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Russian Billiards

Posted on June 2, 2012 in News

General rules for Russian billiards These rules are common to all the following varieties of Russian billiards. 1. Billiard tables, balls and accessories. All of the following billiard game should be conducted with the use of billiard tables, balls and accessories that meet the requirements of section "Technical Requirements to the pool equipment." 2. Arrange the balls. Before the game, fifteen object balls with the help of triangle set close to each other in a pyramid with the apex on the foot spot and the base parallel to the short side. 3. Strike the cue-ball.

Strike the cue-ball should be made part of the front tip of the cue in the direction of its longitudinal axis, with at least one foot must touch the floor playing. Implementation of stroke in any other manner shall be punished by a foul. 4. Raffle kick-off. Right at the first blow in a meeting determined by lottery. Located on the opposite side of the longitudinal line of the table, the players simultaneously make beats with your hands out of the house, sending the ball to the back board and back. The winner is the player whose ball reflected from the rear side, stops close to the front.

The drawing is automatically lost if the cue ball did not touch on the tailgate, walked half a rival, fell into a pocket or jumped overboard. If the rules violated both players or both of the cue ball stopped at the same distance from the side, the rally is repeated. The winner of the drawing has the right either to make the kick himself, or to cede to his opponent. In subsequent batches observed sequence. Before the last decisive game draw repeats. 5. A kick-off (with his hands out of the house). When this strike is forbidden to make housing for the continuation of the outside of the long sides, and also have the cue ball behind the line of the house.