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Posted on December 3, 2016 in News

Why you should decide to build a house your own House offers Mietfreies living without risk of termination financial security and independence of the landlord are only some of the benefits that move the Germans to house building. Even more is that the House is a safe Geldanlageist. The credit is paid off once, then it saves monthly several hundred euros to rent. In addition the value of the House. Who is in a financial squeeze, can always sell his property.

Homeowners have all in all a much higher capacity than tenants. Several, including the Berlin Research Institute studies the empirica. See also: Auction house solarium V. of the ever energy home solarum-v / freedom for house building: in a House can comfortably live is the home for many a retreat often in old age. Only the own four walls offer sufficient freedom to implement personal wishes. The layout and the establishment are customizable all the own needs. Thus are no longer a priceless luxury terrace, garden and garage, but belong to the living comfort. If you’re planning long term, can plan even from the outset to be barrier-free his house.

The own house construction allowed not only more convenience in everyday life, but can be also healthier. A healthier indoor environment comes to the one through the use of natural building materials. On the other hand allergy sufferers can, for example, on easy-care floors and get install a ventilation system with pollen filters. Since joy arises according to the construction plan: the own Lord in the four walls his after building most owners a peaceful life as before. On the one that due to frequent the location. On the other hand, there are neither tenants nor direct neighbours. Thus, homeowners have more freedoms. You must announce anybody grill parties or other celebrations. Also the loud children’s game upsets No.