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Posted on October 12, 2011 in News

In the previous part 1 and part 2 of article on the classification of the Turkish residential real estate we talk to you about the apartments, it's time to talk about houses, private homes, in all their diversity of Turkey. The house, which is a private house? For all This concept is real estate its meaning and content. For someone this cute house with a sloping roof of greenhouses and currant bushes in the garden at the hacienda partnership "to them. Hammer and sickle. " For someone in a cottage-pyatistenok village with his grandmother, with full zapazuhoy green apples neighborhood. And who's the three-story monster with wings and falshkolonnami type katedzh guys! – On Rublevo Assumption highway. All of that something, and all one-YOUR HOME, an individual, as it any name.

So today let's talk about what we can offer the construction industry in Turkey in terms of individual housing. By the way, cross-legged home-Ev, reads like ev. Oh, there's no more complicated than the apartments, but significantly and varied in architecture and in terms of price. And in this we will consider only the construction of mid-market, completion of construction of 2005-2007, mass construction and standard design solutions. And on individual solutions and exclusive projects to the thick, very thick, purse talk like a next time. Why only new building in 2005, you ask, because in recent years, after adoption of the law acquisition of immovable property by foreigners, the Turkish construction sector has become even more careful to take care of the needs of foreign buyers, ie us with you.