with an indication of the right (Original and copy) the permission of the guardianship, if the property is owned by a minor, incapacitated and partially incapacitated, the consent of the co-owners to housing exclusion or refusal from the purchase of shares traded. Collection and documentation involves monetary costs and nervous feelings: the queue to different institutions, interacting with unscrupulous officials who may impose unnecessary fee information and other services. Virtually all institutions you will encounter bureaucratic red tape, bureaucrats and even sluggishness complete disregard. In this professional agenttov debugged process – already have their established contacts and relationships. The whole process of the transaction will take a little time and minimum cost. Real estate agency offers free legal advice in the area of operations with nedvizhimostyu.Raschet Real estate transactions – transactions increased responsibility and risk, as related to the big money. Calculation of cash – the easiest, but also the most risky way (fake bills, stealing money extortion, racketeering, etc.). Real Estate Agency guarantees the safety of mutual trade.

Money shall be deposited in the expo-service, and carefully counted and checked, which eliminates false or damaged banknotes. The agency is fully responsible for the safety of funds until settlement. And this is a free service. You can certainly buy an apartment without intermediaries and conduct a transaction on their own, but it's worth Considering that a professional will decide more housing quality, legally competent, safe, and as soon as possible. The only advantage in buying an apartment without intermediaries is a cost savings due to the loss time, effort and nerves. The advantages of a professional facilitator, knowledge of the situation on the real estate market, access to special databases of real estate, work directly with builders and sale of apartments in new buildings; Search and selection of apartments with all the client's wishes, legal services: documentation, accurate and rapid processing of documents, the privatization of apartments, insurance risks, security payments; Mortgage Lending to the optimal for the conditions. The safest and most efficient way to solve the housing problem – it's cooperation with a serious and major real estate agency. Do not risk buying an apartment, without intermediaries, Entrust solution to this problem for professionals.