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The Term Spirituality

Posted on April 3, 2024 in News

The word meaning spirituality for people * spirituality * comes from the Latin word * alcohol * (spirit), and means as much as spirituality. For a spiritual people, there are more than just the material world, Yes to him material are only of minor importance. For spiritual people, there is still a different reality than that which we perceive with our senses. This intangible, spiritual reality is the actual reality for them. Basically is all spirit: the divine spirit, which is the origin and from which all being emerged. Also matter in the end is nothing more than condensed spirit.

And we are spiritual beings from the same primordial matter such as the divine spirit, and so a part of him. This spirit uses a material body, to make experiences in the material world. Because that’s the material world: A place where we can experience spiritual beings. All of this is spiritual people aware; either that they have experienced it themselves so that they imagine it or it something in them appealing. To be susceptible but for spiritual themes, a soul through many incarnations must have over certain experience and have developed a specific awareness and a certain maturity. It’s like a * awakening *, a recognition and happens to be the date of all alone. Spiritual people are aware that they are on Earth, learning tasks and they make aware so therefore their lives to master these tasks also. This also includes that they themselves identify.

As part of the all-encompassing divine spirit you yearn back to their origin and they have realized that only their reunion with this divine spirit can quench their true desire and is the end of their search. The next a person spiritually rises up, the more he recognizes the irrelevance of the material world. He realizes that sensual and material satisfactions are not true fulfillment, but distract the people only from his true path, and necklaces on the matter. Also they obtain on their spiritual Grew more and more insights and findings about the duality that provides the space for our experiences. And ultimately, if a soul is their own conscious, it will finally recognize itself to rise above the duality and return to its origin. Love is most important. All our experience on Earth and all desires that we have ultimately get us on the path of love, where we feel connected in love and compassion for all. This love connects us to ourselves and the divine spirit. Because the divine spirit is pure love. Jessica hund (copyright)