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German Construction Industry

Posted on December 12, 2016 in News

Federal Minister Dr. Peter Ramsauer discussed at the invitation of the initiative ‘Germany builds!’ with industry representatives about the future of the construction industry Munich, 15. January 2013 as the German construction industry in times of specialists and lack of young future evolve? This question was the focus of a high-level Panel discussion under the theme builds Germany! Every man for himself alone “building 2013 leading representatives from politics, industry and science discussed builds on Munich at the invitation of the new industry initiative Germany!”, how will young people for the construction sector will be delighted how businesses can take advantage of synergies and what is necessary, to improve the image of the industry. The construction industry is one of the most important German economic sectors and will require major working in the most diverse areas in the years to come. Almost every eighth job is directly or indirectly dependent on construction activity,”said Dr.

Peter Ramsauer, Federal Minister for transport, building and urban development. A long-term change of image of the construction industry in the public perception to bring, as it builds Germany!”seeks, is therefore a major concern. Only when we us network and learn from each other, can the industry, and with it, the entire economy will benefit permanently. Thanks to my personal experience of the craftsmen to the Economist I know both sides.” Among other participants of the discussion were Ramsauers predecessor Wolfgang Tiefensee, Pierre-Andre de Chalendar (President and General Manager of Compagnie de Saint-Gobain), Prof. Dr. Hans-Jorg Bullinger (former President of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft), Jorgen Tang Jensen (Chairman of the Board of the VELUX group) and Annette Hering (Managing Director of Hering Bau GmbH & co. KG).

The round was hosted by Karl-Ulrich Kuhlo, the founder of the news channel n-tv. About 200 spectators and listeners followed the Panel discussion in the meeting place craft forum. Wife Annette Herring stated your point of view as a medium-sized construction company that gets to feel the shortage firsthand: wrongly, many young people still dust, dirt and noise combine with the construction industry.