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The MDR Summer Tour 2009 In Dessau-Rosslau

Posted on April 19, 2023 in News

MDR summer tour in Dessau-Rosslau: two 4 FuN, the Red Horse & the funniest Polonaise in Saxony-Anhalt two 4 FuN, Marquess and a 300 m-long Polonaise and thus a won city bet the Dessau-Ross Lauer make happy! The Dessau-Ross Lauer can enjoy huge. People such as Steffan Lehnhoff would likely agree. The city bet, the MDR leader Andreas man by daredevil stunt a downhill from 40 m high handed over to the Mayor of the city, is won! “One is about 300 m long Polonaise from Red-clad, good-humoured Dessau Ross lurking, all with selbstgebasteleten instruments armed and loudly the Red Horse” playing, the town is 1000 brought for a good cause. Lead singer Henry Gutzeit of two fueled the city from full power to 4 FuN and really brought the masses to play. After the won city bet then the Party on and in front of the stage then went further. “With her current single a little summer!” caused two 4 FuN for real holiday feeling. The autograph hunters came not too short and the flashlights of the cameras gave this evening everything.

Also Maquess let Latin rhythms on the beautiful square in the Dessau-Ross Lauer front of town hall heard. The last station of the MDR summer tour with two held in Schierke to the 8.8.2009 4 fun, the Group k and many other highlights. (M. Kempfert, press news & PR, event artist)

Individual Golf Courses

Posted on September 7, 2019 in News

Square maturity courses, courses for children and beginners in the Hartl golf lessons golf courses to measure whether adolescent or senior, beginners, recreational or performance golfers – the world’s largest Golf Academy in the Hartl golf resort every gamer will find the package tailored for him regardless his. Nearly 20 different courses are available – an offer that may be unique in the German Golf landscape and covers all ages and leagues golf lessons for children in the Hartl Golf Resort ( de/golf-resort/golfakademie/golf-kurse.html) a special emphasis on the promotion of the programme. Five specially designed courses for kids and teens to lure the stars of tomorrow on the Green: the beginner’s course for 6 to 10 years is to first of all to the fun of the game. For five days the young golfers receive professional, however playfully packaged golf lessons. The young golfers are also full-time supervised and completely furnished – also or especially for plenitude parents an ideal option for the holidays. The Starter course for 8 to 15 years whets the appetite for more: adapted to the needs of the young target group of entry maintained loose and casual design – a young Pro who lives above, that golf can be really cool. Special course maturity classes for children even more to the point is for advanced kids courses: three five – day courses offer building instruction for 8 to 15 years, which have the DGV-silver badge in sight, want to make the handicap, or want but practical experience on one of the golf courses in the Hartl Golf Resort ( de/golf-resort/18-loch-plaetze.html). Will be trained in small groups with a maximum of four or six participants, the courses take place during the school holidays – and are already in full swing. Golf courses for beginners also for golfers beyond the teen age is taken care of in the Hartl Resort Golf Academy ( de/golf-resort/golfakademie.html): three courses for interested in golf or but already enthusiasm pave the way for the future career of golfer depending on the ambition and goal can rabbits inside a taste of the sport golf courses in the Hartl Golf Resort: proficiency courses who has already progressed, has the possibility to acquire the handicap in the Academy or to file but the momentum: seven multi-day technical and game courses are available for golfers to the disposition which bring their drives on front man, her short game want to improve or move but in the next handicap class.