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Construction Boom

Posted on July 3, 2012 in News

However, the construction boom of recent times, especially in the private sector, much surpassed the wildest expectations of designers. Connecting the next house to the existing water supply system leads to a decrease in water pressure in domestic water systems. This circumstance affects not only comfortable housing, and home safety in general. Low pressure in the cold water supply networks is fraught with failure in the household, sanitary and water heating appliances, such as automatic washers and dishwashers, showers, electric and gas water heaters, etc. And how much discomfort is normal toilet cistern which is filled with water for far longer than the circumstances warrant! In this situation better, and sometimes the only option is to use household pumps increase the pressure. These compact devices are designed for a small increase in pressure in the existing water supply system (Eg, in front of the instantaneous water heaters, washing machine or dishwasher, etc., see Figure).

Typically, pumps used for this purpose (we can mention a series grundfos UPA), have small dimensions and low weight (up to 2,5 kg). The design of nozzles in-line "allows for their installation directly on the pipeline. Pumps have several operating modes, selected via a switch. In this case, the switch has three positions – "Off", "manual" and "automatic mode". Manual operation involves the operation of the pump only when the need arises. By selecting this option, you must be sure that the water enters the pump smoothly and open valve at water pumping. Failure to comply with these conditions may cause a failure of the device.