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Posted on September 30, 2011 in News

Russia is on the verge of building boom – so positive forecast was made by Russian President Vladimir Putin at a joint news conference with Chancellor Angela Merkel. According to the president, the annual growth in construction Russia is 15%. And this year it will approach 25. In this respect, Vladimir Putin believes that a very promising mutually beneficial cooperation between Russian and German companies in the construction industry. It should be noted that in recent years is not the only application of the first persons of the country's favorable position in the industry. Another September 13 Viktor Zubkov, then a candidate for Minister of the Russian Federation, described the situation in the country as a stable and good particularly in highlighting this area of construction and consumer markets. St Petersburg to help in the decision can be painful problem of communal construction of satellite towns around the northern capital. Such a proposal was made Vice-President of St.

Petersburg's Union of Construction, Leo Kaplan companies. Currently, the communal living of about 700 thousand people. The total area of these apartments is 11 million square meters. meters, or nearly 11% of the total Housing the city. Most of the communal is the most attractive from an investment point of view of the central regions. But where there can be neither high-rise building, or the notorious spot development, and continues to become more expensive real estate. Development of cottage construction – the only thing that will solve the problem. And therefore the inhabitants to settle similar apartments in the same areas is impossible. Purpose-oriented program resettlement of communal apartments in St.