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Gearbox in Housing

Posted on June 21, 2012 in News

To drain fluid from the evacuated container, and transportation via pipeline of various products with high viscosity were widely used diaphragm pumps. The main working body is the membrane elastic sheet materials: rubber or fabric coated with polymers. As the valves are used Teflon beads or plates. Depending on the design of the control diaphragm pumps are classified in pumps with mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators. The most widely used were the first two types. Mechanical drive includes a gear and motor life.

Gearbox mounted in the housing and consists of a worm and worm wheel with an eccentric. Planted on the eccentric rod, the other end is hinge connected to the piston. At the end of piston has a threaded hole into which is screwed a stud that connects crank mechanism with the membrane. Membrane clamped between the plates of the special nut and between the pump casing and lid – wing nuts. Together with a cover molded tee in vertical nozzles which are placed inlet and outlet ball valves. In the process of rotation of the drive is transmitted to the worm wheel with an eccentric. Connecting rod receives a reciprocating motion and passes it to the piston, which moves in the pocket and drives the membrane. When moving the latter together with the piston to the right in the chamber creates a negative pressure. Discharge valve is pressed against the socket tee and prevents entry into the chamber air intake opens and the milk into the chamber.