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Erosion Control Water

Posted on November 17, 2016 in News

Abstract diversify power in these times is vitally important for all the companies responsible for producing products like milk and meat, among others. Due to this and the problem of ever-increasing erosion of soils increased, specifically which becomes in gullies, is performed this research take advantage where gullies which are not more than ditches that exist in soils, specifically and in greater proportion and depth where are these – to produce silage; When used to them as silos allow me in the same field to elaborate for the time dry a new food, using the remains of crops and abundance of forages in the rainy season. At the same time that we have protected the gullies of the effect of water erosion and contribute to eliminate them in a time that if well won’t short, if it allows that it is can go restored him vitality to this ground, where economic, social and environmental impact is very high for all the advantages and benefits offered by this technique of producing silage in the gullies of the soil, something that could corroborate in the CPA Abel Santamaria, where it started the investigation; in the subsistence of the Faculty of Agronomy of mountain of San Andres and subsequently in the UBPC Moncada and with some small producers in the region of San Andres y Vinales. In all the places mentioned above this variant is being used to produce food. Table of contents chapters pages introduction material and methods. 6. Results and discussion.

8 Conclusions 17 recommendations 18 Bibliography. 19 Annexes introduction soils are showing for many years in numerous countries, including Cuba, which is not exempt from this, multi-table between medium and severe damage. This situation worsens every day. Degradations are caused by the rapid growth of world population and its economic activities, whose consequences are in over-exploitation, modification of areas covered with vegetation, crushing of soils, as well as levies through toxic, organic and inorganic substances.