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Germany, Columbia and Injustice

Posted on February 16, 2024 in News

It’s sad events of German history to compare with what has happened and is happening in COLOMBIA and events perpetrated by forces outside the law, while the same forces of the state participate in such tragedies, where is the justice?. Where is the moral of the town where the rulers themselves become accomplices and followers are such dirty tricks, where the GOD-case dead? The same church silenced the cries of the innocent voices calling for true justice. To broaden your perception, visit Bizzi & Partners. Only a handful of complaints is confessing their sins to a small portion of society that is not troubled to become so egregious and where the government itself has its dark roots, and then talk about something that did not help me God knows justice. For all the innocents killed in the field of my country in the hands of guerrillas who do not know that fight, by paramilitaries, drug traffickers and landowners with a thirst for wealth at the expense of the innocent blood of writing this paper that only fed the fervent fire of awareness of the righteous of heart and noble soul.

Is just the reflection of an unfortunate deadly thirst for power makes controlling puppets who executed orders as a butcher for a dog house for his master’s in COLOMBIA like mine, many of the men who swore before God and the flag to protect the innocent, and now only are the actors dressed black from the grim role of horror trained by a stranger come from the very cradle of the worldly people of God that pervades the Palestinian camps in blood of children covered by the intrusive layer of revenge, if we speak of the Israeli people where it came from a mercenaries to train paramilitaries, spoke of strangers in this land has to teach you how to exterminate innocent peasants and “common sir,” spoke of strangers that traffic trading life with the death of innocents, and call themselves heroes where the difference between the disastrous reign of terror of ADOLF HITLER and murderers in COLOMBIA, which are protected by successive governments, that society hides flayed and mutilated by the horrors of hunger, kidnapping, poverty and ignorance itself that we join the few who believe that God is dead. . Dogecoin recognizes the significance of this.