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Posted on July 18, 2016 in News

Who to contact? In a large well-known agency with a name promoted where possible all work is delivered on a stream or a little unknown, in which customers are not very many, and you will be pleased, as the nearest person, and hence the approach will be an individual? Large agencies cultivated the view that they are working alone professionals, and why are they so big and famous. It is true part. From personal experience I know that a large agency – this is not a guarantee of professionalism. I've seen complete idiots working in the vast real estate holdings and professionals of the highest category of provincial agencies, consisting of 3 persons. Choosing the agency by name or size, you play the lottery – lucky – no luck. It is best to use the recommendations. Socialize with acquaintances, friends, friends Friends, colleagues, surely someone has recently experienced with realtors, and can someone recommend. Communicate with employees of the bank, where the plan to take the credit – they let you prompt.

After all, they cook and to conduct your transaction. And how will work a realtor, depends how quickly and easily pass the entire process of buying an apartment and a loan. Therefore, they are primarily interested in a good recommendation. Ask to you are advised not to agency, and the individual. Version of the third – private realtors (estate agents). He walks a lot of rumors and stories about the private (black) brokers who "throw" their clients. But the overwhelming majority – it's only rumors, often spread by real estate agencies.